IZW January 12th 2013 Preview

 by Drew Archer

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The January 12 edition of IZW TV on GFL continues the momentum from last week as things started to shake out for IZW’s next iPPV, Violent Valentine, on February 16. Last week culminated in a brouhaha after Double D’s victory in a rematch of the Match of the Year for 2012 as he was the last man standing in the Impact Chamber. But his night wasn’t over…


The Convict came down to the ring and showed off his super-human strength by ripping the steel cage door off its hinges and entering the Impact Chamber. As any real champion will do, Double D took the fight to The Convict and showed that he was ready to settle their score any time, any place. Remember, it was Double D who requested The Convict at Violent Valentine looking for an opportunity to prove once and for all who the King of the Yard in IZW is. But with the terminator-like Convict keeping coming at Double D until there is nothing left of the Champ? Has Double D bitten off more than he can chew?


Things also heated up last week for the other singles Championship in IZW as Jermaine Johnson will face the always dangerous and permanently deranged Damien Morte in a TLC Match at Violent Valentine. Morte has proven to have an unbreakable spirit and a bullet proof body to go with it. Johnson is the Ruler of Special Rules Matches in IZW, but Morte is a wildcard as you never know what plans are hatching in that brain of his. Morte is the one after all who thought up the Impact X Match, where Johnson won back his title in a bout at Chaotic Christmas having to outlast four opponents to do so. This two looked headed for a collision course next month, but what kind of roadblocks will be set up in the meantime?


The Golden Engagement is also in full bloom as the date for the impending nuptials inches closer. Are Venus and “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil really going to tie the knot at Violent Valentine? Or is there another suitor of Venus on the horizon? Last week, Neil proved how jealous he is of his protégé “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler, by spitting into Starr’s award. A man can only hold his emotions tight to the vest for so long before he explodes. Will this be the week when Starr blows up at Neil, or will everything stay just below the surface and continue to fester?


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