January 5 2013 Review of IZW TV on GFL

 by Drew Archer

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     The January 5 edition of IZW TV kicked off 2013 with a nod to the previous year as the 2012 Year End Awards took center stage for most of the night. The MC of the evening was Nikki Knight, the always professional backstage interviewer and ring announcer. She did a terrific job in getting the reaction of the crowd, combined with the feedback from the winners that made for an excellent Awards Show. In the first award of the night, Madam Commissioner Erica took home the Most Hated Wrestler Award in a landslide. It wasn’t a question of whom, but by how much Erica would win by. Since double-crossing Johnny Z in July, nobody has spit in the face of the fans more than Erica. With her longtime friendship going south with Double D in 2012, she did herself no favors in the popularity department and looks to be the early leader for Most Hated Wrestler in 2013. Erica also won for Feud of the Year, in her epic rivalry with owner and founder of IZW, Johnny Z. This feud lit the territory on fire and nearly everyone in the IZW locker-room was engulfed in this struggle in one way or another as it was the veritable “line in the sand” that almost broke IZW in half.


     In the first bout of the night, Damien Morte made quick work of Copycat. Before the fight, Morte almost got into a fight with a fan in the stands proving that his normally short fuse is even shorter and ready to explode on almost anybody. Copycat almost hit the Doppelganger (Stunner), but a rake to the eyes by Morte halted the move. Morte then landed an ES2 from out of nowhere for the pinfall, proving that his mind is already on a different opponent. Morte is set to wrestle Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson for the title at IZW’s next iPPV, Violent Valentine on February 16 in a TLC Match. That will be a barnburner as Morte never was pinned as he lost the belt in a battle royal match and still feels he is the uncrowned Champion. With The Convict setting his sights on the Heavyweight Championship and Double D, there are no more deserving wrestlers to be battling over the Impact Division Title than Morte and the current Champion Johnson. Expect this feud to grow in bitterness week by week. And with it being a special rules match, a TLC Match no less, you better believe that this bout is an early favorite to steal the show at Violent Valentine.


     “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler took home the Newcomer of the Year Award. “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil seemed to think he deserved the award as at one point he even said he “birthed” “The Brass Bull”! Do to the obvious reasons of why that’s impossible, it did show that Neil was a bit jealous of Starr and on top of everything already swirling around with the Golden Engagement, this was just one more example of Neil’s recent, subtle passive aggressiveness towards his protégé. Starr handed over the award citing hearing from the Gods that he should give it to Neil because Neil wasn’t going to win anything else that night. This irritated Neil and he took the award, used it as a spittoon and then gave it back to Starr.


     Venus presented the Award for the Impact Moment of the Year but before she could get the name out of her mouth, Neil came down to the ring to accept the award. The only problem was, he didn’t win. Johnny Z did. Johnny Z came down to the ring, capped off by giving the presenter, Venus, a huge kiss! Then just like that, Z was gone while Neil looked for somebody to punch.

Next up in singles competition, The Convict took on “The Number 1” Shawn McHale with the bout ending in a no-contest. McHale, who is a manager, not a wrestler, was in over his head as The Convict was a mystery opponent appointed by Madam Commissioner Erica. McHale warmed up by shadow boxing and eating a Twinkie. When that didn’t work, McHale took a knee in the corner and began to pray. Jermaine Johnson ran down to the ring and started to wail away at The Convict with a series of overhand rights that had little effect on the former Impact Division Champion. One huge clothesline and a running splash in the corner later and Johnson was down. The Convict hoisted Johnson up for the 15 to 20, but Double D ran down to the ring and landed a perfect springboard, missile kick to The Convict’s jaw. A double dropkick by Johnson and D was enough to knock The Convict out of the ring.


     McHale seemed genuinely thankful towards D and Johnson about saving him from being totally destroyed that he had Knight announce the winners for both the Superstar of the Year which went to Double D and The Most Popular Wrestler which Jermaine Johnson won. If Erica was mad at McHale before, her blood is boiling now.


     In the main event, it was a rematch of the Match of the Year for 2012, as the original bout took place on the iPPV Evolution on July 21, 2012. In that bout, it was an Impact Chamber Match with the Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc. versus Impact Inc. (the precursor to Impact Elite). Not only was this original Impact Chamber Match the Match of the Year, but it set in motion a series of events that led to the formation of Impact Elite and sent IZW hauling down the road towards a new path. In the night’s main event it was once again Team Johnny Z featuring Johnny Z, Double D, Jermaine Johnson, Randy Price and Bryan Cruize battling the heavy hitters of Impact Elite, “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil, “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs, “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler, Damon Windsor and Kevin Morgan. Aaron Neil and Johnny Z started the action off and from there more wrestlers funneled into the Impact Chamber by random. It was a brutal bout as there were no DQs and every wrestler took advantage of the situation. Eventually Johnny Z, Price and Cruize were eliminated from Team Johnny Z while Starr and Jacobs were gone from Impact Elite. That left Double D and Johnson versus Neil and Big Business.


     Double D was brutalized in the corner of Impact Elite as it was three on one as Jermaine Johnson, stood across the ring helpless. Morgan gave Double D an excruciating back breaker into a modified airplane spin as he twisted D’s spine in every direction. Next up it was Neil who leveled D with a series of moves including a clothesline which nearly took D’s head off. Morgan was back in this time to land a knife-edge chop heard around the Impact Arena. Windsor’s ticket was called and after a valiant yet futile effort for Double D to rid himself of the Impact Elite corner, Windsor pancaked D with a slam that shook the ring at its core. Morgan came into the ring as Big Business was ready to deliver their finisher, the Detonator, but Double D reversed the move and turned it into a double DDT. In a split second, D and Jermaine Johnson where standing atop opposite ends of the top rope and they each landed their finisher from there, the crossbody and ES2 respectively, pinning Big Business in a flash. Neil took advantage of the situation and rolled up Johnson just as quickly so that left Double D and Neil.


     Double D and Neil traded forearms in the middle of the ring, with the stronger Neil getting the advantage at one point, offset by D’s patented kicks, one of which landed across Neil’s head. Neil shook of the strike and gave D another slam to his already maligned spine but could only muster a two count. A spear by Neil and it looked like the match was over, but Double D would not give up, no doubt spurred on by the whole arena chanting his name. One spinebuster by Neil later and even the most rabid fan chants couldn’t save Double D, yet somehow the IZW World Heavyweight Champion kicked out! D landed some jaw rattling knees and threw Neil around the Impact Chamber slamming the “Bronze Bull’s” head into the raw, unforgiving steel. The action moved to the top of the ropes where Neil landed a double axe handle that turned the tide once more for Neil. Neil then hoisted Double D on the top rope and got ready to deliver a devastating slam, but at the last possible second D pushed Neil off as Neil crashed down to the mat below. Double D mustered up enough energy to execute one, final crossbody that landed perfectly on Neil’s chest as Double D got the all elusive pinfall in the grueling Impact Chamber Match.


      As Double D celebrated atop the ropes The Convict again made an appearance reminiscent of last week at the end of the show. Leaving nothing to the imagination, The Convict ripped the door right off the steel cage as he entered the ring! Double D hit The Convict with everything but the kitchen sink, including forearms, punches and kicks and even climbed up the cage and delivered a crossbody mid-cage dropping The Convict to his back for a split second. D likes to talk about the Force but here he resembled Spider-Man. For wrestling fans Violent Valentine on February 16 can’t get here fast enough as that’s when Double D and The Convict will square off mano y mano for the IZW World Heavyweight Championship!


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