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 by Drew Archer

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Things became deadly serious on the final episode of “IZW Adrenaline” before “Evolution” on July 20. This show was chalk full of great wrestling but also lit the fuse for “Evolution” as a collection of bodies littered the Impact Arena at the end of the show.


 To open, Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale came out to the ring and was quickly interrupted by Johnny Z and the rest of Impact Elite (minus Jermaine Johnson). Z “raised expectations” by cutting a scathing promo as only he can do against the fans, McHale, Team #1 and especially Brandon Bishop. Z made some poignant remarks about how Bishop’s addition to Team #1 could in fact be their ultimate undoing. Impact Elite runs like a well-oiled machine, while Team #1 is barely holding on by the strings as the Impact Chamber awaits. Just as Z and the rest of IE were about to make a statement by demolishing McHale in a gang-land style beat down, Team #1 (minus Bishop) stormed the ring to even the odds.


 In the opening bout, Double D took on the surging Angel Camacho. After several tie ups it was obvious Camacho had the strength advantage as D found himself in the corner with his back to the ropes. D and Camacho exchanged knees and it was D’s pinpoint Muay Thai versus Camacho’s Mack truck strikes. D landed a spinning heel kick and a drop kick but could not get Camacho off his feet and instead ate a body block full force that knocked the Captain of the Force right on his back. Later, D connected with more knees and a high kick but was quickly reversed by Camacho who hit a perfect belly to belly suplex that bounced D off the canvas upon impact. Finally, D was able to get Camacho off his feet with a hurricanrana delivered from the top rope but was then caught in midair by Camacho as he went for his finisher, the high crossbody. Camacho executed another devastating throw, this time a t-bone suplex. But Camacho could not get the pin! Camacho whipped D into the ropes where he caught a knee to the face on the ricochet and then was met with a missile drop kick. D went for another high crossbody but the stunned Camacho still found a way to sidestep the move. D’s cardio finally started to pay dividends as the longer the match went the better for D. D delivered a series of chops culminating with a Force chop as Camacho was out on his feet and D was finally able to land his high crossbody for the pinfall.


 Next up Jordan Jacobs, one half of the IZW Tag Team Champions, battled the Midnite Rider. Jacobs and tag team partner Jermaine Johnson have been in a heated feud with Rider and Soto Miyagi recently and this bout only added to their feud. Last week Miyagi scored a huge pinfall victory over Johnson and Rider and Jacobs wrestled to a disqualification. These two picked up right where they left off as they traded moves, with the bigger, stronger Rider eventually tossing Jacobs high in the air after Jacobs looked for a high risk move from the top rope. Later, Jacobs was able to sneak in an illegal choke with his shin placed across the throat of Rider and also connected with a DDT as Jacobs mocked the crowd. Moments later Rider was bouncing right hands off of the dome of Jacobs who resembled a piñata being wailed on by a pack of wild savages. Jacobs showed awesome recuperative power as he managed to turn the tide with a running double knee moments later while also keeping Rider grounded with a modified shoulder lock-crossface combo. Rider broke free as he got to his feet, but was once again dropped with another running double knee to the midsection just as he was making a comeback. Jacobs seized the moment and jumped up to the top rope where he executed a picture perfect flying leg drop that caught Rider across the throat. Jacobs pushed Rider’s shoulders to the mat and got the pin.


