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“Chaotic Christmas” destroyed every expectation and broke the mold when it comes to intense action inside the squared circle. IZW put an exclamation point on 2013 with a yuletide season classic that will live on forever in the annuals of pro wrestling and IZW.


 Before the action in the ring began, it was announced that Brandon Bishop was not at the Impact Arena because his doctor still had not cleared him to wrestle do to the injuries Bishop suffered on October 5 when he was given multiple 15 to 20s on the stage ramp by The Convict. Bishop’s body was still afflicted with the effects of those devastating moves. The broadcast booth wondered aloud if this meant the end for Bishop’s career and also pondered what was in store for The Convict who was supposed to face Bishop in a Grudge Match later that night.


 In the opening bout, to determine once and for all who would be the #1 Contender to the IZW Title, “Bad” Brad Michaels put up his #1 status against his arch nemesis Double D. D stormed after Michaels as soon as the bell rang and dropped Michaels several times with forearms to the head, before Michaels bounced out of the ring to compose himself. Michaels responded once back in the ring with a body slam on Double D. Michaels missed with a huge elbow drop, giving D an opportunity to hit a spinning heel kick and dropkick right to the jaw of Michaels. Michaels regrouped and sunk in a rear chinlock to slow D down moments later. D broke the hold, fought back to his feet and hit a crescent kick that dropped Michaels immediately and got a two-count. With D momentarily stalled out on the top rope, when he finally went for his high crossbody he was met with a superkick to the midsection from Michaels. The impact of the move doubled D over as he fell out of the ring. D barely beat the ten-count but his outlook didn’t improve much as he was met with several boots to the head by Michaels. Michaels continued his systematic breakdown of D until D began to mount a comeback that was capped off by a flying knee that dropped Michaels. Double D then unleashed his chops culminating with a Force chop that got another two-count. D looked to finish Michaels off with an enziguri that Michaels ducked while planting D on the mat with a forearm smash. Michaels then grinded his forearm across D’s neck, damaging the soft tissue and weakening the neck to make it more susceptible to injury, namely a piledriver. Michaels hit a suplex for good measure as he was now in full control. Michaels softened D up some more with a body slam as onlookers could tell Michaels was readying for his finisher, The Hall of Fame Piledriver. Moments later, Michaels took the padding off of the turnbuckle but in doing so, gave Double D time to recover. As the referee warned Michaels to leave the padding alone, he was the victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time as Michaels spun D around, whipping D into the ref who collided with the exposed turnbuckle. With the ref out, Michaels tried for his Hall of Fame Piledriver, but D defended and gave Michaels a huge back drop. Michaels added a high crossbody to the mix, but there was nobody to count the pinfall. Finally, another ref ran to the ring, but as he counted, Michaels got a shoulder up at two! D tried to finish Michaels off with a flying knee, but missed and pulled up just short of the exposed turnbuckle. When D turned around, Michaels was waiting there ready for him and planted a superkick right on Double D’s jaw. It made a sickening thud and D crumbled like a ton of bricks. Michaels pinned D to the mat 1-2-3 and retained his #1 Contender status!


