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“IZW Adrenaline” returned to GFL.tv with another blazing episode as “Halloween Hangover” on November 2 continues to loom above everyone’s head. The IZW Champion was in action as well as several returning veterans as the whole roster was on their A-game. If you missed the show live, no problem as “IZW Adrenaline” is now FREE on GFL.tv every Saturday night and can also be watched on GFL On Demand in the days and weeks following the event!


 To open the show, in the backstage area, IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) made a deal with “Bad” Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad). If Michaels eliminates Double D at “Halloween Hangover” in the Monsters Bash Battle Royal, Michaels will get a guaranteed title shot for the IZW Championship. Michaels gladly accepted and put his sights on Double D.


 But before November 2 comes around, there was still the business of the evening’s matches. Michaels led off against “Worst in the World” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) in singles action. Copycat got a side headlock takedown but that was reversed into a leg scissors by Michaels. Copy had a nice kip up off the mat and grounded Michaels with another side headlock takedown. Michaels fought out and managed to sink in a key lock, isolating Copycat’s arm as the two traded positional dominance on the mat. Michaels transitioned to a side head lock of his own as these two continued to go hold for hold in a scientific match. They wrestled back to their feet where Copycat hit a body slam pin attempt but Michaels kicked out at two. Michaels countered moments later with a neck breaker and roughed Copycat up some more with a chin lock and stomps to the face. Copycat caught Michaels coming off the ropes and put him down hard with another slam as both men were exhausted from the punishment at this point. Michaels rose to his feet first and hit a suplex, a snap mare and went back to isolating Copycat’s arm with another key lock. Copy broke free with an arm drag, connected with a drop kick, a shoulder slam in the corner and got another two-count. Later, Copycat connected with a double arm DDT followed by a Thesz Press and a Face Mob knee drop. Michaels blocked a Doppelganger attempt, kicked out of a small package rollup and then planted a super kick square on Copy’s jaw. Michaels went for the cover, but Double D hit the ring. Michaels turned his attention to Double D which gave Copycat an opportunity to secure a sweet modified sunset flip getting the pinfall on an angry Michaels.


 Michaels saw double duty as he had an impromptu Over the Top Rope Match with the returning Striker (@strikerokb). Michaels got the upper hand early clubbing the ring rust off of Striker with over hand rights, but the cagey vet Striker responded with a body slam. Striker then leveled Michaels with a one-punch finisher as he crushed in the jaw of Michaels, sending the Old School Assassin over the top rope and ending the bout in shocking and impressive fashion.


 In a match with potential future title implications on the line, Brandon Bishop (@BISHOPACW) took on The Convict to determine the last entrant into the Monsters Bash Battle Royal. The winner of this match will have a huge advantage going into the main event at “Halloween Hangover” so the stakes were extremely high when these two stepped into the ring. Bishop attacked Convict’s knee with a multitude of kicks trying to weaken the base of the big man, but Convict halted Bishop’s attack with one clothesline that sent Bishop reeling to the other side of the ring. Bishop caught his breath outside of the ring and then quickly returned to attacking Convict’s knee with kicks and chop blocks. The Convict put Bishop down once again, but that only seemed to incite Bishop even more as he battled back even landing a running double knee in the corner to The Convict’s midsection. Another knee in the corner by Bishop connected but his opponent shook it off like it was nothing. After all this is The Convict. Convict went back to battering Bishop with forearms and punches as Bishop was now on the mat gasping for air. But Bishop rose back to his feet and continued to throttle The Convict with everything he had. In fact, Bishop even looked for a piledriver, but The Convict defended the move with a back body drop. The Convict leveled Bishop with another clothesline as you could tell Convict was looking to finish Bishop off. Even though his body was shot, Bishop’s brain was still working as he pulled down on the top rope that sent The Convict up and over as the King of the Yard landed on the outside mats below. This bought Bishop some much needed time to recover. But instead, Bishop decided to dish out some pain of his own as he summersaulted from the ring apron landing on The Convict at full speed. Bishop flung The Convict into the steel ring posts and continued his barrage of destruction near the ramp until The Convict gave Bishop a back body drop right on the unforgiving ramp. Convict dragged Bishop back into the ring where he gave him a slam in the center of the ring followed by a 15 to 20 that put Bishop’s lights out for good. After the match was over, Convict threw Bishop over the top rope and dragged his limp carcass over to the ramp where he gave Bishop another 15 to 20. There was no give from the ramp and Bishop’s body bounced mercilessly off the ramp and onto the concrete floor. With the win, The Convict secured the last entrant into the Monsters Bash Battle Royal casting a dark shadow over “Halloween Hangover”.


