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“IZW Adrenaline” returned to GFL.tv with another weekly, 2-hour, free episode as Oklahoma’s premier grapplers tangled in the Impact Arena. Plenty of feuds were furthered as each and every wrestler was looking to crush their opponent and send a message to the rest of the roster and the worldwide audience watching on GFL.tv as “Chaotic Christmas” on December 21 looms in the not-too-distant future. If you missed the show live, no problem, as “IZW Adrenaline” is now FREE on GFL.tv every Saturday night and can also be watched on GFL On Demand in the days and weeks following the event!


 The opening bout could have been the main event, as IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) and “Bad” Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad) battled Double D (@IZWDoubleD) and “Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) in a tag team match. D and Michaels tangled first with D landing several chops in the corner and getting Michaels down on the mat before tagging in Windsor. Windsor landed punches before Michaels raked Windsor in the eyes and tagged in Z. Z was methodical scoring with forearms, knees, kicks and punches as Windsor started to wear down. Windsor countered with a back body drop and tagged in Double D. Z countered a wheelbarrow bulldog with a German suplex and tagged Michaels in. Not many can go hold for hold with Double D, but Michaels is one of the few wrestlers that can. After stifling D’s offense with arm twists and systematic grappling, D hit a head scissors takeover but was unable to tag in Windsor as Michaels tagged in Z. Z continued the onslaught with forearms to the back and kicks to the face of D. Z shot D off the ropes but that turned out to be a mistake as D neutralized Johnny Z with a spinning DDT. Michaels interfered preventing Double D from tagging in Windsor as Z locked on a guillotine choke on D. Michaels tagged in once again as Z and Michaels did a tremendous job of cutting the ring in half the whole match and keeping Double D isolated and away from Windsor. Michaels locked on a reverse chicken wing submission but D was able to break the base and get back to his feet where he connected with a spinning heel kick on the jaw of Michaels. After a vertical suplex by Johnny Z on Double D, Michaels returned to breaking D down piece by piece. Michaels went for a suplex from the second rope but D pushed Michaels to the mat and planted a missile drop kick right on the face of Michaels. D hit a floatover DDT seconds later and tagged in Windsor. Windsor connected with multiple clotheslines to Johnny Z, who had also tagged in, as well as leveling both Z and Michaels with spinning side slams. Windsor dropped a BFE from the top rope, but only got a two-count as Michaels stopped the pin. D knocked Michaels out of the ring as Windsor gave Z a choke slam and scored the pin in a great comeback victory for Windsor and Double D.


 In an explosive Lights out Lounge, “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) and “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (JermaineAboutMe) interviewed “Big, Bad and Sexy” Angel Camacho (@A_Camacho0986) in the ring. The one man wrecking crew that is Camacho didn’t back down from WWSB and returned verbal fire by issuing some less than complimentary statements about Impact Elite. This prompted Impact Division Champion “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofFear) to enter the ring where WWSB and Morgan gave Camacho a three on one beating in the ring. “The Urban Legend” Drake Gallows (@DrakeBmbulmer) rushed to the ring to even the odds as he took out Johnson while Camacho and Gallows worked together to toss Morgan over the top rope as well.


 Camacho stayed in the ring as he was set to wrestle Soto Miyagi. Camacho worked over Miyagi in the beginning with forearm smashes and a nice suplex. Camacho cinched in a rear chin lock then connected with a belly to belly suplex moments later. Miyagi landed a few pinpoint strikes to the midsection of Camacho, but Camacho fought back with clubbing forearms to the face followed by a backwards splash and Pele kick in the corner that dropped Miyagi like a ton of bricks. Miyagi found his inner strength to hit two running knees that dropped Camacho. Camacho responded with a Samoan Drop as Miyagi answered with a leg lariat but missed with a drop kick from the top rope. Camacho countered with another modified suplex but Miyagi popped right up and hit a Shining Miyagi out of nowhere to score the unfathomable win against Camacho. There is no doubt the Shining Miyagi has quickly become one of the deadliest finishers in IZW making Miyagi a threat against anyone.


 Brandon Bishop returned to IZW with a backstage interview where he called out The Convict, the man that put him out of commission earlier this year for about a month by giving Bishop multiple 15 to 20s. Bishop and Convict also eliminated each other at the Monsters Bash Battle Royal at “Halloween Hangover” so their history has been murky with each other. Bishop seemed fully healed from his numerous injuries and likened The Convict to a virus. Bishop claimed he was now immune to The Convict and had a few ideas in mind that would help him eliminate The Convict once and for all.