 The IZW Tag Team Titles were on the line as What Wrestling Should Be was scheduled to take on Team Bull. It appeared “The Butterscotch Stallion” Mark Wilson would be joining “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson as “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs was still recovering from injury. But in a switcheroo, The Convict filled the open spot and teamed with Johnson to take on The Bronze Bull and “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler. The unexpected turn of events didn’t deter The Bronze Bull who went after The Convict with reckless abandon. Bull pummeled away at Convict getting Convict into Team Bull’s corner and isolating him away from Impact Elite. Both Bull and Starr unleased the power of the gods with 10 right hands each to The Convict’s unprotected skull. As The Convict staggered around whiffing badly with punches, Starr tagged in for a quick combo before Bull returned as the legal man. Bull made a crucial mistake as he got whipped into the ropes and upon his return was met with a brutal clothesline by Convict that turned the tide of the match with one move. Johnson tagged in to pick over Bull but got bum rushed all the way out of the ring instead. Bull suplexed Johnson back in the ring before sending him sky high with a back body drop. Starr was back in and decided to use his head as a weapon by head butting Johnson’s soft melon several times. Johnson countered by tagging in The Convict who clubbed Starr with forearms to the back before tagging Johnson back in. Johnson tossed Starr out of the ring where Jacobs and Wilson put boots to the head of Starr. Once action returned to the ring, The Convict added to Starr’s troubles with a Samoan drop. Starr finally rallied when he hit Johnson with a boot to the chin as Johnson came off the second rope. Bull tagged in and hit Johnson with a spear followed by a spinebuster on The Convict. Johnson was taken out with a spinebuster too and The Convict was put down with a Greetings From Mt. Olympus! Just as the ref was about to make the three-count, ring announcer AnnaLynn Storm was tossed into the ring by Johnson. Storm collided with the ref causing a halt to the pin count. Then Storm’s father, “The Resurrecter of Reality” Striker came down to the ring. As Striker was jawing with Impact Elite and the referee on the outside, Johnson tossed Storm into Bull’s arms then connected with a roundhouse kick that dropped Bull. Striker then entered the ring and gave Bull a Stroke. Striker took Storm to the back while Johnson made the cover on The Bronze Bull as Impact Elite defended their titles with the unforeseen and improbable help of Striker!


 The Impact Division Title was at stake next in an Impact Rules Fatal Four Way Match as Champion “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan clashed with “The Urban Legend” Drake Gallows, O’Malley and “Big, Bad & Sexy” Angel Camacho. All three challengers immediately targeted Morgan. They delivered a merry go round of right hands to Morgan’s jaw as the Champion slumped against the ropes. Morgan finally skirted out of the ring to stop the continued onslaught. Gallows didn’t let Morgan compose himself too long before slide tackling Morgan and ushering in another beating on the outside. While Gallows and Morgan fought on the outside, Camacho and O’Malley went at it inside the ring. O’Malley dropped Camacho with a leg lariat as all four men were throwing down at once and it was chaos. Mass chaos. Morgan turned the tide and got Gallows back in the ring where the pairing changed to Morgan against O’Malley and Gallows against Camacho. Morgan once again got knocked out of the ring and O’Malley and Camacho took turns punishing Gallows who had been working over Camacho up until that point. Gallows dodged a double pancake smash and issued a double neckbreaker instead. Morgan entered the fray by dropping Gallows with a single right hand. Morgan and O’Malley then traded rollup pin attempts. In the meantime, Camacho scored with a Pele kick that sent Gallows out of the ring. Later, O’Malley hit a senton on Gallows on the outside and sent Gallows through a table and into a medal barrier in a dangerous and devastating move. Back in the ring, Morgan leveled Camacho with a running clothesline. The action spilled out of the ring once again where Morgan whipped O’Malley into the steel ring post. Later, Gallows finally recovered enough to launch himself out of the ring in a suicide dive attempt but was cut off by O’Malley with a kick to the midsection as Gallows fell limply out of the ring. O’Malley followed that up by tossing Gallows over the guardrail onto a row of chairs, effectively eliminating Gallows from the competition and making it a Triple Threat at this point. The brutality was too much for any one man to take at this point, even a man like Gallows. As Morgan, Camacho and O’Malley traded shots all over the ringside area, Gallows was recovering. Recovering enough to climb up to where the hard camera is positioned in the Impact Arena and launch himself like a spinning bowling ball onto the rest of the competitors taking them out in one shot. Strike! Finally, everyone made their way back into the ring as Camacho got Gallows and Morgan to rest on a chair. From there, Camacho and O’Malley gave Gallows and Morgan splashes as the chairs flattened to nothing upon impact. O’Malley was up first and brought a steel chair down across the back of Camacho. O’Malley then connected with a burning hammer on Gallows. Morgan dropped O’Malley with a flying clothesline from the top rope. Camacho countered with a reverse splash followed by several butt bumps to Morgan’s face. O’Malley cut off Camacho with a clothesline as now he alone was the only man standing. As O’Malley went for a senton on Gallows, he was disrupted by a shoulder block from Morgan. This allowed Gallows to rise to his feet and execute a perfect drop kick that sent Morgan out of the ring followed by a victory rollup on Camacho for the pinfall! Gallows battled back from some hellacious falls and collisions to once again claim the IZW Impact Division Title.


