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 by Drew Archer

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In a show of true character and honor, IZW announced that the month of June will be Moore Recovery Month with 100% of the revenue collected, which includes ticket sales, merchandise, and concession sales, being donated to the American Red Cross to ease the burden and help the people of Moore, Oklahoma who were devastated by the recent tornadoes.


 Week 4 of Moore Recovery Month kicked off as IZW Adrenaline began with the long awaited singles match between Damon Windsor and Kevin Morgan. These two have become bitter enemies ever since Morgan turned his back on Windsor and joined Impact Elite and proved his usefulness to the faction by destroying his onetime partner Windsor. Morgan began with dropping heavy knees in to Windsor’s midsection as his power advantage was noticeable from the early going. But Windsor showed off a more versatile wrestling game as he came back with a series of back elbows in the corner followed by pinning Morgan’s arm behind his back and giving him a DDT. Later, Morgan got the best of the striking exchanges by unloading a big boot that dropped Windsor like a sack of potatoes. Windsor tried to go after Morgan’s knee, but Morgan was relentless with his attack racking up punches, kicks and elbows that had Windsor curled over. Windsor battled back with a short clothesline as this bout turned into an alley fight with both wrestlers pummeling each other all over the ring for the next several minutes. Windsor finally turned the tide in his favor with a sidewalk slam and looked for a Detonator but before he could execute the move, Jermaine Johnson and Jordan Jacobs rushed out to the ring and destroyed Windsor causing an automatic disqualification. The three on one beating was just too much for Windsor to overcome as he succumbed to the onslaught. The Convict came out and joined in too making it a four on one thrashing. Windsor took everyone’s finisher as his body curled up in a heap of destruction.


 Erica then came down and introduced the returning IZW Champion Johnny Z. Z was back at the Impact Arena after a two week absence where he was in Europe accepting a Humanitarian Award (or so he says). Z began to talk about a phrase Erica made famous…STATUS. Z then coined another term, EXPECTATIONS as Z used Windsor, who was still in the ring as an example of being below expectations. Z promised that Impact Elite would continue to set the expectations for IZW while all others not affiliated with IE would fall short. Erica continued on the mic as she was confident that Team Erica would reign supreme against whoever faced them at Evolution in an Impact Chamber Match on July 20.


 Next up, Jordan Jacobs squared off in the ring against The Bronze Bull. Bull whipped Jacobs around the ring until Jacobs countered with a double knee blast to Bull’s face that put the big man on the canvas. Jacobs then focused on Bull’s arm as he looked to hyperextend the elbow. Jacobs was wrestling a smart match as he kept Bull grounded with a variety of arm attacks that kept Bull on the defensive and showed off Jacobs’ game as a tactician. At one point, Jacobs locked in an armbar-triangle choke submission which put excruciating pain on Bull’s shoulder and elbow as well as blocked off the carotid artery from blood flow. The Bronze Bull fought out of the position by hoisting Jacobs high into the air and power bombing him to the canvas breaking the hold. An atomic drop and running knee lift later and Jacobs was seeing stars. As Bull maneuvered Jacobs up onto his shoulders for a Greetings From Mt. Olympus, Jermaine Johnson jumped into the ring and put the boots to The Bronze Bull causing a disqualification. Johnson and Jacobs hammered away at the Bull with no recourse until “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler rushed to the ring and evened the odds. The Bulls cleared house as they flipped Jacobs and Johnson over the top rope.


 Tempers were still hot as Johnson and Starr had a match immediately after as Jacobs and Bull remained in the corners. Starr was fit to be tied as he fired off shots off Johnson’s dome and then hit a running-jumping clothesline in the corner. But Johnson responded by flinging Starr in the opposite corner where he proceeded to kick Starr in the face, choke him with the ropes and make life miserable for Starr. Starr was able to turn the tide as he gave Johnson a DDT that had Johnson’s head bouncing a foot off the mat. Three Russian leg sweeps in a row by Johnson had him in the driver’s seat once again in this back and forth match. Later, Johnson went for an ES2 but was caught in midair and given a backbreaker by Starr who then landed a series of right hands and looked for his sleeper hold. Johnson flipped Starr off on the first attempt but Starr locked the sleeper on with the second try. This was enough to propel Jacobs to rush into the ring and hit Starr from behind, causing another disqualification, the third one in a row thanks to Impact Elite. Johnny Z, The Convict and Kevin Morgan chimed in as well as Starr and The Bronze Bull took more than enough punishment from the whole crew of Impact Elite.