“Worst in the World” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) took on Kevin Morgan next. Copycat and Morgan had a nice start to the match as Copycat hit Morgan with punches and kicks to the midsection while Morgan looked to land one of his devastating clotheslines as Copy came off the ropes to pick up momentum. Copy ducked under the various clothesline attempts and kept looking for a go behind takedown until Morgan broke free and finally connected with a short uppercut that sent Copycat down. Morgan connected with another uppercut and tossed Copycat out of the ring. Morgan dished out more punishment as Copycat was now bleeding profusely from the nose. When action returned to the ring, Copycat went for a Thesz Press but Morgan caught him and gave Copycat a standing belly to belly suplex in an amazing feat of strength. Copycat was a bloody mess as Morgan continued to destroy the #1 Contender. Later, Copycat mustered up enough strength and hit Morgan with some strikes and was finally able to connect with a Thesz Press that sent Morgan down where Copycat pummeled Morgan’s face followed by a Face Mob knee drop. Copycat was now in charge and broke Morgan down with an arm ringer before attempting a Russian leg sweep but got clotheslined by Morgan instead. Morgan was just too big and too powerful and kept up the heat by choking Copycat in the corner. Morgan’s cardio was starting to slow as a rejuvenated Copycat hit a jawbreaker and drop kick that put the monster down. Morgan responded with a head butt and another clothesline that nearly spun Copycat around in a circle. Morgan then tossed Copycat on his head with a modified two-handed choke slam. Copycat responded with three shoulder blocks the final of which, sent Morgan down. Copycat hit a springboard moonsault followed by a DDT. Moments later, Morgan went flying over the top rope as Copycat moved out of the way from a running clothesline attempt. Copycat followed Morgan outside of the ring looking to inflict more damage, but Morgan picked up a steel chair and crushed Copycat with it resulting in an automatic disqualification. Morgan tossed Copycat in the ring to do even more damage, but Copycat was able to counter with a Doppelganger that sent Morgan flying out of the ring. In the end, Copycat took out the heavy hitter of Impact Elite which brings him one step closer to getting his hands on Johnny Z.


 The ladies were up next as Queen’s Crown Champion Miss Diss Lexia (@missdiss_lexia) and Angel Blue (@AngelBlue0830) teamed up against Madame Commissioner Erica (Lady_Of_Impact) and newcomer Paige Turner in tag team action. Erica and MDL traded lockup superiority until Erica tagged in Turner. MDL snatched a side headlock then tagged in Blue who continued with the move holding Turner in check. Blue then scored with a drop toe hold, two arm drags, a reverse splash and monkey flip in successive moves culminating with a variation of an Indian Death Lock. Erica had seen enough and interfered in the match, breaking Blue’s hold on Turner. Erica was now the legal competitor in the match and hit a Gory Bomb on Blue. Turner was back in and executed a clothesline and snap mare to get Blue to the mat. Turner added to her offense with a leg drop but Blue was able to get to her feet and drive Turner into the corner where Erica tagged back in. Blue countered by tagging in MDL who leveled Erica with a number of well-placed kicks and a body slam. Erica offset MDL by tossing her outside of the ring and when MDL returned she was met with a facebuster by Erica. Erica then pulled Turner into the ring looking to double team MDL and as Turner was refusing to help, Blue entered the ring and gave her tag team partner MDL a DejaBlue (modified pedigree) out of nowhere! Erica took advantage of the situation and pinned MDL. The unforeseen events of this match definitely shook up the women’s division and the future can only hold more top matchups between these fierce competitors.


 In the main event, “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson tussled with “The Urban Legend” Drake Gallows. Gallows took the lead by isolating Johnson’s arm with arm ringers and other moves that tried to hyperextend the elbow. Johnson was quick on his feet and got behind Gallows as he tightened on a hammer lock of his own. The match moved to the corner of the ring where Johnson unloaded with elbows until Gallows broke free with a clothesline followed by a power slam shortly after. Gallows missed a spear in the corner as his shoulder collided with the metal ring post. Johnson seized on the opportunity as he landed a triple Russian Leg Sweep combo before tossing Gallows outside the ring. Johnson came off the ring apron with a flying clothesline as Gallows fell to the mat hard. When action resumed back in the ring, Johnson sunk in a rear chin lock and when Gallows broke free he was hit with a drop kick by Johnson. Johnson went for a suplex but had the move reversed as it was Gallows who delivered the slam. Gallows went to the top rope but was swept off of his feet before he could deliver his aerial attack. Johnson connected with a baseball slide kick to the head of Gallows and things looked bleak for the “Urban Legend”. Johnson looked to deliver a high risk move from the top rope but was crotched by Gallows. Gallows then climbed up the ropes and pulled off a hurricanrana that sent Johnson crashing to the canvas. Gallows hit his finisher next, the Emo Killer, and followed it up with a moonsault for the 1-2-3 in a wild match!


 The show ended with a contract signing by IZW Champion Johnny Z and Copycat for their title match at “Chaotic Christmas” on December 21. Z was full of piss and vinegar as he verbally abused Copycat and even the audience before signing the contract. It was clear Z didn’t have a concern in the world as he was supremely confident for his future matchup with Copycat. It was Copycat’s turn to talk next and he was just as self-assured in his chances at “Chaotic Christmas” as he took Z down memory lane. Earlier this year, Z stripped Copycat of his share of the IZW Tag Team Titles and Copycat had to start from the bottom once again and climb his way to the top. He did just that as now he is the #1 Contender. Before Copycat could sign the contract, “Big Business” Damon Windsor entered the fray. Windsor once again was adamant that this was his time and that he wanted another crack at Z for the IZW Title. Windsor’s interruption didn’t sit well with Copycat who warned Windsor to go to the back or suffer the consequences. It was Copycat who suffered though as Windsor choke slammed him on the mat before picking up the contract and signing it himself thereby leap frogging Copycat and having a legal binding signed document that states Johnny Z will now be facing Damon Windsor at “Chaotic Christmas”!


Nobody does it better! Watch all the feuds and all the rivalries inside and outside of the ring. Tune in to the Southwest's premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next. Watch professional wrestling like it's supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD at GFL.tv as IZW continues to change the wrestling world!



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