March 16th Review

 by Drew Archer

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There were fireworks galore on the March 16 episode of IZW Adrenaline, the final event before March Mayhem on March 23. There was plenty of top-notch wrestling and the main event, a 6-man tag team match, was a barnburner. It’s a new day in IZW and the rough and tumble style of professional wrestling cultivated in the Sooner State is second to none. For hard hitting, relentless action, tune in to IZW every Saturday night at 8:00pm EST on to see wrestling’s finest put it all on the line and always in HD.


IZW Co-Commissioners Erica and Shawn McHale offered commentary in the announcers’ booth and to start things off, “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler took on Damien Morte. Morte got the upper hand in the beginning by dishing out fisticuffs and forearms to Starr’s back. Morte got a little extra help from his partner in crime, Copycat, as Copy choked Starr with the bottom rope and landed a European uppercut while the ref wasn’t looking. A running elbow in the corner by Morte found its mark on Starr’s jaw as it looked like it would be a short night for “The Brass Bull”. Morte then landed a flying summersault from the second rope for a pinning attempt, but Starr kicked out. Starr was then able to slow Morte’s momentum with a neckbreaker. A sleeper hold almost had Morte out on his feet. Morte broke free and after trading haymakers tried to hit another flying summersault but missed as Starr made him pay with a series of clotheslines. Morte countered with a DDT that planted Starr on the top of his head. Morte then went for a knee-o-tine, but Starr reversed it and hoisted Morte onto his shoulders ready to deliver a Greetings From Mt. Olympus, only to have Morte escape and push Starr into the ropes where he slammed into Copycat. This gave Morte enough time to land the knee-o-tine on his second attempt putting Starr’s lights out. Morte and Copycat continued to put the boots to Starr until “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil strolled down to the ring. Neil landed a devastating spinebuster on the already broken Starr. Neil then grabbed a table and planted Starr through it with a Greetings From Mt. Olympus.


In other news, Bryan Cruize of the Old School Suckas continued to no-show for the third week in a row enraging his tag team partner Randy Price. Cruize promised to be at March Mayhem but Price was less than assured of Cruize’s most recent promise.

 “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs took on the returning Soto Miyagi. Jacobs started off by poking Miyagi in the eye and then burying a few knife-edge chops into Miyagi’s karate gi. Jacobs followed up with a running double knee in the corner followed by a senton a la O’Malley. The mocking of O’Malley prompted the real O’Malley to come out and as Jacobs’ attention was centered on his opponent at March Mayhem, Miyagi seized the moment and rolled up Jacobs using a schoolboy for the pinfall.


Copycat and O’Malley put a whooping on Johnny Z starting in the backstage area and continuing to the ring where Copycat lit into Z with kicks to the head. Johnny Z fought back dropping Copy with a double leg takedown and landing punches to Copy’s face before Morte jumped in and planted a steel chair right on Z’s back slowing down the “Natural Born Leader”. Z then walked right into a Doppelganger (stunner) by Copycat. Morte followed up with his patented flying summersault as he crashed full force onto Johnny Z’ face. Morte grabbed the mic and informed Johnny Z and the IZW World that he was cashing in his automatic rematch clause for March Mayhem and inserting himself into the Impact Division Title Match with Z and Jermaine Johnson. Copycat spoke next and let it be known that he had a contract to wrestle Johnny Z at March Mayhem and that he intended to honor that contract and was also inserting himself into the Impact Division Title Match, making it a Fatal Four Way Match! Finally Jermaine Johnson rushed out to the ring to break up the one-sided beatdown, and also upped the ante for March Mayhem. The match would now be a Fatal Four Way, Falls Count Anywhere Match!


