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Only one week away from "Chaotic Christmas", the final "IZW Adrenaline" was full of surprises and threw down the gauntlet as all the top stars of IZW were in the house ready to hit that one parting shot before the final mega iPPV of the year.


 The show began with the return of AnnaLynn Storm (@AnnaLynnIZW) who was accompanied by her father and wrestling legend Striker (@Strikerokb). Storm had been injured a couple weeks ago when “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME) pushed her in the line of fire as Johnson was about to take a spear from The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN). Striker demanded Johnson come down to the ring, alone, which Johnson did. Johnson remained steadfast that it wasn’t him who was at fault, but The Bronze Bull. This prompted Bull to come down to the ring. Bull and Striker cornered Johnson and issued multiple threats to the IZW Tag Team Champion. But then Striker turned his attention to Bull, who was the one that made actual contact with Storm (albeit on accident). As Striker got more and more heated towards Bull, Double D (@IZWDoubleD) came down to the ring to be peace maker and in doing so, pushed Storm out of the fray. Striker took exception to this and started jawing at D, who was only trying to avoid things from getting physical by separating Striker and Bull. It didn’t work as Striker was looking for a fight and he picked one with Double D.


 An irate Striker took charge early with forearms to the back of D. Striker followed up by kicking and kneeing D in the ribcage and adding a jawbreaker to the mix for good measure. D countered with a spinning heel kick and drop kick that sent the enraged Striker to the mat for the first time. Striker bounced back quickly as he slapped on a double chicken wing submission but Double D refused to submit. D broke free and dropped Striker with right hands. D set up for a high crossbody but Striker knocked him off balance at the last second. Striker then went for the time keeper’s hammer, presumably to use on Double D, but Striker’s daughter, AnnaLynn Storm, grabbed the hammer from her dad. In the melee between D and Striker, Storm was shoved down and as D was checking on Storm’s status, Striker hit the stroke and got the pinfall.


 #1 IZW Tag Team Challengers Team Bull: The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) & “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler (@thegods_bs) took on the surging K.C. Wolves (Graham Bell & Luke Langley) in tag action next. Bull and Bell locked up first and Bell was no match strength wise as The Bronze Bull tossed him around. Bell came back with some technical spots that had Bull in a compromising position until Bull connected with a hip toss. Later, Langley tagged in and met Bull in the center of the ring. Once again it was Bull’s brute strength against the technical grappling of a KC Wolf. Starr tagged in and got his first bit of action with a takedown of Langley. Starr followed up with head butts and went for an axe handle from the top rope but looked to have blown out his knee upon impact. As Starr writhed in pain on the canvas, Bell tagged back in and grabbed a rear chin lock on Starr. Bell used a gator roll to get Starr into the Wolves corner where Langley and Bell took turns breaking Starr down. Langley missed with a springboard maneuver from the top rope which gave Starr time to tag in the waiting Bull as Langley tagged in as well. Langley was met with a belly to belly suplex and a splash in the corner. Then in a feat of imaginable strength, Bull hoisted both Bell and Langley up onto his shoulders looking for a double Greetings From Mt. Olympus, but instead the KC Wolves broke free and hit a double super kick to Bull’s gut. Bull responded with a Greetings out of nowhere on the legal man, Langley and got the 1-2-3. After the match, What Wrestling Should Be attacked Team Bull. WWSB overwhelmed Bull as Starr laid on the ground helpless because of his injured knee. But then the KC Wolves jumped into the fracas and unloaded a double super kick to Jordan Jacobs’ (@JacobsLightsOut) jaw that knocked him out while Jermaine Johnson took his eyes off of Bull and got a Greetings From Mt. Olympus for his mistake. WWSB had the tables turned on them, but it doesn’t change the fact that IZW Wrestler will be going into the IZW Tag Team Title Match at “Chaotic Christmas” far less than 100%.


 IZW Impact Division Champion "The Image of Fear" Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofFear) took on “Big, Bad & Sexy” Angel Camacho (@A_Camacho0986) in a non-title Impact Rules Match next. Morgan and Camacho had a test of strength and impact to see which one had the stronger running body bump which turned out to be a stalemate. Morgan finally hit Camacho with a knee to the midsection to break the tie. It was Morgan’s uppercuts and body shots against the running splashes in the corner by Camacho as each big man claimed his pound of flesh in the early going. Morgan grabbed a steel chair from the outside but missed with a swing to Camacho’s head. Morgan did connect with right hands that hit Camacho in the jaw and dropped him on the steel chair, damaging Camacho’s back. Later, Camacho came back with a modified belly to belly suplex on Morgan showing off amazing power and technique. Camacho then hit three butt bumps to the face of Morgan before connecting with a running back splash that did even more damage coming close to a three-count. Morgan rose back to his feet and made Camacho pay by knocking him down with a single clothesline. Morgan then connected with a Nuclear Explosion on the chair that was still in the ring but could not get the pinfall as Camacho got a shoulder up! Camacho got his second wind and threw haymaker after haymaker connecting with Morgan’s face. Camacho followed up with a splash and picked up the chair and went to work on Morgan’s ribcage. But Morgan was resilient as ever and rose to his feet to hit a Samoan Drop. Morgan missed with a spear in the corner as he collided with the chair then got dropped by an enziguri kick by Camacho. Camacho connected with the BBS Splash and picked up the win in a match that was all about brute strength from beginning to end.