 The Convict took on Phoenix from the Birds of Prey and it was a match of power versus power. Phoenix began with punches to the face of Convict that did no damage. These were square on, full power shots and they still did nothing to the King of the Yard. Phoenix also connected with a few European uppercuts to no avail as The Convict followed with a Samoan body drop. Later, The Convict attacked Phoenix with overhand lefts in the corner followed by a clothesline in the middle of the ring. Next up, was a vice grip that put a tremendous amount of pressure on the skull of Phoenix. Phoenix eventually broke free and landed a Pele kick in the move of the night as he caught The Convict square in the jaw and dropped him for the first time in the match! Phoenix unloaded with everything he had including right hands, and a tornado DDT, but The Convict would not stay down. Phoenix went for a springboard maneuver from the top rope, but The Convict caught him in mid-flight and delivered the 15 to 20 picking up the first decisive win of the night. The Convict showed that even the super human strength of Phoenix is still no match for the hatred and destruction that is in the heart and very core of The Convict.


 Angel Camacho took on IZW newcomer Christopher Fury. Fury is a six year vet, but this was the first time he stepped into the ring for IZW. Camacho was a wild man in the ring as he unloaded on Fury with forearms to the spine followed up a nice suplex as he snapped Fury over with ease. Fury countered Camacho’s offense by getting a boot up at the last possible second when Camacho came in full speed looking for a splash. Camacho’s own power and acceleration were used against him this time. Fury attacked with forearms of his own and two European uppercuts but his attack was abruptly halted by a lariat clothesline from Camacho that nearly decapitated Fury. Camacho followed up with more punishment to Fury with brutal forearms as he yelled at the crowd and soaked in his own violence. At one point, Fury attempted a comeback but Camacho hit an overhead belly to belly suplex in an impressive display of both technique and explosiveness. A splash in the corner and a face first slam put Fury’s lights out as Camacho picked up the win in a solid match from both wrestlers.


 Double D limped to the ring after suffering a backstage beat down by Impact Elite earlier in the night. Double D tore into Impact Elite and let them know how sick he was of IE attacking everyone from behind. D was fired up and promised IE would learn to Respect the Force. D goaded IE to come out and face him and at one point even turned his back in mocking fashion to make things easier for Impact Elite. True to form, IE came out and began to attack Double D five on one until Team Bull (The Bronze Bull and The Brass Bull) along with Damon Windsor sprinted to the ring to even up the odds a bit. This led to a match with Impact Elite (minus The Convict) against Team Bull, Windsor and D in an 8-man tag team showdown. Johnny Z and The Bronze Bull squared off first and maybe Z had a little ring rust because Bull bounced Z from pillar to post inside the ring culminating with two blistering chops before tagging in Starr. Starr hit a back body drop as Z’s back was a mess after the fall. Windsor was next up as he continued the blitzkrieg on the ringleader of IZW with more punches in the corner. But you can’t keep the IZW Champion down for long as Z bounced off the ropes and connected with his patented floatover DDT. Z grabbed Windsor in a modified anaconda choke and lugged him towards his own corner where he was able to tag in Jacobs. Jacobs connected with kicks to Windsor, but missed with a second rope, spinning leg drop which allowed Windsor to tag in The Bronze Bull. Bull and Windsor picked up where they left off earlier in the night in their singles match as Bull raised Jacobs up for another Greetings attempt but Jacobs slipped out. Later, Bull displayed incredible strength by giving Jacobs and Johnson a double suplex! Double D finally got in to the ring and scorched Jacobs with murderous chops. Later, amid the chaos in the ring, The Convict made his presence known as he body slammed Double D outside of the ring. The Convict rolled D back into the ring where Kevin Morgan took his turn abusing Double D. Johnny Z tagged in as he could sense Double D was ripe for the picking as Z locked on a face lock and twisted away as D’s neck bent back and forth. Z whipped Double D into the ropes and D followed up with a bulldog that planted Johnny Z on this face. With both men down more chaos ensued as the other competitors battled outside of the ring while Z and D struggled to get to their feet. Johnny Z missed with another floatover DDT attempt and was met with a knee by Double D. D then jumped up to the top rope and executed a perfect flying crossbody as Double D got the pin!


 This was not what Johnny Z and the rest of Impact Elite were expecting when they talked about EXPECTATIONS earlier in the night!


 Are you tired with today’s lackluster wrestling? If you are, no problem, get your shot of adrenaline with IZW Adrenaline every Saturday night at 8pm ET on GFL.tv. No other wrestling organization on the Independent landscape carves out as much new content as IZW. If you’re looking for a rough and tumble style of professional wrestling look no further than IZW.


 Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none. Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.



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