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With less than a month until “Chaotic Christmas” on December 21, “IZW Adrenaline” once again tore down the Impact Arena heading into the colossal end of the year iPPV on GFL.tv. The show featured all of the top superstars in action including a main event with IZW gold on the line!


“Worst in the World” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) came out to the ring to air his grievances against “Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) who choke slammed Copycat last week and signed the blank contract to meet IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) in the main event at “Chaotic Christmas”. Windsor came down to confront Copycat and the two were set to square off one on one until Co-Commissioner “The Number 1” Shawn McHale entered the picture. McHale said Copycat still had a right to be in the main event at “Chaotic Christmas” and now Windsor did too because of his signature on the binding contract. McHale turned the bout into a Triple Threat Match. This prompted Johnny Z to join the fray. Z was livid and rightfully so, because now his odds of defending the IZW Title have been severely curtailed by making the match a Triple Threat. As Z barked at McHale, Copycat and Windsor continued to argue as they exited the ring.


 Two masked men tangled in the opening match as The Convict took on the resurgent Soto Miyagi. Miyagi connected with multiple leg kicks but was dropped with one elbow by The Convict. Miyagi tried to stick and move, stick and move, but The Convict eventually caught up to Miyagi once again with a forearm that dropped the superstar from Japan. Miyagi managed to kick out of a body slam pin attempt. Convict responded with a clothesline and a vice grip submission to Miyagi’s head. Miyagi battled back to his feet, hit a bicycle kick and two drop kicks, the last of which was to The Convict’s knee and dropped the King of the Yard. As Miyagi looked for his finisher, the Shining Miyagi, The Convict rose to his feet, grabbed Miyagi and hit a 15 to 20 to end Miyagi’s winning streak in the blink of an eye. As Miyagi was still recovering, The Midnite Rider entered the ring to what appeared to be help his tag team partner to his feet. Instead, Rider hit Miyagi with a Russian leg sweep using a broom for added leverage and continued to pummel away at the downed Miyagi with the broom. It looks like the East-West Playaz are now finished.


 Copycat took on Roberto Camacho (the cousin of Angel Camacho) in singles competition next. Copycat and Camacho worked from the clinch each looking for that leverage advantage to try and knock the base out from one another. As the two separated, Camacho came off the ropes to gain momentum as Copycat hit a leap frog over Camacho followed by a leg lariat that sent Camacho down. Copycat followed up by smashing Camacho’s face into the turnbuckle 10 times followed by a reverse DDT. Camacho rose to his feet and responded with a splash in the corner and distracted the ref while his cousin Angel Camacho choked Copycat on the outside. Copycat battled back with a DDT but missed on a springboard moonsault attempt. Camacho took advantage and hit a fisherman suplex followed by a German suplex showing that delivering devastating suplexes runs in the Camacho family. Camacho whipped Copy into the ropes and Copycat came back with a Thesz Press followed by a Face Mob knee drop. Copycat connected with a Doppelganger for the pinfall and showed that his wrestling game is as sharp as ever.


 IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader & Savior of Wrestling” Johnny Z took on the KC Wolves (Luke Langley and Graham Bell) in a Triple Threat Match. Z already began to outthink Langley and Bell as he let them square off against one another to begin the match while Z strolled around the ring on the outside. Langley and Bell had a nice bit of chain wrestling in the beginning and Z looked to take advantage of that as he rushed the ring but got a double drop toe hold and took a body slam each from the KC Wolves followed by a double back body drop. The Wolves hit a super kick by Bell and a Death Valley Driver by Langley as Z’s head and body bounced off the canvas like a yo-yo. Instead of going for the pin on Z, the KC Wolves fought amongst themselves over who would get the pin allowing Z to recover outside of the ring. Langley and Bell showed off a vast array of moves, including several near falls and reversals as these two wrestlers are two of the finest grapplers in the territory and showed why against one another. Bell hit a double under hook suplex but Langley responded with side suplex as these two continued to push the envelope. With both men hurt, Z seized the opportunity and got back in the ring where he gave Langley a big boot. Z ran Bell’s eyes across the top rope and used pinpoint accuracy to dominate Bell at every turn. A snapmare and rear chin lock by Z grounded the faster Bell. Later, Z hit a second rope bulldog but had his pin attempt interrupted by Langley. As Langley and Z traded punches, Bell came from behind and threw a haymaker meant for Z but it connected flush with Langley. Z tossed Bell out of the ring and tried for a running elbow in the corner that Langley was able to sidestep and answer with an enziguri. As Langley readied for a running elbow, Z returned fire with a floatover DDT. Moments later, Bell returned to the ring and as he and Z fought on the top rope, Langley ran over to help and all three men crashed to the canvas in a tower of doom as Z was suplexed by Bell, who was power bombed by Langley. With all three men down, Mark Wilson (@bsstallion) intervened and tossed Langley out of the ring as well as slowing down Bell just enough for Z to deliver the Big Boot in the corner. That was a wrap as Z scored the pinfall against Bell in a very fast paced, back and forth bout.