 The rolling Team Bull (Bronze Bull & “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler) squared off against “The Worst in the World” Copycat and Drake Gallows. Team Bull was in control early on with The Bronze Bull tossing Copycat around the ring like a rag doll. Bull tagged in Starr as Copycat recovered enough to give Starr a back breaker. Gallows tagged in and destroyed Starr with knees to the face, chops and choked him against the ropes. Gallows shrewdly tagged Copycat back in and Copy proceeded to get flipped out of the ring by Starr where The Bronze Bull was waiting to dish out his brand of punishment. Copycat was battered and bruised by the time Bull tossed him back into the ring. Later, Gallows hit Starr with a clothesline elbow that nearly shattered Starr’s jaw. Gallows kept up the pressure using a side choke and a chin lock to keep Starr grounded. Copy tagged in next and hit a neck breaker and used an abdominal stretch on Starr. Starr then fought out and tried to secure a sleeper hold, but Copy shrugged out only to be caught in a Brass Crab. Not to be outdone, Copycat reversed the hold and sunk in his own version of the Brass Crab as Starr hollered in pain. Starr was able to summon the power of “The gods” out of nowhere as he connected with a spinebuster on Copycat and Gallows and was finally able to tag in The Bronze Bull who wrecked shop. Bull connected with punches, bolos, discus punches, clotheslines and more as Copycat and Gallows bounced off the mat. Finally, Copycat was tossed from the ring and Bull hoisted up Gallows in the air as Starr hit a cutter simultaneously. Bull grabbed the leg of Gallows as the ref counted to three. After the bout, Copycat dragged in a ladder and attacked his tag partner Gallows with stomps in the corner and looked for a steamroller on the ladder, but was reversed by Gallows who planted Copy on the ladder with a scoop power slam. These two have their date with destiny (along with Phoenix) at “Evolution” in a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the vacant Impact Division Title that will most definitely tear the house down.


 Next up, The Convict took on the rising Soto Miyagi. Miyagi landed stiff karate chops, but Convict walked through every one and launched Miyagi half way across the ring. Convict then connected with elbows and a power bomb. Miyagi rose to his feet and hit Convict with every punch, kick and elbow in his arsenal but nothing seemed to faze the King of the Yard. Convict once again tossed Miyagi across the ring like a rag doll. A Samoan drop was next, followed by a fallaway slam, yet Miyagi would not stay down. This time, Miyagi unloaded with multiple Mongolian chops but still could not take The Convict off his feet. This only annoyed Convict, as he locked in a vice grip to Miyagi’s head. A 15 to 20 was next on the list and The Convict picked up the victory against the scrappy Miyagi.


 In the main event, former tag team champions turned bitter enemies, Kevin Morgan and Damon Windsor threw down in an Impact Rules Match. Morgan and Windsor traded shots like two heavyweight boxers as both men pummeled each other into a semi-conscious state. They took their fight to the outside as Morgan bounced Windsor’s head off the chain link fence siding by the ramp. Windsor suplexed Morgan on the concrete ramp and then drove his face into the steel fence. Morgan recovered enough to throw Windsor into the steel steps then went head first into the ring post. Morgan also drove Windsor into the guard rail and dropped a huge forearm on Windsor’s spine which was taking a ridiculous amount of punishment. Amazingly, Windsor recovered enough to heave Morgan into the guard rail and then landed elbow after elbow to the face. The action finally resumed in the ring as Morgan hit a running splash in the corner but was met with a sidewalk slam by Windsor moments later. Windsor was ready to deliver the Detonator when the Impact Tron showed Impact Elite carrying an unconscious Double D to the ring area. With all eyes focused on D’s condition, Windsor charged Impact Elite, but got thrashed by Johnny Z, Convict and Jordan Jacobs. Team Bull then charged the ring as all hell broke loose. Bodies were flying everywhere until Windsor was tossed from the ring and The Convict gave The Bronze Bull a 15 to 20. This left Starr as the only member of Team #1 in the ring. Z connected with a Big Boot in the corner that knocked Starr’s wig in the fifth row and slumped him over in a fetal position. Windsor was dragged back in to the ring and given a double choke slam by Z and Morgan as Impact Elite put the stamp on Team #1 in every facet. Morgan then covered Windsor for the pinfall in a brutal ending to the match. With less than a week away until the Impact Chamber Match at “Evolution”, Team Erica is hitting on all cylinders while Team #1 has to do some soul searching and somehow find a way to match the violent nature of IE.


 Are you tired with today’s lackluster wrestling? If you are, no problem, get your shot of adrenaline with IZW Adrenaline every Saturday night at 8pm ET on GFL.tv. No other wrestling organization on the Independent landscape carves out as much new content as IZW. If you’re looking for a rough and tumble style of professional wrestling look no further than IZW.


 Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none. Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.






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