IZW Adrenaline May 18th Preview on GFL.tv

 by Drew Archer

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With Coronation only a week old IZW is still reeling from the revelation that Jermaine Johnson has joined forces with IZW Champion Johnny Z. Johnson was put in the ring as the third man to bring structure and fairness to the title match between Z and Double D, but instead was an insurance policy for Z to retain the title. What will the Former Leader of the Hype Section have to say for himself and his actions? How long has this plan been simmering and are there more tricks up Johnny Z’s sleeve? Tune in this Saturday because both Johnson and Z will be in the house.

 In other more troubling news, Impact Division Champion Damien Morte was hit by a car after Coronation where he successfully defended his title against “The Worst in the World” Copycat in an epic Impact X Match. The damage Morte suffered in the cage was only a prelude to the injuries he would suffer later in the night. Expect an update this Saturday on Morte’s condition and the ramifications that will have on the Impact Division Championship.

 Speaking of Champions, Jordan Jacobs set himself apart as he won the Impact Player of the Year Tournament, defeating IZW Wrestler in the finals of a Ladder Match. As the newly crowned Impact Player of the Year, Jacobs is the #1 Challenger for a championship title of his choosing. Jacobs is at the top of his game right now and chances are he’s ready to cash in his chips sooner rather than later and go for gold. Find out when and where this Saturday night.

 Also, The Bronze Bull took it on the chin at Coronation as he was defeated by The Convict in a match that more closely resembled a street fight on the streets of Detroit. Bull has been through a vexing past few weeks beginning with Madame Commissioner Erica shaving off his golden locks and culminating with a 15 to 20 from The Convict at Coronation. Will The Bronze Bull be in the Impact Arena to once again pick himself up by the boot straps and fight the good fight, or has Erica and her Convict sent The Bronze Bull packing for good?

 Randy Price took care of Brad Michaels in a barnburner that showed that the “Old School Sucka” is back 100% from his neck injury. With Michaels defeated by his own finisher, the piledriver, he has to be beside himself with anger. Will the CEO of the Old School Assassins show his face in the Impact Arena or has Price chased off his archrival.

 The Birds of Prey continue to show no weakness as they once again dismantled Big Business. This bout had huge ramifications as if Big Business lost, which they did, they would be kicked out of Impact Elite. Kevin Morgan and Damon Windsor also got into a shoving match after the bout, possibly signaling the end of Big Business as a unit. If these two giants go their separate ways, who will form any challenge to the current IZW Tag Team Champion Birds?


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