 The Co-owner of IZW made his return as Jeff Wolfenbarger joined Co-Commissioners Erica and Shawn McHale in the ring next. Wolfenbarger went on to explain that “Coronation” on March 15, 2014, the ten year anniversary of IZW, would be a way to end the last ten years of IZW and begin the next ten years of the promotion. Wolfenbarger thought long and hard about what kind of impact to make at “Coronation”. It revolved around the IZW Championship. The IZW Title will be defended in an Impact Chamber Match. Ten men will compete in the bout and only one will survive to stake his claim as IZW Champion. Wolfenbarger said he would choose two men to compete in the Impact Chamber Match while letting Erica and McHale choose four each over the next few weeks for a total of ten. Wolfenbarger picked his brother Johnny Z to be the first entrant in the match. Wolfenbarger’s second pick was Double D. It would be Johnny Z and Double D as the first two entrants in the Impact Chamber Match at “Coronation” on March 15, 2014 for the IZW Title. Stay tuned for more entrants in the following weeks as this match is just beginning to fill out. Wolfenbarger also dropped a bit of more news as he introduced Randy Price as his right hand man and the person who would keep the balance in IZW. As Erica already had Johnny Z (a 50% owner of IZW) in her corner, Wolfenbarger wanted someone in McHale’s corner to even things out. That man is Randy Price who will serve as the eyes and ears of the other 50% owner of IZW, Wolfenbarger.


 The Queen’s Crown was up next as Miss Diss Lexia took on Erica. Erica was discombobulated in the early going as MDL hit her with a drop toe hold and a deep arm drag which forced Erica to rethink her plan of attack on the outside. That didn’t slow down Miss Diss Lexia who followed Erica outside and thumped her a bit more before hurling Erica head first into the steel steps. Back in the ring is where Erica made her move. She grappled MDL into an inferior position, went for a nice pin attempt and remained in dominant position with a go behind before turning it into a German suplex. MDL would not be deterred as moments later she caught Erica coming off the ropes and hit a back breaker. MDL executed a series of back drops after that for a one-count. MDL showed off her submission skills by twisting Erica up into a pretzel before Erica grabbed a rope for a break. Erica found herself outside the ring once again trying to compose herself and when MDL approached, Erica tossed MDL into the steel barricade. After MDL pulled herself back into the ring, Erica added a side backbreaker and another slam to the mix before MDL reeled off a series of moves that culminated with a butterfly suplex. Erica matched that move with a Sliced Bread #2. Erica smelled blood and hoisted MDL up into a torture rack, but MDL countered the move with a rollup pin as she dropped herself down and clung on to Erica in the process. The move was impressive and caught Erica off guard enough to get the 1-2-3 in a grueling matchup between these two ladies. This was a huge with for Miss Diss Lexia proving that she is every bit as dangerous as Erica when it comes down to one on one.


