March 2nd Review

 by Drew Archer

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The March 2 edition of IZW on was another home run as every wrestler that competed in the Impact Arena raised his game to new heights and showed why IZW is a cut above the rest. With March Mayhem less than three weeks away, there is no time to put things in cruise control. Everything is revved up to the max and in overdrive. It's a new day in IZW and the rough and tumble style of professional wrestling cultivated in the Sooner State is second to none. For hard hitting, uncompromising battles, tune in to IZW every Saturday night at 8:00pm EST to see wrestling's finest put it all on the line!


The action in the ring began with the newly dubbed tag team, The Natural Born Leaders of the Hype Section (Johnny Z & Jermaine Johnson) versus Impact Division Champion Damien Morte and Copycat. In front of a raucous crowd, Z and Cat started out both guns blazing, but Z got the upper hand in the early going by tossing Copycat up and out of the ring where he crashed to the mat down below. The action continued outside of the ring with Z choking Copycat, while Johnson whipped Morte into the steel barricade almost breaking him in half. Z followed Johnson’s lead and whipped Copycat into the steel steps crushing Cat’s vertebras in the process. Z then turned Copycat’s chest a lighter shade of blood red by landing blistering knife-edge chops. Johnson gave Morte a couple body punches followed by an eye poke for good measure. The action eventually returned to the ring where Copycat was able to tag in Morte and the two were able weaken Z with some shrewd double teaming including a running cannonball by Morte as Cat choked Z. A snap mare and knee to the face later and Morte was in full control. Later in the match, Copycat proved his name correct as he landed Z’s finisher, the float over DDT, on Z himself but could only get a 2-count. Z was able to make the hot tag to Johnson who now faced Morte in the ring. Johnson lit into Morte with punches and a face buster, but his momentum was short lived as Copycat was able to push Johnson off the second rope as Johnson looked for the ES2. Morte went back on the attack against Johnson as he and Copycat wrestled a smart match as they kept Johnson in their corner and always had a fresh man on the attack. Johnson found a way to break through the onslaught and tagged in Z who leveled both Morte and Copycat with right hands and a float over DDT on Copycat. Johnson then landed the J-Effect on Morte and tossed him out of the ring. Copycat finally managed to pull himself up to his feet where he was served with a Big Boot from Z and an ES2 from Johnson as Johnny Z got the pin.


After the match, Z took the mic and warned Erica and Jacobs who were pulling announcing duties up to that point that they better get to stepping, or things could get dicey. Erica and Jacobs talked a good game as Z and Johnson made their way up the ramp, but both were summarily dismissed and tossed in the back as Z and Johnson took over announcing duties for the rest of the night.

In singles competition, it was Falcon who holds one half of the IZW Tag Team Championship (along with Phoenix as Birds of Prey) taking on “The Image of War” Kevin Morgan. Both men set a furious pace in the beginning capped off by a power bomb and body slam by Falcon who once again showed off his uncanny strength. The two then traded thumb pokes to the eyes where Morgan came out on the short end of the stick. Morgan fought back and landed a big boot, knee to the ribs and uppercut which crumpled Falcon to the mat. Morgan continued his attack with chops, punches to Falcon’s head and face and even dropped an elbow as the tide turned full force in his favor. Morgan had one of his finer moments when he gave Falcon a gut wrench power bomb that almost separated soul from body on Falcon. But Falcon kicked out 3 times! A super kick out of nowhere by Falcon leveled the playing field but Morgan countered with a side slam as these two powerhouses traded crushing moves. A monkey flip and suplex by Falcon put Morgan on the mat where Falcon then made his way to the top rope and landed a flying elbow. But Falcon could still only get a 2-count! Two uppercuts by the gritty Morgan and it looked like Falcon would suffer his first defeat in IZW. Morgan capped off his attack with a flying clothesline from the second rope! As Falcon stood up, Morgan missed with another clothesline and Falcon landed a Falcon Punch dead to rights on Morgan’s jaw that sent the big man down and out as Falcon picked up a victory in a terrific, back and forth match.


