February 9th Review

 by Drew Archer

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The February 9 edition of IZW TV had the whole wrestling world talking as with only one week until Violent Valentine on February 16, things took a somber mood at the beginning of the show when Big DA and "The Number 1" Shawn McHale informed the audience that The Golden Goddess Venus was on a plane scouting potential honeymoon locations in Greece when her plane went down and was lost at sea. Big DA reiterated that nothing was conclusive one way or another but that Venus was M.I.A. at the present moment.


In the first bout of the night, Randy Price defeated Copycat in singles competition. Price came out like a bat out of hell, throttling Copycat with double axe handles to the chest that sent the IZW Tag Team Champion down on his butt. But Copycat fought back, even biting Price in the face at one point. Copycat delivered a leaping DDT but could not get the pinfall. Copycat then grabbed his title belt and began to measure Price, but Price's tag team partner, Bryan Cruize came down to the ring and grabbed the title away from Copycat. This gave Price the opportunity to land a belly to the back to the future suplex on Copycat. Price went to the top rope and landed a perfect frog splash on to Copycat crushing the wind out of Cat as Price picked up the victory and in a way gave his team, The Old School Suckas a bit of momentum as they head into Violent Valentine to take on Team Remix and Big Business in a Triple Threat Match for the IZW Tag Team Titles.


Next up, Madam Commissioner Erica, "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil and "The Brass Bull" IZW Wrestler came out to give their heartfelt thoughts and feelings about the potential demise of Venus. Yet the only one who seemed genuinely distraught was Starr a fact noted by Johnny Z as him, Double D and Jermaine Johnson came down to the ring to add a little honesty to the situation. Johnny Z let everyone know that IZW Wrestler would be the special enforcer in the upcoming main event, a 6-Man Tag Team Match where it would be Neil and Big Business taking on Z, D, and Johnson.


The Convict and O'Malley wrestled each other with The Convict taking the early lead as he was on a different level strength-wise and it was quite the sight to see. The Convict unloaded with punches, clotheslines and other power moves that had O'Malley, who is a 3-time IZW Champion, fading fast. O'Malley also had to contend with Jordan Jacobs who was ringside for the match. At one point, O'Malley side stepped a splash in the corner by The Convict and pulled out the great equalizer, a pair of brass knuckles. O'Malley planted the knux square on The Convict's head and dropped the King of the Yard like a bad habit. But even that was not enough to get a pinfall on the #1 Challenger to the IZW Title as The Convict kicked out! O'Malley went after Jacobs, pulling him into the ring and throttling him with a series of overhand rights that had "Lights Out" in a bad spot. The Convict regrouped and land the 15 to 20 on O'Malley. But the ref was distracted by Jacobs who was still in the ring, and this gave Double D time to come down to the ring and give The Convict a double knees to the back and swinging knee to the face (think of Rey Mysterio's 619 but with a knee) and a crossbody that dropped The Convict back on his behind. O'Malley gained his senses just in time to crawl over and pin The Convict as the ref counted 1-2-3! It will go down as a victory for O'Malley, but The Convict will hold Double D responsible for this loss.


Also in singles competition, Damien Morte defeated Bryan Cruize. The crowd was really against Morte and it showed in the later stages of the match as you could see Morte internally struggling with the crowd's abrasive chants. For an already unhinged psychopath, this was not helping any. Cruize dropped Morte with a short clothesline that hurt Morte. Cruize then went up for what looked like a Razor's Edge, hoisting Morte above his shoulders but then it happened. Cruize's knee gave out and he crashed to the ground. Morte seized the opportunity and rolled up the injured Cruize in a split second, picking up the win. The more important question is leading up to Violent Valentine, will Cruize be able to compete. If he does, itâ??s obvious he will not be at 100%.


In the main event, in a 6-Man Tag Team Match, Johnny Z, Double D and Jermaine Johnson took on Aaron Neil and Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan). Johnson and Neil started off with Johnson grabbing a tight head lock and squeezing Neil's head. Double D was up next as he continued to apply pressure to Neil's neck. Z followed up with another side headlock as it looked like Neil's eyes were about to burst from the pressure. Double D tagged back in and this time Neil was able to tag in Windsor. D used more of his scientific wrestling to chop the bigger men down as he put Windsor's arm through a battery of holds including multiple arm ringers that had the bigger man screaming in pain. But Windsor and crew fought back with Morgan getting the tag and chopping D down to size. Also, later in the match, Big Business worked over Z in Impact Elite's corner and tagged in Neil to finish the job. But Z knows Neil better than anybody and he saw his opportunity and went for it landing a float over DDT that changed the tide of the match. As Neil got back to his feet he inadvertently clotheslined the ref, George Knight, sending him outside of the ring a wrecked man. With no official to call the action, Neil landed three low blows to Z and asked for the brass scepter from Starr who stood outside of the ring. Starr would not give in to Neil's wishes and instead tried to revive the ref on the ground. Johnny Z fought off Neil's attempted Greetings from Mt Olympus and reversed the move into a neckbreaker. Z made the tag to Double D who landed a series of knees on Neil and Big Business who all jumped in the ring. All hell broke loose after this with all six men in the ring going at it. Z helped Double D throw Windsor out of the ring while Johnson took care of Morgan. This left a three on one as Neil was the last remaining member of Impact Elite in the ring. The end came after Neil went through a gauntlet of moves starting with Johnson landing an ES2, Z landing a big boot in the corner followed up by a crossbody by Double D as Starr counted the pinfall as the ref was still out of the picture, giving the win to Z, D and Johnson! This show was all about triumph and tragedy and you can expect at Violent Valentine for these points to be revved up about ten notches as every wrestler on the card will be putting it all on the line.


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