The Better Man – Mr. Saturday Night or the Widowmaker?





The countdown to IZW’s Halloween Hangover iPPV continues, and as fans watched on’s IZW Live and in the Impact Arena, the entire IZW roster is preparing for the event. Double D is readying himself to challenge Jermaine Johnson for his Heavyweight Championship. The “Real Deal” Aaron Neil is desiring to get revenge on Brent Albright for the attacks and mind games he has been playing. And the entire active roster will do whatever it takes to be the last man standing in the Monster’s Bash Battle Royal to win a shot at the IZW Heavyweight Championship.


 One man who has been extremely impressive as he prepares for the Monster’s Bash is the “Awesome One” Kevin Morgan. He continued his impressiveness by completely dismantling Lil’ Joe and almost injuring him severely by throwing him from the ring onto the metal guardrail. IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson continued to creatively get under the crowd’s skin by having as his special guest on “All About Me” none other than…himself. He proceeded to interview himself, promising to defeat Double D just like he has every other man who has come at him seeking his Championship. Johnson said that he always brings his A-Game when it comes to defending his Championship…will that be enough to stop Double D?


 Last week, Impact Division Champion “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry interrupted the “Widowmaker” Angel Williams in an interview, and it didn’t take an expert to see that these two men didn’t like each other. Each man claimed to be better than the other, and on this night, the two men agreed to face each other to see who really was best. The main event saw the crafty “Mr. Saturday Night” defending his Impact Division Championship against the powerful “Widowmaker.” After some time, Michael Barry resorted to a low blow on Williams, getting himself disqualified. Then the rest of Impact, Inc. came down to help continue to beat Angel Williams down. After a vicious beating, including using a steel chair, Williams was saved when Aaron Neil, Jordan Jacobs and the Old School Suckas ran to the ring with chairs themselves. Impact, Inc. ran off but the damage was done. Will the “Widowmaker” be able to recover from such a brutal beating?


 This week will see the Old School Suckas (Bernie D and Coach Gary Tool) defend the Tag Team Championships against the Future Hall of Famers (Dustin heritage and Kenny Campbell). We will also see Double D take on “The Shooter” Brent Albright in what will surely be a tough contest for Double D. Halloween Hangover draws nearer as presents IZW Live every week for free at 8 PM/7 Central.




- Jonathan B. Scott



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