Coronation, the biggest iPPV of the year for IZW, is where superstars are born and legacies are cemented. This year’s Coronation celebrates nine years of IZW and promises to be the best card ever. Coronation is a star-studded event with every IZW belt on the line, plus the finals of the Impact Player of the Year where a new #1 Challenger will be crowned. The cutting edge pro wrestling group from Lawton, Oklahoma is ready to show the world once again why they are the #1 wrestling organization on the scene. With so much riding on the line, you can’t afford to miss this event if you are a fan. Order now!


 In the main event, IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z, in his first title defense since becoming champion under questionable circumstances, wrestles Double D with Special Guest Referee Jermaine Johnson as the third man in the ring ready to lay down the law if need be. Johnny Z “won” the title at March Mayhem when former IZW Champion, The Convict, handed Z the belt. Since then, Johnny Z has been the most despicable, backstabbing, megalomaniac in IZW history. Z’s venom has been pointed squarely at Double D, but the Captain of the Force hasn’t backed down and instead has taken the fight to Z. On May 11, Double D looks to right the wrongs of Z and capture the IZW Championship and once again add balance to IZW. Double D has no peer in the squared circle and can match anyone on the planet hold for hold and move for move. You can bet at Coronation you will see the best Johnny Z in the ring as he’s a wrestler that rises to the occasion and there has never been a bigger moment in Z’s storied career than his match against Double D. But what makes Z so dangerous and gives him the edge over nearly everyone in the wrestling business is his mind. He is the King of Mind Games and is always plotting 10 steps ahead. With Erica always lurking around the ring, there is no telling what can happen. To offset this, former IZW Champion Jermaine Johnson (who was fired and then reinstated over the past month) has been inserted into the match by Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale as the Special Guest Referee to add a bit of justice and impartiality to the contest. There is no bigger strap on the line anywhere in pro wrestling. Expect this match to be violent and brutal when the heartless Johnny Z and rugged Double D go to war.


 Also on tap it will be Impact Division Champion Damien Morte versus “The Worst in the World” Copycat in an Impact X Match. This will be the second Impact X Match in history where the belt is suspended above the cage via two crossing ropes while a steel cage surrounds the ring. Morte and Copycat formed an outsider-type team in recent months but that all came crashing down as Copycat couldn’t play second fiddle to anyone and with Morte being the Impact Division Champion, and in Copy’s mind stealing the pinfall to win the title, it was too much for his ego to handle. These two alpha males have engaged in hostile tactics with each man trying to ambush the other and get the upper hand going into Coronation. This match has been the talk of the wrestling community as Morte is known for using his body as a weapon while executing unimaginable maneuvers with no regard for his or his opponent’s safety or well-being. Copy is a powerhouse that throws some of the best suplexes in the sport and he will also put his own body through the ringer as long as it will end up hurting his foe even worse. These two men are both full of piss and vinegar and when all is said and done, whether it’s Morte that retains or Copycat that wins, the Impact Division Championship will be taken to a new level after this revolutionary bout.


 In other great action, in the finals of the Impact Player of the Year Tournament, “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs battles “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler in a Ladder Match. This will be a rematch of sorts as Jacobs and Starr battled in the opening round where Starr picked up the win but had it overturned allowing Jacobs to advance. Starr had to win another opening round match, which he did, and now the two face off for all the marbles. The winner of this match will not only be crowned Impact Player of the Year, but he will also be the #1 Challenger for the title belt of his choosing. The victor of the bout will join a who’s who of past winners like Double D and Aaron Neil and find themselves in very esteemed company. Both Starr and Jacobs are knocking on the door to superstardom and for one of them, they will finally kick down that door.


 In still more action “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil goes one on one with The Convict. The Convict and Madame Commissioner Erica have tried to destroy Neil since his exit from Impact Elite. They have attempted to annihilate the very identity of “The Bronze Bull” even resorting to shaving his golden mane. That has only served as motivation for Neil to wipe the floor with The Convict and Erica if she decides to get in the way. This will be power versus power, alpha male versus alpha male. This will not be a match for the faint of heart as both Neil and The Convict will be looking to permanently disable one another. If you are looking for a street fight, this is your match. Both men are going to take their lumps, but when the dust clears, there will be one dominant alpha male standing alone in the ring. Someone is going to learn the meaning of true pain.


 The IZW Tag Team Titles will be on the line when the Champion Birds of Prey (Falcon & Phoenix) take on the challenging Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan). There is more riding on this bout than just gold. If Big Business loses they are out of Impact Elite. Being kicked to the curb by the world’s most infamous wrestling stable might be more than Windsor and Morgan can bear. For the Birds, a victory over BB can potentially be the death blow to their greatest rivals. Windsor and Morgan have been out of rhythm for weeks, while the Birds seem to be dialed in like never before. Will this come in to play in the match?


 Randy Price finally gets his chance at revenge when he takes on the man that gave him a spike piledriver and put him in the hospital for weeks, “Bad” Brad Michaels. Price upped the ante last week by letting Michaels know that former Price partner and one half of the Old School Suckas, “Coach” Gary Tool would be in the house and watching Price’s back during the bout. Cruize will be in Michaels’ corner, so if things get out of hand at any time, expect these two Old School aficionados to go at each other. Price has had a one-track mind ever since he returned to IZW from his neck injury and that has been to destroy Michaels. Price will finally get his opportunity. Could the CEO of the Old School Assassins still have another trick up his sleeve?


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Special Guest Referee Jermaine Johnson - IZW Championship

Johnny Z  VS  Double D


Impact X - Impact Division Championship

Damien Morte  VS  Copycat


Ladder Match - Impact Player of the Year Finals

Jordan Jacobs  VS  IZW Wrestler


Aaron Neil  VS  The Convict


Randy Price  VS  Brad Michaels


Tag Team Championship

Birds of Prey  VS  Big Business

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