Interview with Miss Diss Lexia

By Drew Archer


“I’ll break you…then fix you.”


These are the words that grace the twitter profile of one of IZW’s rising stars. A nurse by day and a pro wrestler by night, Miss Diss Lexia brings a one-of-a-kind flair to IZW each and every time she wrestles at the Impact Arena in Lawton, Oklahoma. The biggest challenge of her career looms on the horizon in just a few short weeks.


 On November 2, at “Halloween Hangover” Miss Diss Lexia goes for gold as she takes on the reigning and defending Queen’s Crown Champion, Madame Commissioner Erica. Erica has buzz sawed through every opponent put in front of her for the last two years and has left no doubt in IZW who the alpha female in the company is. Until now.


 Miss Diss Lexia (MDL) has usually always possessed the strength advantage over every female she’s squared off with and she will need to be hitting on all cylinders on November 2. Along with her physical attributes, MDL has aligned her body, soul and spirit to take on the most daunting obstacle of her career. Erica, a former collegiate wrestler as well as an MMA fighter, has dominated the competition at every turn when her Crown has been on the line but facing MDL will be the Champ’s toughest test to date. Miss Diss Lexia is the one female on the roster that can match Erica’s penchant for violence move for move. For the free spirit MDL, anything is possible, even becoming the Queen of IZW.


 In fact everything about MDL is unique and one of a kind. What you see out in the ring, her going a million miles a minute and at times literally bouncing of the walls in the Impact Arena, is who MDL has always been: hyperactive, enthusiastic and animated. It’s no wonder MDL was drawn to the professional wrestling business with the larger than life athletes and their personalities. Miss Diss Lexia was made for this profession. “My nickname in high school was Diss Lexia most people call me Lexi for short. But I got it because I talk so fast that my brain can't keep up and I mix up my words,” MDL began.


“I have been a wrestling fan ever since I can remember and told my dad when I was eight years old that I wanted to be a professional wrestler. I grew up in a few places. I was born in Tampa, Florida and went to school in Albuquerque, New Mexico and ended up in Dallas, Texas,” MDL stated.


 Miss Diss Lexia’s journey into wrestling began in 2005 as she first served as a manager in Oklahoma and Arkansas. From there, MDL finished her in-ring training in Texas with B.J. Turner. As a wrestler, MDL cut her teeth in Texas and Oklahoma, two of the most physical territories in the country where she won numerous titles for various promotions, as she has dominated women’s wrestling inside the Lone Star State for several years. But one title in particular has evaded Miss Diss Lexia and that is the top women’s championship in Oklahoma, the Queen’s Crown in IZW. MDL is very direct when it comes to the way she sees the match playing out. “I plan on beating her again like I have been doing for the past few months.”


If MDL can pull off one more victory against her arch nemesis in IZW, she will send shockwaves through the whole company as knocking off the reigning Queen of IZW and an integral part of Impact Elite could swing the whole company in a completely new direction. If MDL is indeed able to pin Erica’s shoulders to the mat it will no doubt be after several of her patented suplexes culminating with her go-to finisher the Death Valley Driver which she has used to snuff out hundreds of opponents over the course of her eight-year career.


 Like most wrestlers, MDL has dreams and aspirations of working with one of the Big 2 someday, but also finds satisfaction in where she is now with her professional career. “I'd love to be in WWE or TNA. I'm working on myself and getting my videos and pictures to them to see where it goes but if nothing comes of it I'm not going to be upset. I love the indies and I have a great job.


“There is a lot of travel and time away from home. My life is work, working out and wrestling or being on the road to a show or going home. I don't have much time for a personal life. Injuries are always terrible plus even if you're not injured you're sore for days and you have just enough time to rest and feel better and then you do it all over again the next week,” MDL added.


 All of that hard work has paid off for MDL as she has gotten to test her mettle against some of the brightest stars in the sport today. Some of her in-ring highlights include wrestling such notable names as MsChif, TNA star ODB, WWE, WCW and TNA veteran Chavo Guerrero Jr. and WWE signee Sara Del Rey. She has also tangled with every female wrestler to come through IZW in the past two years and that has led her to a #1 Contender spot and a one on one showdown with the Queen of IZW, Erica.


 Miss Diss Lexia knows that when she’s wrestling in IZW, it’s not just in front of the live house. IZW is broadcast around the world through the streaming combat sports channel, That additional audience motivates MDL even more to perform at her highest level. “It's a huge deal. I have people from all over the world add me on Facebook and it's awesome to think that I have fans in other countries. IZW has a bright future. They have been around for years and have the talent they need to keep on going,” MDL said.


 On November 2, at “Halloween Hangover” Miss Diss Lexia will be in the battle of her career. If she can dethrone Erica it will not only be a victory for her, but for the entire IZW World who is sick and tired of Impact Elite always having the last laugh.

 For fans looking to follow Miss Diss Lexia even more please check out her social media presence on Facebook at Miss Diss Lexia and her Twitter handle: @missdiss_lexia. Be on the lookout for a MDL website in the near future where t-shirts and pictures will be available for sale.

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