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The Fall Classic is here as IZW presents “Halloween Hangover” on November 2, live and broadcast throughout the world on GFL.tv from the Impact Arena in Lawton, Oklahoma. Plenty of feuds will culminate with this gigantic iPPV as every championship will be on the line as well as the all-important, annual, Monsters Bash Battle Royal that will anchor “Halloween Hangover” with the winner getting a future title match for the IZW Championship!


 In the main event, the Monsters Bash Battle Royal takes center stage as every wrestler on the IZW roster will be involved in the match with the winner getting an automatic title shot against whoever the IZW Champion is at “Chaotic Christmas”. This is a star-making match as the winner will skyrocket above every other challenger on the roster and be in line for a match that could change their life forever. Everyone on the roster is capable of winning the bout but a few wrestlers to keep your eyes on would be Double D who is the #1 entrant and already won the Monsters Bash from an earlier year as the first entrant. “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson who is the #2 entrant. He will be looking to solve the problem that is Double D on behalf of Impact Elite. The final entrant will be the menacing Convict and he has all but secured his spot amongst the final competitors in the match because of his fortunate seeding. The Battle Royal rules are familiar to The Convict because of all the prison riots he began and ended during his years in various penitentiaries throughout the country. Look for The Convict to make people pay with their livelihood once he enters the ring. Angel Camacho who has shown to be a formidable force in prior Over the Top Rope Challenges on “IZW Adrenaline” defeating several tough opponents including Double D. “Bad” Brad Michaels who has put a bullseye on Double D and been told by Johnny Z that if Michaels can eliminate D, then Michaels would get a future title shot regardless of if he wins the whole battle royal or not. “Worst in the World” Copycat is another wrestler who will be looking to make a statement and get the opportunity he believes is due to him. A win in the Monsters Bash would do just that. Don’t be surprised to see several returning wrestlers come out of the woodwork as this once a year opportunity puts everyone on equal ground, regardless of their status or pull within IZW. This match weeds out the weak links in a hurry and all that is left standing is the cream of the crop. As to who that will be, you will have to see for yourself.


 In the co-main event, IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z defends his title against “Big Business” Damon Windsor in a Casket Match. Z has destroyed every obstacle in his path, by any means necessary, and has ruled IZW with an iron fist ever since he won the title earlier this year. This Casket Match has all the makings of a brutal, violent bout and with this being a true one on one match, (Z’s stable, Impact Elite, cannot be at ringside) neither wrestler will have to worry about interference and can instead focus on the task at hand which is basically massacring one another. “The Risen Savior of Wrestling” Johnny Z looks to bury Windsor in the coffin once and for all and if he can drag “Big Business” into the wooden box, he will entomb his greatest challenge since becoming champion. This will be Windsor’s best and possibly final opportunity to go after the IZW Title. He won’t have to contend with Johnny Z’s cohorts and it was Windsor who picked the bout to be a Casket Match. Windsor has shown the resourcefulness to get things accomplished inside the squared circle but he will have to pull out all the stops if he is going to defeat the one and only Johnny Z. It’s not hyperbole to say one man will be leaving in a casket. It’s a fact!


 The Impact Division Title will also be at stake as Champion Drake Gallows battles “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan in an Impact Rules Match. Morgan has made it known that he isn’t as concerned with wins and losses as breaking his competition in half and spreading fear amongst the rank and file of IZW. Gallows poses a different kind of threat from most Impact Division Champions though as he has the aerial moves and technical skills to match anyone, but he is also a big man himself. Sure, Morgan will have the size and strength advantage to begin with, but one 20-foot leap off of a stage can change the dynamics of any match as we saw at “Redemption” earlier this year. Very few wrestlers in IZW history have had the kind of immediate impact of Gallows and a win here against Morgan in an Impact Rules Match, no less, will put Gallows in the discussion as the greatest Impact Division Champion in history. That’s a lot of pressure for someone so young, but if anyone is up to the challenge of taking out the bully on the block, it’s Drake Gallows.


 The Tag Titles are also up for grabs when the Champions Team Bull (The Bronze Bull & The Brass Bull) take on What Wrestling Should Be (“Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson & “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs). Nothing in tag team wrestling is more important than these belts and the possessors of these straps sit atop the mountain which is currently Mt Olympus. All four of these men have a legitimate chance to walk away with gold as well as become the #1 Challenger to the IZW Title with a win in the Monsters Bash. The Bronze Bull and Brass Bull have parlayed their reunion into not only IZW gold, but have shown an ability to dominate their foes inside the ring when the belts were on the line. Team Bull raises their game when the stakes are the highest and this match is at a level 10. Former Champions, WWSB have a lot to prove as both the gold and their own egos are on the line. They are the most athletically gifted tag team in the organization, yet they have come up short in their two previous tag team bouts with Team Bull. For a team as cocky and smug as WWSB, that has to be eating a hole in their soul. Will this be a case of WWSB reclaiming their former glory and dethroning the Bulls or will “the gods” grant another victory for Team Bull?


 One of the hardest hitting bouts of the evening is sure to be the Triple Threat Match for the Queen’s Crown which is currently held by Madame Commissioner Erica. Miss Diss Lexia and Angel Blue will be looking to rip the Crown from Erica’s head and do it in devastating fashion. Expect these expert grapplers to pull out all of the stops. Erica has dominated the division for years, and used her amateur wrestling and MMA background to obliterate her competition. She has raised the level of women’s wrestling single handily in IZW. Thank you Erica! But hot on her trail are two of the most technical and physically gifted athletes in the sport as MDL and Blue plan on overthrowing and deposing the Champion. MDL can end the bout with a variety of suplexes and throws while Blue brings a scientific wrestling base along with a sick finisher into the match. But all of those skills will be tested to the max when Erica is holding court in the squared circle. She is a genuine badass and left a trail of broken bodies, both male and female, in her wake. These three women are sure to turn up the heat and deliver an epic bout.


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