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Violent Valentine, IZW’s first iPPV of 2013 destroyed the status quo from top to bottom as new champions were crowned while the shifting dynamics had jaw dropping consequences that shook the very foundation of all that is IZW.


The show started off with “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil getting the unfortunate news from lawyers that he was not the heir to his departed fiancée Venus’ financial estate. Instead Venus’ wealth would go to “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler. This news didn’t go over well with Neil.


To begin the in ring action, Jordan Jacobs defeated O’Malley with the help of a pair of brass knuckles giving O’Malley a taste of his own medicine as Jacobs looked solid and on the way back after defeating such a physical threat like O’Malley. This bout was hot right out of the gate as people hated Jacobs and let him know. At one point, O’Malley must have conjured up his inner Double D as he hit Jacobs with a crossbody that pancaked “Lights Out”. O’Malley wasn’t done as he crushed an already dizzy Jacobs with his backside against the ring corner. If Jacobs didn’t have a migraine before, he did now. O’Malley pulled Jacobs up from the mat and slung him into the opposite corner. O’Malley went to the well one too many times as when he went in for a splash, Jacobs ducked out of the way and O’Malley crashed into the turnbuckle. Even a flying double knee by Jacobs couldn’t slow down the big man. Jacobs got bounced out of the ring the hard way and then became a whipping boy for O’Malley who bruised, battered and fileted Jacobs’ chest with chops heard around the world. The crafty Jacobs ducked a chop meant for his head as O’Malley’s hand slapped against the ring post before Jacobs drop kicked O’Malley head first into the same post. A front kick followed by a top rope leg lariat had Jacobs in the driver’s seat. A series of chops later and O’Malley was once again in charge. O’Malley went for another splash when Jacobs’ pulled the referee in front of him. O’Malley slowed down his attack, and this gave Jacobs an opportunity to reach into his boot and grab a pair of brass knuckles that he sunk deep into the back of O’Malley’s head. O’Malley was out cold and after a quick rollup, Jacobs got the first victory of the night.


Next up, Copycat came out and informed the audience that Cody Jones wasn’t there and Cat insinuated that Jones wouldn’t be returning to Team Remix or IZW. Because he was a man down, Copycat said he wasn’t going to defend the Tag Team Titles tonight and that he would look for a suitable partner in the back and defend the titles at March Mayhem on March 23. This didn’t sit well with IZW owner Johnny Z, who came down to the ring to give Copycat a bit of bad news. Since Jones has been M.I.A. for so long and since Team Remix had not defended the tag titles in the allotted amount of time, Z stripped Team Remix aka Copycat of the Tag Titles. Z didn’t leave the crowd hanging as he inserted the Birds of Prey (Phoenix & Falcon) into the bout for later on in the night keeping the match a Triple Threat! Copycat refused to give Z the belts and instead attacked “The Natural Born Leader” landing a belt shot to the head and kicking Z while he was on the canvas. As Copycat whipped Z into the ropes he got a floatover DDT for his troubles as Z put Copycat in his place. Z then finished off Copycat with a big boot in the corner.


As Copycat fumed in the locker room about what had just happened, Damien Morte walked by and gave the freshly-minted non-champion and pep talk as the two seemed to bond over their mutual hatred for most anything and everything.


Next up was the TLC Match with the Impact Division Championship on the line, as Jermaine Johnson put his belt up against the maniacal Damien Morte. With tables, ladders and chairs blanketing the Impact Arena, it didn’t take long for both men to put those weapons to good use. Johnson started out hot, landing a series of punches and kicks but it was Morte who took advantage of the rules and began to break down the Champ with steel chairs that he crashed against the back of Johnson. The Master of the Specialty Match would not go away that easy as he whipped Morte face first into a steel ladder that was set up in the corner. The resilient Morte battled back and had Johnson eating punches and more steel as the crowd aka, the Hype Section, chanted “Morte Sucks!” Morte stayed focused, climbing up the ladder attempting to grab the title that hung from the ceiling. Johnson shoved Morte off as the challenger took a nasty spill. Moments later, both men were atop a ladder as they traded fisticuffs until Johnson and Morte fell to the ground, with Morte injuring his head and Johnson his back. Both men fell out of the ring where they recuperated until picking up right where they left off, with Morte and Johnson trading chair shots, side suplexes on the ring apron and even a powerbomb through a table by Johnson that seemed to break Morte in half. Morte was nearly dead as Johnson made his way to the ring and began to climb up the ladder in hopes of grabbing the title. The unbreakable Morte followed Johnson up the other side of the ladder and spit green mist into Johnson’s face. A blinded Johnson fell to the mat as Morte looked to grab the title. Johnson flailed around with his arms until he found the ladder and pushed Morte off the ladder which sent Morte over the top rope, outside of the ring where he landed on a table as his body bounced against the guardrail! Johnson, still blinded by the mist, finally found a ladder and set it up to grab the Impact Division Title. Johnson made his way to the top, but could not see the belt to grab as he pawed in the air empty handed. Copycat made his return to the ring and powerbombed Johnson, who was still standing on the ladder, through a waiting table down below on the mat, proving that Copycat is indeed the Worst in the World! Copycat literally grabbed Morte who was still broken and lying outside of the ring and put him on his shoulders and climbed up the ladder as Morte grabbed the hanging title to become the new Impact Division Champion! With the win, Morte showed he has more “Impact” than any other wrestler in the world.