“The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler and “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil squared off in the middle of the ring where Neil let Starr and the world know that when they meet on March 23 at March Mayhem it will be in a Tables Match. Neil then informed Starr that he had an upcoming match with Jordan Jacobs, but Jacobs flipped the script and somehow got IZW Champion, The Convict, to come down to the ring and wrestle Starr. The Convict hit Starr with a Clothesline from Jail (coined by Johnson in the booth) that separated Starr’s wig and almost his head from his body. The Convict landed punches and several splashes in the corner that just about put Starr’s lights out. But The Convict sealed the deal with his finisher, the 15 to 20, as he slammed Starr’s broken and battered body to the canvas getting the 1-2-3.


Next up, the other half of the IZW Tag Team Champions, was in singles competition as Phoenix took on “The Big Picture” Damon Windsor. Both men started throwing bombs at each other with Phoenix getting the better of the exchanges and dropping Windsor with an uppercut. Phoenix followed up with a flying shoulder block that put Windsor down again. Windsor countered with a spinning side slam that planted Phoenix on the mat like a pancake. A kick to the midsection of Phoenix and Windsor was in full control. After trading chops, Phoenix rose to the top rope, ready for flight, but Windsor took advantage of the positioning by Phoenix and dropped Phoenix on his bird eggs. Windsor finished off that series with a press slam from the top rope that folded Phoenix up like an accordion. Windsor went for a choke slam, but Phoenix worked out of the hold and landed a sidekick and a corkscrew moonsault to get the pinfall seemingly out of nowhere!

 The Birds of Prey might have won the battle tonight, both picking up singles wins against Big Business, but did they lose the war in the process? Windsor made his intentions clear earlier in the night. These matches tonight where to get a better perspective, a better feel for the Birds of Prey and how they wrestle and what their tendencies are and then capitalize on that knowledge when it really counts at March Mayhem when the IZW Tag Team Titles will be on the line.


In the main event, and match of the night, it was two former IZW Champions going toe to toe as “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil battled Double D. Neil showed off his strength advantage early on as he put Double D in a headlock and controlled D’s every move from that hold. But Double D eventually overturned the positioning and grabbed an arm ringer showing why he is one of the most technically gifted athletes in this sport. Not to be outdone, Neil reversed the arm ringer, but Double D rolled out of the move finally kicking Neil in the mid-section down to the mat. D grabbed another side headlock and was now in charge. Neil finally broke free of the hold by tossing D outside of the ring and down on the mats. D finally returned to the ring, with the help of Neil and was about to go for a ride as Neil hoisted D up high in the air ready to give him a power bomb, but The Force was strong and D fought off the attack and turned it into a advantage for himself as he chopped away at Neil’s legs and torso with powerful kicks. But Neil side-stepped the attacks for a split second and was able to deliver a spinebuster that stopped D cold. Another modified powerful slam by Neil and D was a wreck. Running clotheslines in the corner only served to drive that point home even more. But an errant splash by Neil left a glimmer of hope for D who unloaded with knees to the face in the corner until Neil planted D on the mat with a belly to back suplex. In the series of the night, D went for The Force Chop, but Neil reversed that move into a Greetings from Mt Olympus, only to have D go for a Defacer and have Neil once again quash that move with another Greetings from Mt Olympus attempt. Finally, D slid out of that and landed his Force Chop followed by an enziguri. D followed up with a 6-1-knee that crushed in Neil’s face. As D readied for his finisher, the flying cross body, none other than The Convict came down to the ring. D turned his attention to the Champ and took flight in The Convict’s direction. But The Convict caught D in midair and destroyed D with a 15 to 20 on the unforgiving floor outside of the ring. That was a wrap as Double D laid on the ground, probably suffering from internal bleeding, as the ref counted him out and awarded the bout to Aaron Neil. After the match, The Convict dragged Double D into the ring and landed another 15 to 20!


This Is Who We Are! Watch all the feuds and all the rivalries inside and outside of the ring. Tune in to the Southwest and Central State’s premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next. Feel the Impact!



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