“Big Business” Damon Windsor was in action against “Big, Bad & Sexy” Angel Camacho (@A_Camacho0986). It started out as a stalemate in the tie ups as these are two of the most physically imposing wrestlers in all of IZW. Finally, Windsor was able to double over Camacho with right hands and elbows that started to chop Camacho down. Windsor lost the momentum when he tried to body slam Camacho and couldn’t. Camacho landed forearms to the back of Windsor followed by a splash in the corner. Later, Windsor missed with a splash of his own and fell to the canvas. This allowed Camacho to give his gruesome stink face-butt bump combo as Windsor helplessly took the full force of Camacho’s posterior. But Windsor managed to get out of the way of a backwards splash and drilled Camacho with multiple back elbows. It was a match of power moves as Camacho dropped Windsor with a standing splash moments later. Windsor rose to his feet and fired back with punches culminating in a big boot to the jaw that dropped Camacho. Windsor was putting in work before Camacho caught him with a belly to belly suplex and stopped all the energy of Windsor. Camacho then missed with a BBS Splash as Windsor regrouped and hit a body slam followed by a BFE! After some minor interference by Roberto Camacho who distracted the referee, Windsor managed to connect with his patented finisher, the choke slam and sent Camacho down for the count.


 In the main event, with the IZW Tag Team Titles on the line, “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (JermaineAboutMe) was joined by Mark Wilson who subbed for the injured “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) as they defended the belts against Team Bull: The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) & “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler (@thegods_bs). Johnson and Starr locked up with Starr dropping several head butts on Johnson’s melon. Starr has always been kind of thick headed and it showed as he almost split Johnson’s skull in half. Johnson countered with a body slam when he got back to his feet and tagged in Wilson who snatched an armbar before having the tables turned by Starr who grabbed an arm ringer and plunged Wilson down to the mat with a reverse atomic drop before tagging in The Bronze Bull. Bull treated Wilson like a rag doll as he gave Wilson an airplane spin. Wilson managed to tag in Johnson eventually who got clotheslined over the top rope by Bull. As Johnson and Wilson tried to recoup on the outside of the ring, Team Bull took the fight to them with Johnson getting slammed multiple times against the ring announcer table and Wilson taking a series of forearms to the spine by Starr. Back in the ring, TB hit a spear, clothesline and double back elbow combo on Johnson who fell to his knees. Bull added to Johnson’s misery with a spinebuster before tagging in Starr who scored with a plethora of right hands in the corner which was only made worse by Bull sneaking in and doing the same thing as Johnson fell to the mat, totally exhausted and destroyed. But Johnson found a way to grit through his situation and tossed Starr into the corner. From there, Johnson caught his second wind and hung Starr on the top rope giving him an inverted suplex of sorts followed by a baseball slide drop kick to Starr’s head. Wilson tagged in and delivered multiple knees before locking on another submission hold on Starr’s arm meant to hyperextend the elbow. Moments later, a well-placed knee to the midsection sent Starr circling over as he fell to the mat. Starr rose to his feet and after being whipped into the ropes by Wilson came back with a vengeance as he connected with a spear in a last ditch effort. Bull and Johnson took their fight outside of the ring while Wilson and Starr recovered. Bull went for a spear on Johnson but at the last second, Johnson pulled ring announcer AnnaLynn Storm (@AnnaLynnIZW) in the way and Storm took the impact which sent her crashing against the guard rail and folded her over like an accordion. Amid the confusion that was happening on the outside, Wilson was able to roll up Starr for the 1-2-3 as Impact Elite retained their titles. The Bronze Bull was beside himself and Damon Windsor came down to assist Storm who remained motionless as the show went off the air.


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