The Triple Threat IZW Tag Team Championship Match was next as it was The Old School Suckas (Randy Price & Bryan Cruize) versus Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) versus the newly added Birds of Prey (Phoenix & Falcon). Earlier in the night, BB took a secret elixir that initially made them much, much stronger as their newfound strength was hard to fathom. Cruize and Morgan started out first with Morgan giving Cruize a powerslam. Later on, Windsor took Price’s best shots and shook off every one of Price’s offensive moves before nearly decapitating the Sucka with a clothesline that lifted Price off the ground and nearly out of his boots. Windsor accidently gave Phoenix a blind tag, so now it was Phoenix versus Price. Price and Phoenix traded headlocks as they wrestled each other to a standoff. Later in the bout, BB started to lose their superhuman strength as both Windsor and Morgan became light-headed and looked lost in the ring. BB finally got their wits back and gave Cruize a Detonator that ended the night for the OSS as Morgan pinned Cruize. This left only BB and the Birds. Falcon got into the match for the first time in the night and was dropped on his head by a modified T-bone suplex by Morgan. Falcon tagged in Phoenix and Phoenix began to chip away at the bigger Morgan using his speed and precision. Falcon tagged back in as Morgan continued to suffer a barrage of moves by the quicker Falcon. In a bit of miscommunication, Windsor hit Morgan with a clothesline which seemed to irk Morgan who landed a clothesline of his own on Windsor. BB began shoving each other in the middle of the ring and took their eyes off of the Birds of Prey in a moment of bad judgment as BB got hit with matching superkicks! Falcon soared across the air landing a flying splash as Phoenix hit a variation of a twisting lionsault as the Birds simultaneously pinned BB and captured the IZW Tag Titles!


In the main event, IZW Champion Double D took on The Convict in a match for the ages. Double D started off working in close to The Convict as he landed several forearms that didn’t seem to make an impression on the Challenger. The Convict charged D and squished him against the corner and in one move reversed the tide. D had his mind set as the Force was with him as he came back stronger than ever, landing a crossbody from the top rope on The Convict outside of the ring as the big man crashed down to the hard floor. Both men battled back and forth outside of the ring with The Convict body slamming D on the ground and then D side stepping The Convict’s attack as he ran headfirst into the steel ring post. D went back to his aerial attack as he took a running leap off the ring apron and summersaulted onto The Convict, as both men crashed to the ground below. Once again, The Convict seemed to come out of the exchange the stronger man as he threw Double D back into the ring where the action continued. The Convict wrapped his huge hands around D’s throat and began to choke the life out of the Champion before landing two back breakers. D would not stay down! D fought back with everything he had including using his leg kicks to keep The Convict at bay for a short period of time. That would not last as D tried to execute a flying knee, but The Convict caught D mid-air and began to squeeze the life out of the Champion with a bear hug from hell on the already damaged back of Double D. D found a way to break the hold and then gave The Convict two quick flying knees which wobbled the challenger as D landed a high kick and finally a missile drop kick which got The Convict off of his feet for the third time in the match! D could only get a two-count as The Convict was right back on his feet. D was unyielding in his attack as he landed a springboard drop elbow. D went to the top once again and flew off the top rope for his patented crossbody finisher but The Convict caught D in flight and landed the 15 to 20. D somehow managed to kick out of the pinfall! This was the first time in history that anybody has kicked out of the 15 to 20. Not only did D kick out, he started to kick ass as he landed several head kicks to the cement top The Convict calls a face. Then D hit 10 knees in a row as The Convict stumbled to the mat. D went up for another attempt at a crossbody which he landed this time, but The Convict rolled over during the pinfall and picked D up by the throat as he finished the champion off with another 15 to 20. Your new IZW Champion, The Convict. The King of the Yard is now the King of IZW!


Finally, it was time for the Venus Memorial as Venus, the bride-to-be of Aaron Neil, who was lost at sea, was memorialized by Impact Elite. As the black casket was carried down to the ring and setup amidst flowers and pictures it was hard not to feel sorry for Neil and his cohorts…Until they started talking. Madam Commissioner Erica took the mic first and let it be known that she blamed Venus for this whole mess and that Venus was the only one at fault do to her selfishness. Neil took the mic next and thanked destiny for keeping him a bachelor. Neil continued that this would not be a sad event, rather this was an opportunity to cut off the dead weight and re-establish Impact Elite as the premier stable in all of wrestling. As Impact Elite celebrated, IZW Wrestler rose from the casket, brass scepter in hand and began to level Impact Elite one by one. First Jacobs, then Morgan, next Windsor and finally Neil. Starr went at Neil mano y mano and after landing a series of overhand rights, lifted Neil high in the air, by the power of the Gods no doubt, and delivered a Greetings from Mt Olympus on the 6-time IZW Champion! Starr finished Neil off with a head shot from the brass scepter as Neil crumbled out of the ring!


This card was stacked from top to bottom with some of the most fast paced, athletic, high maneuvering wrestling in the world. Don’t miss this one of a kind iPPV event! Order now on and watch Violent Valentine 2013 for life!


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