Next up Copycat took on O’Malley. After a brief stalling period by Copycat, who would not get in the ring, the two finally locked up where O’Malley showed off his vast strength advantage by tossing Copy across the ring. Copycat looked ready to walk out of the match, but after a pep talk by Morte, Copycat psyched himself up and got back in the ring. Things only got worse after that for Copycat as O’Malley landed flesh-splattering chops to Copy’s chest and back followed by a kick to the midsection that crumbled the “Worst In The World”. A forearm to the back and a kick to the chest later and Copy was wishing he would have just got himself counted out. But the tide turned when O’Malley missed a senton and Copycat got up first and started to kick O’Malley in the head and body. A running leg drop by Copycat as O’Malley’s neck was pinned against the ropes took even more steam out of the big man. Copy then landed a flying elbow to O’Malley’s kidneys. But a reversal whip into the corner and a splash by O’Malley turned the tide once again. O’Malley was in full control after a bodyslam and double axe handle against Copy’s spine. O’Malley then looked to land one more senton but was tripped up by Jordan Jacobs who had made his way down to the ring. When O’Malley got up to confront Jacobs, he was hit in the head by a pair of brass knuckles for his troubles. O’Malley was out cold and Copycat needed only to pin the fallen giant.


In the main event, in a 6-man tag team match, it was the Natural Born Leaders of the Hype Force (Johnny Z, Jermaine Johnson & Double D) taking on Impact Elite (Aaron Neil, Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan). Z and Windsor locked up and after an initial stalemate, Johnny Z unloaded a series of chops that turned Windsor’s chest bright red and had him scurrying to his corner tagging in Morgan. After a quick head lock by Z, Morgan showed why he has no peer when it comes to raw strength as he hoisted Z high in the air on a back body drop, as Z landed awkwardly. Neil tagged in wanting a piece of Z, but instead got planted on his head with a floatover DDT. Double D and Neil squared off next with D using pinpoint strikes to weaken Neil. D tagged in Johnson as the Natural Born Leaders of the Hype Force worked cohesively as a three man tag team keeping Neil in their corner. Johnson hit Neil with a boot to the midsection followed by a dropkick to the face. A double suplex by Johnson and Double D and Neil was seeing stars. But Neil fought back reversing a whip into the ropes by Johnson and turning it into a clothesline in the corner. Neil tagged in Windsor who went to work on Johnson with kicks to the chest. A suplex and jumping legdrop later and Johnson was in a bad way. A reverse to an Irish whip into a big boot and Johnson’s chest was about ready to explode from the damage he took. Now it was Morgan’s turn as Impact Elite was in full control and keeping Johnson isolated from his teammates. Johnson was finally able to escape and tag in Johnny Z who was toyed with by Neil as he slapped Z around the ring. A little distance was all Z needed to drive his forehead into Neil’s jaw and make the tag to a fresh Double D. A missile drop kick on Neil and a flying knee to Windsor and Morgan and D was in charge of the action. D landed an enziguri on Neil and climbed to the top rope where Neil managed to roll out of the ring just in time before eating a flying crossbody. Impact Elite then looked for the easy way out and decided to get themselves counted out, but before they could reach the backstage area, Johnny Z grabbed the mic and informed everybody in the building that the match was now an Impact Rules Match, meaning there are no rules. Z, Johnson and D all rushed out after Impact Elite as bodies started to fly everywhere. There was chaos everywhere throughout the Impact Arena as Johnny Z and Damon Windsor battles inside the cage while Double D and Morgan and Johnson and Neil battles outside of the ring. Z knocked Windsor out of the ring as Morgan and Johnson entered the squared circle where Morgan hit a running powerslam on Johnson that shook the pillars of the ring. Finally Johnson sidestepped a running Morgan as the big man toppled over the ring. Double D and Neil traded chops and forearms shivers while Johnny Z continued to blister up Windsor’s chest with chops that echoed throughout the Impact Arena. Johnson used Morgan, Windsor and even Johnny Z as crash test dummies as he jumped from the top rope doing a flip in mid-air and crashed onto the mass of bodies down below. Neil and D were now in the ring where Neil landed a spear to D’s midsection nearly ripping him in half. With D down and out, Neil took the top turnbuckle, diving off the top rope onto the sea of bodies down below and knocking everyone down once again. With Double D ready to take flight himself, he was interrupted by the appearance of The Convict. D shot after The Convict with a series of elbows but they were all shaken off as The Convict hurled D into the corner where D bounced off the turnbuckle right into a 15 to 20. Since it was an Impact Rules Match, Neil was there to pick up the scraps and pin D giving Impact Elite the win!


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