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“IZW Adrenaline” returned to GFL.tv with another weekly, 2-hour, live and free episode of top notch wrestling as a revitalized Impact Elite looked to continue its dominance in IZW. The Impact Arena has become a warzone and anyone stepping into the ring better be ready for the battle of their life as was the case on the November 16 episode. If you missed the show live, no problem as “IZW Adrenaline” is now FREE on GFL.tv every Saturday night and can also be watched on GFL On Demand in the days and weeks following the event!


 Things started off with a bang as “Bad” Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad) delivered a full force super kick to Double D (@IZWDoubleD) in the backstage area. The feud between Michaels and D didn’t end at “Halloween Hangover”, if anything it has only gotten more heated. D crumbled to the concrete ground and this set the tone for the rest of the night as every wrestler was looking to not only defeat their opponent but demolish them.


 In the opening bout, new Queen’s Crown Champion Miss Diss Lexia (@missdiss_lexia) wrestled former Champ Madame Commissioner Erica (Lady_Of_Impact) with the title up for grabs. This was MDL’s first title defense and she started out with a bang by giving Erica a drop toe hold followed by pulling down the top rope as Erica went flying outside of the ring. When action resumed in the ring, Erica grabbed a nice side headlock then dipped down with a fireman’s carry putting MDL on the canvas where Erica isolated an arm as she put her mat skills to use. MDL transitioned back to her feet where she broke free and even went for a victory roll pin attempt showing off her grappling repertoire as her and Erica traded pin attempts on the mat in a bit of one-upmanship. Erica started to gain the edge with her wrestling and other various chokes and kicks, not to mention Mark Wilson (@bsstallion) who stacked the deck in favor of Erica by hitting MDL numerous times with cheap shots on the outside. Just when it looked like Miss Diss Lexia was on her last leg, she battled back with a drop kick, clothesline, body slam and butterfly suplex that turned the tide. MDL next slapped the hell out of Wilson who was trying to interfere on the ring apron and followed it up with a modified Death Valley Driver on Erica to get the pinfall and retain her title in an explosive match.


 Next up, new #1 Contender “Worst in the World” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) came out to address the IZW World and talk about his upcoming match with IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) at “Chaotic Christmas” on December 21. Copycat was joined by “Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) in the ring who had a different take on the IZW Title situation. Windsor was not going to back away from getting another shot at Johnny Z and gave Copycat the option of stepping to the side or getting his title shot taken away by force from Windsor.


 Backstage, Johnny Z had a discussion with “Bad” Brad Michaels about Michaels upcoming IZW Title Match. In fact, there would be no match for the IZW Title…at least for the foreseeable future. Even though Z promised Michaels a shot for the championship if Michaels eliminated Double D during the Monsters Bash Battle Royal at “Halloween Hangover”, which Michaels did, per Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale and the rules set forth, Copycat was still the #1 Contender because he won Monsters Bash. What Z did do was set up a main event for later in the night with Michaels against Windsor as Z was hoping Michaels would be able assassinate the career of Windsor and get him out of the picture once and for all.


 Impact Division Champion “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofFear) was in action against “The Captain of the Force” Double D in a non-title, grudge match. In the beginning, Double D used his speed and agility to offset the size and power of Morgan as D scored with chops as well as multiple knees to the face of Morgan in the corner until Morgan countered with a power bomb. Morgan then tossed D around like a rag doll. D connected with a spinning heel kick and drop kick but Morgan destroyed Double D with a clothesline moments later and tossed him out of the ring as he showed he was still in charge of the bout. When action resumed in ring, D countered Morgan’s offense with a jawbreaker then delivered multiple flying knees. D blistered Morgan with several chops, but missed with the Force chop as Morgan grabbed the hand of D and used it as leverage to toss him across the ring once again. Morgan had his way with D as he tossed him out of the ring again and dished out more punishment near the guardrail. When they returned to the squared circle, D countered a whip into the ropes by hitting a bulldog on the waiting Morgan. Shortly after, Morgan caught Double D’s high crossbody and chucked D into the corner where D ricocheted off the turnbuckle. Morgan whipped D into the ropes one more time but D connected with a drop kick and springboard knee to Morgan’s face. Double D then hit a springboard tornado DDT that put Morgan down for a two-count. An enziguri, missile drop kick and a sunset flip from the top rope in successive moves was enough to get Morgan down for a count of three as the big man was shocked and stunned at the final outcome.


