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 by Drew Archer

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 After last week’s huge announcement by Shawn McHale that Jermaine Johnson was not only re-instated to IZW but that he would be the special guest referee at Coronation between IZW Champion Johnny Z versus Double D, there finally appeared to be light at the end of the tunnel for fans of the Lawton, Oklahoma based promotion. With this week being the go-home show before the huge May 11 iPPV, the feuds and grudges that are running rampant right now in IZW are sure to reach a breaking point.


 Last week, Jermaine Johnson and Double D put Impact Elite on their heels with a tag team victory over Johnny Z and Jordan Jacobs. Both Z and Jacobs are set up to have huge matches at Coronation (the IZW Championship Match and a Ladder Match for the finals of the Impact Player of the Year Tournament, respectively) and this has to be a blow to both men’s psyches as a loss this close to the biggest iPPV of the year is just about the worst thing that can happen. On the flip side, Double D has to feel great heading into this week and Coronation as he has put Z down several times in the past two weeks and come Coronation, Double D won’t have to worry about being blindsided as Johnny Z has shown his true colors and there will be an impartial referee in the form of Jermaine Johnson who will be calling the match right down the middle. Johnson also has to be riding high, as just over two weeks ago he was fired by Z and his wrestling career was all but over. But thanks to McHale’s quick thinking and following the letter of the law, Johnson is back in full force in IZW, which is bad news for Impact Elite.


 In other news, “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil is on a warpath and it leads to The Convict and Erica. Neil challenged The Convict to a match at Coronation last week, which was accepted and Neil then proceeded to cut down Kevin Morgan. The clean shaven Neil is a different animal and is out for blood when it concerns The Convict or anyone else in Impact Elite. So far, The Convict hasn’t met someone of his strength, but a pissed off “Bronze Bull” just might be his equal and with Neil’s years of in-ring experience, The Convict, for the first time in his career could be on the wrong side of a prison style ass-whipping. Expect Madam Commissioner Erica to have a few tricks up her sleeve this week, to try and tip the scales back in The Convict’s favor.


 Also on tap, you can bet Impact Division Champion Damien Morte and his foe “The Worst in the World” Copycat will be at each other’s throats. With only one more show until their sure to be epic Impact X Match, there is no telling what these two deranged individuals will have in store for one another.


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