 In the main event, IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader and Savior of Professional Wrestling” Johnny Z, “The Forgotten Champion” Copycat, and “Big Business” Damon Windsor squared off in a No Disqualification Triple Threat Match. Copycat ducked out of the ring to begin with, as Windsor mounted an attack against Johnny Z. After several right hands from Windsor and a hip toss, Z found himself on the outside looking for a breather. Instead he got another dose of fisticuffs from the waiting Copycat. Z was then summersaulted into the steel steps. After Copy tossed Johnny Z back into the ring, he and Windsor played human pinball with Z’s face as they dished out rotating haymakers until giving the Champ a double clothesline and double back drop. As Copycat and Windsor argued about who was going to pin Z, Johnny Z recovered enough to wallop Windsor into the corner with kicks and punches showing the first sign of offense all match. Copycat joined in and he and Z connected with a nice double floatover DDT on Windsor. As Windsor rolled out of the ring, Copy hit a Thesz Press then connected with right hands in the corner on Johnny Z. Copycat pulled off a nice standing moonsault pin attempt but only got a two count. With Windsor still on the outside, Copycat sensed it was his time and went for Johnny Z’s own finisher, the Big Boot in the corner on the man himself but instead took a huge boot to the face by Z proving when it comes to Big Boots, there is only room for the original. Z added to Copy’s misery by dropping heavy knees right on Copycat’s face. As Z taunted the crowd, Windsor returned to the ring where he sent Z up and over the top rope with a clothesline. Windsor then looked for a choke slam on Copycat, when Copy disrupted the move and instead connected with a Thesz Press on Windsor followed by a springboard moonsault. Copycat misjudged Windsor’s physical condition as he climbed the ropes looking for a BFE, one of Windsor’s finishers, but missed badly as Windsor moved out of the way and Copycat hit nothing but air. Windsor added a side slam for good measure followed by a body slam and jumping leg drop before grabbing a side head lock. Copycat fought back with a jaw breaker, steamroller and Face Mob knee drop that gave him some breathing room. Copycat looked for his finisher, the Doppelganger, but this time it was Windsor who turned the tables and hit Copycat with the move instead. Johnny Z clawed back into the ring where he broke up a sure three-count. Z attacked Copycat and bounced him out of the ring where Copycat’s ribs landed on the steel guardrails putting him out of commission for a bit. Z used the ropes to his advantage, by choking Windsor and raking him across the eyes, temporarily disabling the big man. Z then took great pleasure in turning Windsor’s chest into a pieces of ground flesh as he delivered numerous chops. Windsor responded by flipping Z around into the same corner and unloading with back elbows that bounced Z’s jaw off of his elbow. As Windsor rallied the crowd, Johnny Z took advantage with a jaw breaker, snapmare and rear chin lock that took a toll on Windsor’s breathing. Finally, Windsor muscled out of the choke using a side slam that planted Z on his back. Windsor added a spinning side slam that put Z at a disadvantage. Windsor put the final touches on his comeback by unloading on Z with a BFE and going for the pin. At the count of two, Copycat flew from the opposite corner and hit a flying elbow of his own, breaking up the pin count. Copycat tried to cover Windsor first then Z second but got a two count each time! He tried it again, getting the same result as Windsor and Johnny Z would not go down quietly, if at all. Windsor and Z each rose to their feet and Copycat was in the wrong place at the wrong time as he got caught in the crossfire of Windsor’s big boot that launched Copycat across the ring. Windsor missed with a choke slam on Z as Copycat intervened and dropped Z with a drop kick first. Copycat then connected with a hurricanrana on Windsor but it still wasn’t enough to keep “Big Business” down for a count of three. Windsor responded with a spinning side slam on Copycat as each man dug deeper and deeper and gave more and more with each passing second of this match! Windsor looked to finish Z off with forearms to the face, but the crafty veteran Johnny Z, pulled down the top rope and Windsor was sent flying up and out of the ring. As Winsor crashed on the mats below, Z connected with a floatover DDT on Copycat, spiking the challenger’s head into the ring canvas. Z missed with a Big Boot in the corner as Copycat responded with a Doppelganger. As the ref began to count, Windsor pulled the ref out of the ring, stopping the count and effectively costing Copycat the match. As Copycat argued with Windsor, Z rose to his feet and hit a modified Big Boot that destroyed Copycat. When Windsor tried to reach in to the ring and stop the count, Mark Wilson held on to Windsor for dear life, preventing Windsor from reaching the ref and breaking the count. Johnny Z had pulled victory from the jaws of defeat once again. The IZW Championship has become synonymous with Johnny Z and for good reason. No other wrestler in history has defended the title with such unstoppable motive and intention as “The Natural Born Leader”. Whether by hook or by crook, Johnny Z continues to stand atop the mountain of professional wrestling as IZW Champion.


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