 Next up, “Worst in the World” Copycat took on “Big, Bad and Sexy” Angel Camacho (@A_Camacho0986) in singles competition. These two were the final combatants in the Monsters Bash Battle Royal, which Copycat won, so Camacho was looking to take out his frustration of not being the #1 Contender on the man that beat him for the spot. After ducking under several clothesline attempts by Camacho, Copycat played a game of cat and mouse as he darted in and out of the ring only to have Camacho chase him back and forth and in the process run himself into exhaustion. When action returned to the ring, Camacho was able to flip Copycat off the second rope ending with Copycat splattering in the center of the ring. Camacho hit a body slam then a senton on a groggy Copycat. Camacho tried to further damage Copycat’s ribcage with a reverse bear hug. Camacho gave Copycat a German suplex but Copycat landed on his feet (just like a cat) and hit a fist drop and Face Mob knee drop for a two-count. Copy then connected with a springboard clothesline that sent Camacho down hard. Camacho countered with a single leg drop kick right to the chest of Copycat. Another slam by Camacho and Copycat was a broken man. Camacho went for a vertical suplex but Copycat shucked out and went for a school boy rollup but Camacho was too powerful to get pinned for a three-count. A knee to Copycat’s ribs put him down again until he countered with a double arm DDT that planted Camacho on his head. Later, Camacho countered a Thesz Press attempt with a bear hug. Copy broke free and planted some well-placed left and right hooks square on Camacho’s stomach then connected with a second Thesz Press attempt. As Copycat pummeled away at Camacho’s face, he then upped the ante with a lionsault that connected with Camacho’s head. Camacho countered with a standing splash and as he went for a BBS Splash, Copycat responded at the last second with a Doppelganger. Copycat followed up with a second Doppelganger that put Camacho’s lights out for good.


 Two veterans of IZW tangled next as Striker (@strikerokb) took on Soto Miyagi. Miyagi started out with kicks to the body until he was met with a clothesline by Striker after being whipped into the ropes. A body slam and punches to the face had Striker in full control. Striker whipped Miyagi into the ropes once again but Miyagi came back with a crossbody that dropped Striker. A side suplex by Striker evened things up. Striker went for a sunset flip pin attempt but Miyagi muscled out and connected with karate kicks to Striker’s midsection followed by Mongolian chops and an axe handle springboard from the second rope. Miyagi also connected with a running knee before Striker smothered Miyagi’s offence with a choke in the corner. Striker missed with a splash in the corner and Miyagi connected with a shining wizard to finish Striker off. Miyagi looked rejuvenated as he pulled off some new moves in this bout. Striker left the ring visibly upset at his defeat as he tossed a chair into the ring and walked up the ramp yelling at himself.


“Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) returned with the “Lights Out Lounge” and broke some news as his left arm is broken and required surgery that will put him on the shelf until 2014. He then went on to mock the IZW World and listed his in ring credentials and promised bigger and better things for Mr. Young Talent in the future.


 In the main event, “Big Business” Damon Windsor locked horns with “Bad” Brad Michaels. Michaels was no match early as Windsor over powered him at every turn, first with a pie face that sent Michaels stumbling back against the turnbuckle, then with a shoulder block that sent Michaels down again. Michaels missed with a super kick and got a meat hook of a right hand across the face for his troubles. Windsor and Michaels traded chops until Windsor’s power was felt again as he suplexed Michaels. Later, Michaels delivered a super kick to Windsor’s knee, dropping the big man immediately. Michaels kept up his methodical attack on Windsor’s knee by kicking the knee as well as hyperextending the knee with various joint locks. Windsor hobbled up to his feet but was at a disadvantage because of the prolonged and precise attack on his knee by Michaels. Michaels further damaged Windsor’s left leg by attacking Windsor’s hamstring muscle with blunt force knees. Michaels’ offense culminated with a figure four leg lock. As Windsor writhed in pain on the mat he somehow found the inner strength to break the hold by grabbing Michaels across his throat. Windsor rose to his feet, whipped Michaels into the ropes and unloaded with a clothesline that nearly took the head off of Michaels. Windsor followed up with a spinning side slam. Windsor readied for a choke slam but was met with a super kick to the face by Michaels as both men crumbled to the mat. Michaels went for a piledriver but Windsor defended well and bullied Michaels into the corner where he delivered his patented back elbows. Seconds later, Windsor grabbed Michaels across the throat and gave him a choke slam in the center of the ring and scored the victory in a great comeback for “Big Business”.


Windsor looked better than ever as he continues to position himself for a rematch with IZW Champion Johnny Z. There is no doubt that Windsor and Copycat are headed for another confrontation in the near future as both of these wrestlers have the IZW Championship in their sights and it looks like nothing is going to derail either of them from that opportunity, except possibly one another.


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