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“IZW Adrenaline” was chalk full of top notch wrestling and pushed its blazing feuds to new heights as everyone tried to regroup from the mind blowing events of “Redemption” a week earlier. It was warrior versus warrior, legend versus legend as IZW brought down the house at the Impact Arena once again to the rabid crowd and broadcast to a worldwide audience on GFL.tv. If you missed the show live, no problem as “IZW Adrenaline” is now FREE on GFL.tv every Saturday night!


 In the opening match it was a hotly anticipated showdown between former IZW Champions as Double D (@IZWDoubleD) and “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME) went to war. If you remember, it was Johnson who double crossed Double D as the special guest referee when D was about to beat IZW Champion Johnny Z for the title several months ago. This was their first singles match since Johnson’s betrayal. D and Johnson went at it right out of the gates going hold for hold and whipping each other into the ropes trying to get their distance and timing down as they battled all over the ring with D even going for a schoolboy pin attempt that caught Johnson off guard and got a two-count. D hit a tilt-a-whirl almost immediately after, as Johnson was in a daze from the cat-like agility of Double D. Several chops, including a Force chop, knocked Johnson down once again. D missed on a high crossbody that opened the door for Johnson. Johnson hit a suplex and another variation of a suplex where he bent Double D over the top rope. As Double D hung on the ropes helpless, Johnson kicked him in the face and brought him crashing back down to the mat. Johnson hit a power slam and began to taunt the crowd as Double D writhed in pain. Johnson continued his mocking of D as Johnson went for a Force chop of his own in the corner, but D sidestepped the move, setting him up to deliver 10 well-placed knees to Johnson’s face and jaw. Later, Double D missed on a hurricanrana from the top rope as Johnson caught D in midair and gave him a sit down power bomb. D kicked out at two but was put down seconds later with a spinning heel kick. Double D hit a missile drop kick minutes later when he fought off the attack of Johnson who had hoisted D up onto the top rope looking to do serious damage with a high risk move of his own. D attempted another high crossbody, but was caught midair by Johnson once again as he delivered a Samoan drop in a tremendous feet of strength. But Double D kicked out at two! Johnson, wondering what he had to do to get the pinfall at this point, climbed to the top rope and missed with an ES2 giving D an opening to finally be able to land the high crossbody and get the pinfall.


 IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) hit the ring next to explain his actions at “Redemption”. Madame Commissioner Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact) was by his side and explained that referee had Mark Wilson filed a grievance for the physical damage he took in Z’s match against Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) when Wilson was kicked full force in the twig and berries. Wilson came out to back up his claim that Z was abusing his power. Z countered Wilson’s claims and said he filed a grievance of his own against Wilson for Wilson’s lack of control during the bout where Windsor was choking Johnny Z with the ropes, a blatant illegal move. Z browbeat Wilson into submission until Windsor showed up on the scene and had a few words of his own for the IZW Champion. Windsor let it be known that Z wasn’t getting out of Dodge that easy. Windsor has a rematch with Z at the upcoming fall iPPV “Halloween Hangover” on November 2 and Windsor guaranteed he would win that bout. Z and Windsor faced off before finally going their separate ways as this feud increases in pure hatred every week.


 IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows (@DrakeBmbulmer) took on “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) next. Gallows attacked Jacobs from the get go with an arm ringer then utilized a fireman’s carry to get Jacobs on the mat where Gallows continued to isolate the arm of Jacobs with a wrist lock. Jacobs grabbed a handful of hair to break the move then planted several kicks to Gallows’ midsection before choking Gallows in the ropes. Jacobs missed with a clothesline and got smashed in the back of the head by Gallows causing Jacobs to crumble to the canvas. Gallows grabbed a side head lock and controlled Jacobs on the mat until Jacobs responded with a scramble that got him back to his feet followed by a snap mare that put Gallows on the mat and on the defensive. Jacobs went up to the top rope but was shoved off and down to the concrete floor by Gallows who then executed a crossbody/suicide dive through the ropes onto Jacobs. Still outside of the ring, the two grapplers fought on the top turnbuckle until Gallows manhandled Jacobs off the ropes and tossed him back into the ring like a rag doll. Gallows readied for a moonsault but Jacobs pushed Gallows off the ropes and hit a DDT to swing the momentum back in his direction. Gallows recovered and hit a splash mountain power bomb yet was only able to get a two-count on Jacobs! Later, Jacobs improved enough to land several shoulder blocks and hoist Gallows up onto the top rope where Gallows blocked a hurricanrana attempt and destroyed Jacobs with a moonsault. Jacobs lifted a shoulder at two once again! Gallows caught Jacobs midair on a running double knee attempt and planted Jacobs on his back with a modified Death Valley driver that saw the move take the fight out of both wrestlers. Gallows had just enough in the gas tank to finish Jacobs off with an Emo Killer and defended his Impact Division title once again.