In tag team action, it was former IZW Tag Champs, What Wrestling Should Be: “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME) & “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) against

 Double D (@IZWDoubleD) & “Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor). Moments before the match Johnson and Double D stood the face to face and Johnson announced that he would be the #2 entrant in the Monsters Bash Battle Royal as he was looking forward to being the Problem Solver for Impact Elite and getting rid of Double D himself. All hell broke loose before the start of the match as D and Windsor bounced WWSB out of the ring. When in-ring action resumed it was Windsor and Jacobs going to battle with Jacobs taking a clothesline that nearly took his head off followed by a body slam as Double D tagged in. D hit a splash in the corner as Windsor tagged back in and thumped Jacobs some more by tossing Jacobs around like a rag doll. D hit an axe handle as he was now the legal man, but Jacobs managed to tag in Johnson who whipped D into the ropes and got a spinning hurricanrana from D on the rebound. Windsor tagged back in and blasted Johnson with a knee to the face followed by back elbows in the corner and a big boot. D tagged back in and hit a top rope hurricanrana on the already dazed Johnson. Johnson mustered up enough strength to tag Jacobs who resembled a bat out of hell by throttling Double D with punches and kicks and connecting with his leaping double knee in the corner. Jacobs followed up with an arm in front face lock and an armbar as he tried to methodically break down D piece by piece until tagging in a recovered Johnson. Johnson hoisted D up in the vertical suplex position and held him there for 10 seconds before planting him over the top rope as D hung helplessly. D was unceremoniously kicked off the ropes before Jacobs tagged in again. Jacobs continued to use submissions on Double D as he locked in a figure four. Double D managed to turn over the figure four which switched the pressure to Jacobs’ leg, but Jacobs was close enough to tag in Johnson who dropped a well-placed elbow on D’s head. Moments later, D missed with a high crossbody and was met with a rejuvenated Jacobs who looked for another figure four but D managed to give Jacobs a double underhook facebuster instead. D tagged in Windsor who destroyed WWSB with elbows, punches and big boots. Windsor connected with a side slam on Johnson as the two moved their fight to outside of the ring while Double D planted knee after knee into Jacobs’ face in the corner of the ring. D jumped up to the top rope looking for his finisher, the high crossbody, when he was shoved off by the interfering Brad Michaels. The ref called for an immediate disqualification. Michaels followed up with a super kick that knocked Double D out cold. WWSB double teamed Windsor and beat him down before dragging him to the backstage area. It was later revealed that Windsor was now handcuffed and helpless in the back as WWSB continued to pound away as Johnny Z looked on with pleasure before his main event match.


 In the main event of the evening, in a Non-Title No Disqualification Match, IZW Champion Johnny Z battled “The Butterscotch Stallion” Mark Wilson (@bsstallion) in what looked like a one-sided beat down on paper. Wilson was quick on the draw as every time Z would look to get his hands on Wilson he would come up empty handed as Wilson strutted and Whooooo’d his way around the ring reminiscent of Ric Flair. Wilson then showed off some nice moves with a drop toe hold followed by two hip tosses and a body slam that sent Z down to the mat and out of the ring. Wilson might have been at a disadvantage strength and size wise, but he’s traveled all around the territory and has reffed the biggest matches in IZW history and it was obvious he picked up a thing or two in the decades he’s spent refereeing. When the action resumed Z showed why he is the Champion as he methodically put a hurting on Wilson by raking his boots across Wilson’s face followed by kicking him in the head. Johnny Z whipped Wilson into the ropes where Wilson used the momentum to drop Z with a Thesz Press and hammer away at Z’s face with multiple punches. Wilson connected with another Thesz Press and even more hammer fists until Johnny Z put a stop to that with an abrupt big boot that muzzled Wilson’s offense. Madame Commissioner Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact), who was ringside, slapped a semi-conscious Wilson two times for good measure in the no DQ Match. The match spilled outside of the ring where Z drove Wilson’s back into the steel guard rail but Wilson somehow managed to reverse Z into the steel steps seconds later. Z was quick to get payback as he tossed Wilson head first into the metal ring post moments later. Z hurled Wilson back into the ring where he positioned Wilson in the corner. Z went for his finisher, the Big Boot in the corner, but Wilson moved at the last moment leaving Z hung up on the ropes in a vulnerable position. Wilson connected with a spear in the same corner as he torpedoed Johnny Z in the stomach. Wilson hit another spear and then went to work with skin-tearing chops. But the IZW Champion shook off the spears and chops and hit Wilson with a big boot and a bull dog from the second rope as Wilson face planted into the mat head first. Z set Wilson up for another attempt at the Big Boot in the corner just as the ImpactTron showed What Wrestling Should Be lying unconscious backstage thanks to chair shots from IZW Tag Team Champions, Team Bull. The handcuffs that held Windsor where now empty! Winsor came out from behind the curtain and as Z’s focus shifted to the #1 Challenger, Wilson was able to hit Z with the lowest of blows as he about castrated Z with a fist of torture. Wilson and Windsor gave Z a double choke slam and Wilson grabbed a leg and got the improbable pinfall against the most dangerous man in professional wrestling in a wild end to a memorable night. Before the show ended Windsor revealed huge news as his rematch with Johnny Z at “Halloween Hangover” for the IZW Title will be in a Casket Match!


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