February 23rd Review

 by Drew Archer

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The February 23 edition of IZW TV was the first event since the jaw dropping iPPV, Violent Valentine only a week earlier. With new champions crowned in every division, IZW was turned on its head and this was the first chance to see all of the ramifications and fallout and witness the new path and direction of IZW.


To kick off the show, Jordan Jacobs welcomed “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil and “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler to the Lights Out Lounge for a Golden Confrontation. Starr came out first and the crowd was squarely in his corner and would not let Jacobs get a word in edge-wise. Neil and Madam Commissioner Erica came out next. Erica gave Starr a brow-beating for ruining her celebration at Violent Valentine, and told Starr to get down on his knees and beg for mercy. Starr refused citing, The Gods Have Spoken, and told Erica and Neil that the Gods had better plans. Instead, The Gods told Starr to challenge Neil to a match to show Neil and everyone else that The Gods have chosen “The Brass Bull” over “The Bronze Bull”! Erica put a stop on a Starr versus Neil match and instead booked Starr in a bout with “The Image of War” Kevin Morgan for later in the evening.


In the first bout of the night, “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil defeated O’Malley. Neil looks to have moved on rather quickly from the departed Venus as Erica accompanied Neil to the ring for his match. At one point the two goliaths traded punches in the center of the ring, with O’Malley landing haymaker after haymaker, while Neil’s punches were blocked. This had Neil on Easy Street as after a couple of clotheslines by O’Malley, Neil was looking for his bearings as he crawled around the ring. Jacobs came down to the ring as his night wasn’t over yet, and got O’Malley to notice him, while Erica occupied the ref’s attention. O’Malley landed a straight right that knocked Jacobs through the ropes and out of the ring. But the quick thinking Jacobs used this to his advantage as he scurried around to the other side of the ring and grabbed ahold of O’Malley’s feet as O’Malley tried to suplex Neil back into the ring. Upsetting O’Malley’s base was enough to spell doom as Neil pancaked on top of O’Malley and got the pin aided by Jacobs who continued to hold O’Malley’s legs to the mat.


Next up, “The Big Picture” Damon Windsor took on the returning Brandon Groom. The Oklahoman Groom is a former WWE Superstar with a solid amateur background. Windsor was unimpressed and started off strong using his size to his advantage and working Groom around the ring. But Groom came back as he defended a choke slam attempt by Windsor and also caught a kick. Groom executed some deep arm drags followed by a rollup pin with a bridge that Windsor kicked out of at 2. Groom then grabbed a side head lock and controlled Windsor down on the mat. The wrestlers returned to their feet, where Groom got Windsor down again, this time with a hip toss that would make any judoka proud. Windsor got back to his feet and made Groom pay this time with a running forearm that dropped Groom dead in his tracks. Windsor then took more steam out of Groom’s sail by choking him in the corner followed by a sidewalk slam. But Groom fought back and delivered two back elbows followed up by a chest rattling clothesline that sent Windsor down hard. Groom hoisted Windsor up onto his shoulder, did an airplane spin and then slammed Windsor down to the mat, head first, in a modified Death Valley Driver, getting the pinfall in his return to IZW.


Next up was Catching Some Z’s with Johnny Z where “The Natural Born Leader” revealed that at March Mayhem on March 23, newly minted Impact Division Champion Damien Morte will face Jermaine Johnson in a Falls County Anywhere Match.


In other action, Jermaine Johnson and Copycat squared off in singles competition. Johnson took after Cat like a bat out of hell, making Copycat pay for his actions at Violent Valentine, which secured the victory for Morte over Johnson. But Copycat fought back and landed a slam with a roll through that crushed Johnson’s ribs. A knee to the forehead later and it looked bleak for Johnson. But Johnson maneuvered out of Copycat’s doppelganger and hit Copycat with a clothesline. But that wasn’t enough as Copycat grabbed a standing, arm in, rear naked choke, very similar to an arm triangle choke. Johnson went down to the mat and was almost out from the choke, but found an inner strength to get back to his feet. Johnson was able to break free by backing Copycat up into the corner, but Copycat came back with a running clothesline that hit Johnson so hard he was parallel to the mat six feet in the air, until he came crashing down. Copycat went up to the top rope where he began to jaw with Johnny Z who was standing outside of the ring and this gave Johnson enough time to run up the ropes himself and toss Copycat over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Johnson rose to his feet and was prepared to deliver an ES2 from the second rope, but Damien Morte jumped into the ring and started hitting Johnson in the midsection, forcing the ref to call for a disqualification. This prompted Z to jump into the ring as Johnson and Z took it to Copycat and Morte, bouncing them out of the ring. After the bout Z made his second match for March Mayhem as it will be Johnny Z versus Copycat in an Impact Rules Match. Z also booked a match for next week in tag team action matchmaking himself and Jermaine Johnson versus Damien Morte and Copycat.


In the main event, “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler took on “The Image of War” Kevin Morgan in a match that looked like David VS Goliath. Morgan wanted to start off with a test of strength but Starr caught a jumping headlock that brought Morgan down to his level. Starr then went to work in the corner landing punches, shoulder blocks and an assortment of other moves that had Morgan doubled over in pain. Starr went for his bull charge, but Morgan caught him midway through the move and slammed the smaller man down easy with a standing powerbomb that crushed Starr’s spine. After a failed pinning attempt, Morgan grabbed a bear hug as Starr started to wither. Starr broke free and landed a flying crossbody off the ropes that sent Morgan down. With the referee down and out, the victim of being caught in the middle of another bull charge, Starr landed a low blow, and then hit Morgan with his brass scepter. Starr then landed a Greetings From Mt Olympus and got the pin on the much bigger Morgan in an epic feat of strength. But Starr’s moment in the sun didn’t last long as Neil came down to the ring and clobbered Starr with vicious right hands to the back of Starr’s head. A spinebuster later and Starr was done. But that wasn’t enough for Neil who pulled out a table from underneath the ring. Neil delivered the most violent move of the night by sending Starr through the table with a Greetings From Mt. Olympus.


Former IZW Champion Double D came down to the ring to address the IZW World. The Force was in full effect as D made it clear, as only he can, that he was not afraid of The Convict and wasn’t going anywhere. The Captain of The Force cashed in his automatic rematch clause and will use it at March Mayhem when he faces The Convict one more time for the IZW Title. The Convict came down to the ring to confront The Convict as it looked like he didn’t want to wait until March 23. These two alpha males stood face to face with one another until D started landing forearms to The Convict’s head. But The Convict snuck in a knee to the mid-section that bent Double D over. D recovered enough to land a series of knees in the corner, followed by punches to the face as The Convict slumped over the ropes giving Double D time to land his version of the 619 with a knee to The Convict’s face. A bulldog into a knee and a flying crossbody later and Double D had knocked The Convict off of his feet! Respect the Force!


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