IZW January 12th 2013 Review

 by Drew Archer

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     The January 12 edition of IZW TV kicked off with a heated backstage scene with the leader of Impact Elite, Madam Commissioner Erica browbeating “Number 1” Shawn McHale as last week McHale was put in a match against The Convict to prove his loyalty to Impact Elite but instead was saved by IZW Heavyweight Champion Double D and Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson. Erica was still steaming from that turn of events and ordered McHale to have another match this week. If he wins he stays in Impact Elite. If he loses, he’s out.


     In the first bout of the night, the returning Striker, a former 3-time IZW Tag Team Champion, made his return to IZW after four years and defeated “Mr. Nasty” Robert Lee by disqualification. Striker has been through numerous surgeries and has the battle wounds to prove it as he now is left with only one kidney. It was a spirited effort by Striker who was in charge of most of the bout including landing a devastating spinebuster, but Lee’s valet created a diversion by screaming at the top of her lungs allowing Lee to throw powder in Striker’s face temporary blinding him, followed by a pimp slap and a modified neck breaker by Lee. There was powder all over the ring including a huge cloud above the ring so it was an easy call for the DQ. Striker looked solid upon his return to IZW.


     Next up in singles competition, it was McHale’s opportunity to make good on his loyalty to Erica and Impact Elite. His opponent was none other than, 3-time IZW World Heavyweight Champion O’Malley! Jordan Jacobs came down from the announcers’ booth to referee the bout and looked to have found something in O’Malley’s knee brace before the match, but let the bout continue anyway. McHale tried everything in his arsenal, but could not budge O’Malley. It turned out O’Malley was packing brass knuckles and urged on to use them by Jacobs! Jacobs promised he would look away if O’Malley would plant a punch square on McHale’s face. O’Malley obliged, but instead of leveling McHale, it was Jacobs who got the short end of the stick as McHale ducked out of the way at the last second and the punch meant for McHale dropped Jacobs like a ton of bricks. McHale then pinned Jacobs and got an unofficial victory, counted by O’Malley. Later, in the backstage area O’Malley was attacked by Chad Thomas furthering their ongoing feud.


     Next up in a handicap match, newcomers the Radical Party Machines (Crossfire Morrison & Michael Wolf) took on The Convict. It was one devastating move after another as The Convict demolished Morrison and Wolf. RPM gave it everything they had, including flying from the top ropes, multiple drop kicks, but nothing could bring the King of the Yard to the mat. Even when RPM double teamed The Convict landing a series of kicks to The Convict’s midsection, all they received in return was a slam down to the mat. Two splashes in the corner later and RPM was almost finished. In the move of the night, The Convict picked up both members of RPM and landed his finisher, the 15 to 20, on both Morrison and Wolf at the same time! The pinfall was an afterthought at this point.


     Damien Morte battled Ace Archuleta in a rematch as Archuleta defeated Morte in his IZW debut. Morte was all business here as he attacked Archuleta from the get go, landing a series of strikes on the bigger Archuleta including three elbows to Archuleta’s head that had the newcomer in a daze. A swinging neckbreaker later and Morte went for the pin. But Archuleta kicked out. Archuleta landed a suplex to Morte and the tide turned in his favor. Both men battled back and forth until Morte landed a DDT that seemed to swing the momentum in his direction once again. After a spear by Morte in the corner, Morte went up to the second rope, and for the second week in a row, landed Jermaine Johnson’s finisher the ES2 on Archuleta turning out the lights on Ace. Morte has had Johnson on the brain 24/7 and that’s unlikely to change until the two square off against one another in a TLC Match at Violent Valentine on February 16 for the Impact Division Championship.


     Chad Thomas got his wish as him and O’Malley went at it next. These two big bulls went head to head with one another, strength versus strength until Thomas snuck in an effective side choke that brought O’Malley down to the mat. Thomas worked over O’Malley’s neck, applying pressure on the carotid artery and looking to put O’Malley to sleep. But O’Malley was able to get back to his feet and fight the choke off. Jordan Jacobs made his return as he walked down the ramp, distracting O’Malley as Thomas wound up for the discus clothesline which he planted right under O’Malley’s chin. Thomas picked up the pinfall and Jacobs came into the ring and put the boots to an already down and out O’Malley.


     In the main event, it was Double D and Jermaine Johnson teaming up to take on the team of “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil and “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler. The fans chanted for Starr at the beginning of the bout, which was like nails on a chalk board to Neil. Double D and Starr locked horns to begin the bout with D gaining the advantage with a sweet twisting arm drag that would make Ricky Steamboat jealous. D tagged in Johnson and Johnson continued to work on Starr’s injured left arm with arm ringer after arm ringer. D tagged back in and returned to the left arm putting pressure on Starr’s shoulder and AC joint. D and Johnson tagged in and out with the quickness keeping Starr on the defensive, but showing continued heart and determination, Starr was finally able to give Double D a body slam. That only inspired the team of Double D and Johnson more as Johnson gave Starr a receipt on his body slam. Neil finally tagged in, leap frogging Starr, only to be served with a body slam of his own by Johnson.


     Another body slam by Johnson on Starr and a spinning heel kick by Double D to Neil’s jaw followed by a double clothesline that sent Starr out of the ring and a double drop kick that knocked Neil out and the Golden Trinity was in huge trouble. After a couple minutes, Neil and Starr composed themselves and stepped back into the ring where D and Johnson waited. It looked like Neil and Johnson were getting ready to go at it using their amateur wrestling but instead Neil tagged in Starr and when Johnson wasn’t looking gave the Leader of the Hype Section a forearm across the back. Starr used the opportunity to land a series of right hands followed by a jumping clothesline that sent Johnson into the Golden Trinity’s corner. A spinebuster by Neil and it looked like a sure pinfall, but Johnson kicked out. Starr tagged in and went for his running bull horns spear but missed as Johnson sidestepped the move. Johnson landed the J-Effect on Starr and the momentum swung once again. A missile drop kick by Double D onto Starr and a flying knee on Neil followed by drop kicks on both men by Double D had the crowd stirred into a frenzy. But Starr found a way to give D a forward Russian Leg Sweep, planting the IZW Heavyweight Champion face first on the mat. Starr hoisted up Double D and gave him a Greetings From Mt. Olympus, pinning the champion only to have it broken up by his tag team partner, Aaron Neil! Neil demanded that Starr tag him in and as the two bickered in the corner, Double D planted a flying knee on Neil’s jaw followed by an ES2 by Johnson and the pin by Double D!


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