 The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) battled “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofWar) in a matchup of two powerhouses. Morgan went right after Bull connecting with several forearms while ripping the shirt off of Bull’s back. The Bronze Bull responded with a series of haymakers of his own plus a clothesline that wobbled Morgan. Morgan blocked a suplex attempt and landed one of his own. Morgan followed up with big knees and kicks to the downed Bull. Bull fought back to his feet and hit a running clothesline in the corner followed by two more clothesline but could not get the monster that is Kevin Morgan off his feet. Instead, Morgan dropped Bull with a big boot to the face. Morgan delivered multiple head butts that had Bull seeing stars and Morgan in full control. Morgan hit another clothesline in the corner seconds later as Bull was offering up no offense whatsoever but would not stay down for a three-count. Finally, Bull was whipped off the ropes and came back with a vengeance as he connected with a spear that got Morgan off his feet for the first time in the match. The Bronze Bull looked for a Greetings From Mt. Olympus but Morgan slipped out of the move but was still being pummeled by Bull. Just then, on the ImpactTron, What Wrestling Should Be was shown on the screen with Johnson mocking Bull and holding Bull’s IZW Tag Team belt as Jacobs had “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler (@thegods_bs) in a Boston Crab and was stretching the life out of him. Bull rushed to the back to help Starr, but was clobbered by WWSB. In the meantime, the ref had counted Bull out, but Erica (who accompanied Morgan to the ring for the match) called for a timeout. WWSB dragged The Bronze Bull down the ramp and back into the ring where Morgan connected with a Detonator and got the pinfall in this charade of a match.


“Worst in the World” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) took on Angel Camacho in singles competition in an Over the Top Rope Challenge Match. These two squared off at “Redemption” in the 6-Pack Challenge Match for the IZW Impact Division Title in what turned out to be a hellacious match. Copycat showed off some nice chain wrestling in the beginning grabbing a headlock and transitioning to a go behind until Camacho used his posterior to break Copycat’s grip. Copy connected with a DDT seconds later followed by a drop toe hold and a Face Mob knee drop. As Copycat tried to toss Camacho over the top rope, Camacho hoisted Copycat up onto his shoulders and slammed him down to the mat with ease in one of Camacho’s signature suplexes. Camacho whipped Copy into the ropes and connected with a backwards splash and Pele kick dropping Copycat like a sack of potatoes and showing off Camacho’s power and athleticism all on the same series of moves. Camacho then humiliated Copy with a stinkface-butt bump combo. Later, Copycat tried to fight back landing successive European upper cuts until Camacho squashed that offense by bull dozing Copycat with brute strength. Camacho then hit a splash in the middle of the ring, but could not hoist Copycat over the top rope. Copycat was able to turn the tide by connecting with a diving shoulder block as both men bounced off the ropes, meeting in the center of the ring. In the final series of moves, Camacho went to the top rope looking for a frog splash but was hit with Copycat’s finisher, the Doppelganger, as Camacho’s neck and face bounced off the top rope and shot him down to the mats outside of the ring giving Copycat the victory.


 In the main event, Impact Elite: Madame Commissioner Erica & The Convict battled “Big Business” Damon Windsor & “Megastar” Angel Blue (@AngelBlue0830) in a mixed tag team match. IZW Champion Johnny Z added his opinions on commentary as he joined play-by-play man C.M. Burnham in the broadcast booth. Blue and Erica tangled first with Blue dropping Erica with a spear, a snap mare and an arm drag. Erica scurried out of the ring to compose herself, but as soon as she returned she was dropped back on the mat with a body slam by Blue. Blue finally missed with a reverse splash in the corner and with the ref distracted by Erica, The Convict made his presence known by clotheslining the hell out of Blue. Erica hit a Famouser (leg drop bulldog) before tagging in The Convict. Blue tagged in Windsor and the two behemoths went at it with Windsor landing forearms and punches while The Convict battered Windsor with left hands, forearms to the back and kicks. The Convict manhandled Windsor all over the ring until he whipped Windsor into the ropes where the more agile Windsor was able to smash Convict with a flying shoulder block. The Convict turned the tables immediately mounting Windsor and scoring with some punches before dragging Windsor back to Impact Elite’s corner, giving him a body slam and tagging in Erica. Erica tried to crush Windsor’s windpipe with her boot, but was quickly shoved off. As Windsor walked down Erica into the corner, she made a run for it, diving between Windsor’s legs to tag in Convict who connected with a left elbow that sent Windsor down on his backside. Convict hit a Samoan Drop and another slam as Windsor thrashed around the mat in obvious pain. Erica tagged back in but missed a flying axe handle which allowed Windsor to tag in Blue. Blue went nuts on Erica with clotheslines and beating her senseless as Windsor and The Convict traded haymakers with the ref catching some friendly fire in the process. Senior Official Mark Wilson ran to the ring and restored order to the match. Convict hit Windsor with a splash in the corner but missed on his second try, giving Windsor an opportunity to hit the Detonator. But before the ref could count the pinfall, Johnny Z jumped into the ring to shout at the ref only to be kicked in the nether region himself. As Z writhed in pain on the canvas, Windsor and Convict continued their fight outside of the ring leaving Erica and Blue alone in the ring. Blue connected with a modified Pedigree and got the pinfall giving her and Windsor the victory in a wild match!


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