“Bad” Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad) took on Soto Miyagi next. Michaels fired off some good old American head butts and one-two combos to Miyagi before succumbing to multiple kicks from the Orient as Miyagi picked up steam. Miyagi then slapped on an arm breaker and cranked back until Michaels broke free and hit Miyagi with another head butt followed by a body slam. Michaels sunk in a rear chin lock that kept Miyagi off of his feet and unable to unload with his kicks. Later, Michaels hit a swinging neck breaker followed by a boot to the face as he kept Miyagi on the mat. Finally, Miyagi found an opening to get back to his feet and connected with a leg lariat but took a jaw breaker from Michaels. Miyagi and Michaels struggled for ring superiority until Michaels used his old school tactics and choked Miyagi from multiple spots and broke the hold just before a five-count. Michaels added a suplex and more head butts as Miyagi was on his last leg. Michaels looked for his finisher, The Hall of Fame Piledriver, but then Michael’s opponent at “Chaotic Christmas” Double D came down to the ring. As Michaels turned his attention towards D, Miyagi regrouped enough to hit a hurricanrana and dropped Michaels straight on his head. Miyagi pinned Michaels to the mat for a count of three in a wild turn of events.


 In the main event, it was a Triple Threat Match with "Worst in the World" Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) going against Jermaine Johnson and The Convict to what amounted to a glorified Handicap Match more than an Triple Threat. Copycat wasted no time as he made The Convict miss with a splash that sent the big man outside of the ring while Copycat attacked Johnson with punches in bunches and a nice Russian leg sweep and drop kick. Copycat got Johnson down again with a deep arm drag and once again with a snapmare before putting him down with violence by using a neck breaker. The Convict made his way back to the ring and Impact Elite started to use the numbers game to their advantage before Copycat was able to toss Johnson over his shoulder out of the ring where Johnson took a nasty spill outside. Copycat wasn’t as lucky with The Convict though as the King of the Yard hit a Samoan Drop. Convict then pitched Copycat out of the ring where Copy crashed into Johnson who was still recovering. Convict moved to the outside as well and got put down by a drop toe hold from Copy right on the concrete. The action then moved back to the ring as Copycat delivered a picture perfect suplex on Johnson. But Johnson countered with a face buster from the second rope moments later. Johnson then showed up Copycat with a vertical suplex of his own. Soon after, Convict choked the life out of Copycat with the ropes. A double clothesline and punches by Johnson only made Copycat’s night worse. Johnson whipped Copycat into a clothesline by Convict that sent Copy spiraling in a 360 degree circle. Johnson and Convict attempted a double suplex but got a double neck breaker from Copycat instead. But Copycat’s momentum was short lived as Impact Elite continued to wrestle a smart match and use the numbers to their advantage always having somebody dishing out punishment to Copy both individually and working as a unit. Convict had a tight vice grip on Copycat’s head and as soon as Copy broke free, Johnson was there to pick up the scraps and dish out more strikes to Copycat. Johnson even gave Copycat the J-Effect but somehow Copycat got a shoulder up at two. Copycat followed that test of will up with a double DDT as he sent Johnson and The Convict down with force! In a great series of moves, Copycat went for a Thesz Press, but was caught midair by Copycat who looked for his 15 to 20 but had that move countered by a Doppelganger by Copycat! Copycat then did what he does best and copied IZW Champion Johnny Z’s finisher, the Big Boot in the Corner as he connected with Johnson and about knocked Johnson’s teeth into the first row. Copycat followed all of that up with another Doppelganger on The Convict who bounced out of the ring and one more for Johnson! But that wasn’t enough for the “Forgotten Champion” as he rose to the top rope and delivered the finishing maneuver of "Big Business" Damon Windsor by dropping a BFE right across Johnson’s throat. Copycat made the pin and got the victory in a great match.


 After the match, IE couldn’t take their loss like men and The Convict had to ambush Copycat from behind as Copycat celebrated his win. Johnson fired off forearm after forearm until Windsor (@DamonWindsor) rushed to the ring to even the odds. Windsor threw his hambones with violent tendencies as he beat back Johnson and Convict. IE was tossed from the ring and then Windsor went for a choke slam on Copycat who countered with a Doppelganger attempt of his own that Windsor blocked. As Windsor and Copycat were in a Mexican standoff, Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) appeared on stage. This gave Convict and Johnson an opportunity to go after Copycat and Windsor once again as they now had the upper hand. Z entered the ring and added to the carnage by decimating Copycat and Windsor with belt shots to the head. Johnny Z got careless though as he went for another belt shot on Windsor and was met with a spinning side slam. The same fate awaited Johnson. Windsor and Copycat then double teamed to knock The Convict and Johnson both out of the ring. Copycat then hit a Doppelganger on Z followed by a choke slam from Windsor as the IZW Champion crumbled to the canvas. Copycat got one final blow into the mix as he gave Windsor a Doppelganger too. The night ended with Z and Windsor knocked out on the mat while Copycat lifted the IZW Championship belt into the air. Could this be what happens on December 21 at “Chaotic Christmas”? Order now to find out!


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