February 2 Preview of IZW on GFL.tv

 by Drew Archer

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The war continues to wage as IZW inches closer and closer to Violent Valentine. Last week more matches were added to the stacked iPPV on February 16 as Jordan “Lights Out” Jacobs will face O’Malley and in a Triple Threat Match for the IZW World Tag Team Championship, Team Remix (Cody Jones & Copycat) will defend against Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) and The Old School Suckas (Randy Price & Bryan Cruize).


After last week’s crazy main event, in which Damien Morte came as close as anyone to ending Double D’s career, how will the Champ bounce back this week? Double D has a lot on his plate as he has his sights set on The Convict, but with Morte’s actions last week it proves that if you are the Champ, anyone and everyone is gunning for you and your #1 spot. Morte is ramping up his psychopathic tendencies leading up to his bout at Violent Valentine, where he will go one on one with Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson in a TLC Match. Will the human crash test dummy still be in one piece by the time he gets his chance to regain the Impact Division Title or will he continue to raise the bar on what a human body can do and burn himself out before the match?


Last week also saw a shift in The Golden Trinity as “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler continued to gain fan appreciation by his valiant effort in defeat against the massive Convict. Starr even made the save for Double D at the end of the night when the aforementioned Morte had D dead to rights. How will Starr, Venus and the leader of the Golden Trinity, “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil interact with one another this week? Will Venus find some way to smooth everything over or has Starr finally seen the light and what is right there in front of him? Lately, Neil has been on a mean streak a mile long and friend or foe better watch what they do and say around “The Bronze Bull”. You can bet Madam Commissioner Erica will also be involved in this sordid and twisted love triangle and that will only complicate matters even more.


 Be prepared for anything. Expect the unexpected. IZW is on the cutting edge of professional wrestling and fans around the world know that there’s nothing better going in wrestling than what happens every Saturday night at the Impact Arena in Lawton, Oklahoma. If you are new to IZW, tune in this weekend and watch the trailblazing, hell raising, one of a kind promotion as IZW presents its latest masterpiece.


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