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The Winter Classic is finally here as IZW presents “Chaotic Christmas” on December 21, live at the Impact Arena in Lawton, Oklahoma and broadcast throughout the world on GFL.tv. 2013 has been a year full of turmoil in IZW as the IZW Title has been held hostage for nine months and Impact Elite has managed to make IZW a war zone. But all of that could change with the 6-bouts scheduled for “Chaotic Christmas”.


In the main event, it will be IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z facing “Big Business” Damon Windsor and “Worst in the World” Copycat in a Triple Threat Match. After several bumps in the road and obstacles to overcome, these three men find themselves on the brink of either extinction or a new life with a bright future. For one of these men will be walking out the IZW Champion as the year comes to an end. Z had defeated every opponent in his path and although he has used under handed tactics to do it, you can’t discount the fact that the belt is still around his waist. But with two quality opponents gunning for him, is there any other play for Z besides strapping on his wrestling boots real tight and going to work? It’s hard to think that Z could have another trick up his sleeve, but you never know when it comes to the “Savior of Wrestling”. As for the challengers, Windsor and Copycat, both men can lay claim to deserving the title shot, yet it’s going to take more than “deserving” an opportunity to overthrow the kingpin of IZW. Windsor came within seconds of defeating Z at “Halloween Hangover”, yet he didn’t seal the deal. That fact will either motivate Windsor to come out in the biggest match of his career and hit a home run or it will paralyze him with fear when things begin to unravel into pure chaos. Odds are Windsor will be ready with a little something extra for Z when the time is right. And the final contestant in the Triple Threat, the self-proclaimed “Forgotten Champion” Copycat has a chance to right every wrong in his entire career in one match. Copycat has come close to blazing a new trail in IZW on several occasions, but there has always been something that came out of left field that turned the tide at the very end and kept Copycat from realizing his destiny. Will December 21 be the night when everybody learns? No other wrestler in the territory has the combination of fire and wrestling skill that Copycat brings into the squared circle. The brass ring is right there for the taking, all he needs to do is go for it.


 Also up for grabs will be the all-important #1 Contender Match when “Bad” Brad Michaels puts his guaranteed IZW Title shot on the line against archenemy Double D. Michaels achieved #1 Contender status by eliminating D from the Monsters Bash Battle Royal earlier this year but will now have to square off one on one against D to hold on to that position. Double D has been out of the title hunt for months and he will do everything in his power to get back into title contention. Will it be the sharp knees, educated feet and high flying of Double D or the old school ways of Michaels that have withstood the test of time that decide this match?


“The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan defends his Impact Division Title in an Impact Rules Fatal Four-Way Match against “The Urban Legend” Drake Gallows, “The Hate Machine” O’Malley and “Big, Bad and Sexy” Angel Camacho. What started out as a singles match against Gallows spiraled out of control into the Four-Way. All of these men are used to pandemonium and that’s what this match is going to be as it will likely take the form of a gangland fight rather than a wrestling match. Morgan has proven it’s not always about picking up the win for him; it’s more about instilling fear in his opponents. He might have to settle for going for the win this time because the three challengers don’t know the meaning of fear. Gallows is looking to reclaim his former title against the man that beat him. Unfortunately for him, he will have two other wrestlers to contend with. Gallows will have the advantage when it comes to anything aerial and for that matter, just flat out crazy. Gallows will be ready with his A-Game and win, lose or draw, that will be a sight to see for the IZW World as you can bet he will do something that has never been done before. Former 3X IZW Champion and winner of every belt ever created in IZW, O’Malley finds himself back near the top of the food chain upon his return to IZW. O’Malley may be the most battle tested of the bunch and he will bring that experience and knowledge into the match and pick his spots throughout the bout when they will have their greatest effect. O’Malley is no stranger to IZW gold and has a tremendous shot at adding another belt to his collection. Finally, there is Camacho who was added to the match only a week ago. Camacho came within eliminating Copycat in the Monsters Bash Battle Royal to being the #1 Contender for the IZW Title. That close call still has to haunt the big man from Ohio. Camacho picked up a victory over Morgan in a one on one setting and is easily capable of recreating that outcome in this Fatal Four Way. Although Camacho was a late addition, he could be the dark horse in the match where size, strength and heart will come in to play.


 What Wrestling Should Be puts their IZW Tag Titles on the line against Team Bull. Both teams are coming into the match at less than 100%. “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs is still recovering from surgery on his arm and has been in street clothes for months, while “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler injured his knee last week in a match. WWSB has an insurance policy in place in the form of “The Butterscotch Stallion” Mark Wilson who has proven to be a serviceable backup plan for the injured Jacobs. Now that Starr is also hurt, that will make Wilson an even bigger part of the equation in helping “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson defend the titles. But you can’t discount the heart of a lion or in this case a bull. The Bronze Bull. The Bronze Bull has faced bigger hurdles than this in his career and his internal well is deep enough to dig down and get whatever power he needs to overcome even these odds. If Starr is hobbled on one leg, don’t discount Team Bull, because they have been pre-ordained for greatness since the beginning of time by The Gods.


 Brandon Bishop returns to IZW to face The Convict in a Grudge Match for the ages. Bishop and The Convict have built a real hatred for one another over the past few months. The Convict tried to end Bishop’s career on several occasions and almost did just that when he gave Bishop multiple 15 to 20 slams on the wooden ramp at the Impact Arena. The injuries kept Bishop out of action for weeks. Bishop one upped The Convict by eliminating him from the Monsters Bash at “Halloween Hangover” but then Convict came back later in the match to do the same thing to Bishop, only Convict did it with the animalistic and ferocious behavior that comes second nature to him. Bishop returned to IZW to let the IZW World know that he was not done and in fact had found an antidote for the virus that is The Convict. Nobody has seen Bishop since his announcement but you can bet as the temperature has been dropping in Colorado, Bishop has been working out and getting back to basics like Rocky did when he had to take on the Big Russian. The Convict might be stronger, but he isn’t smarter and if Bishop can stay alive long enough, he will find a way to win. If on the other hand, he makes one, single mistake his match and career could be over. This will be a chess match of the highest order, pitting Convict’s brawn against Bishop’s brain. Don’t blink!


 The Queen’s Crown is on the line as Champion Miss Diss Lexia will defend against the woman she defeated for the title, Madame Co-Commissioner Erica. MDL has been back in Texas fine tuning her wrestling arsenal while Erica has been ruling with an iron fist like always at the Impact Arena. This will be the toughest test to date for MDL as she is now the hunted and walking into the building as the Champion. There is a certain amount of responsibility you get when you carry an IZW Championship around. The lights get a little brighter, the fans get a little closer and the stakes become a little higher. After holding the belt for a little over a month, has MDL started to feel the walls closing in on her yet? Erica held that crown for years and nothing could faze her, in part because of her black heart and cruel outlook on the world. But maybe that’s what you need to carry the Queen’s Crown. We shall see as the top two female grapplers in the area lock up for the only prize that matters.


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