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IZW closed out the month of August with another barn burning episode of “IZW Adrenaline”. The race to “Redemption” is not for the faint of heart. The stakes are high and you don’t get the option to fold. Tune in as these elite grapplers lock horns and try to assert their dominance in the Impact Arena.


 To start off the show, Miss Diss Lexia (@missdiss_lexia) came out to give Angel Blue (@AngelBlue0830) a bit of good news about her upcoming Dog Collar Match against Madame Commissioner Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact) at “Redemption”. MDL announced, per Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale’s request, that she would be the special guest referee for the bout which brought cheers from Blue and the Impact Arena. It also prompted Erica to storm down to the ring in protest. Erica knew she couldn’t change McHale’s decision but decided to add a stipulation into the mix. Erica challenged MDL to an immediate bout and if MDL did not pick up a pinfall against Erica, Miss Diss Lexia would no longer be the special guest referee for the upcoming Dog Collar Match.


 MDL hit a drop toe hold right out of the gate then pulled down the top rope as Erica flew up and over to the outside floor. MDL didn’t let Erica rest as she dragged the Queen of IZW back into the ring where she connected with an arm drag followed by a hip toss. A back breaker and spinal stretch were next. Moments later, Erica showed off her amateur wrestling pedigree as she countered with a front face lock as she took control of the rangy MDL by driving her face first into the mat and controlling her from that position. Erica gator rolled MDL several times keeping the pressure on the neck of MDL. Erica then pulled off a nice bridge where she applied a variation of a choke onto MDL which resulted in a pin attempt. MDL broke free of Erica’s clutches and whipped the IZW Commissioner into the corner where MDL met her full force with a clothesline. Erica battled back again attacking MDL’s neck with a jumping guillotine but MDL responded with a bear hug that broke Erica’s grip and damaged her spinal column. Both women where fighting back immense pain by now and crumbled to the mat. Erica rose to her feet first and choked MDL with the ropes then dug forearms into MDL’s face and jaw. Erica then showed off her power by hoisting MDL onto her shoulders where she gave MDL a torture rack-modified cutter combo. MDL fired back with a clothesline, drop kick and German suplex in successive moves. Erica regrouped outside of the ring and once action resumed MDL got a rollup pin as Erica was too busy jawing with Angel Blue on the outside of the ring. MDL won this battle and will indeed be at “Redemption” on September 14 to be the special guest referee in the Dog Collar Match, but this loss only seemed to further agitate an already infuriated Erica which Angel Blue will have to contend with in two weeks.


“The Image of War” Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofWar) took on newcomer “All Star” Adam Young next. This was a case of trial by fire as Young debuted against the vicious Morgan. Morgan connected with a brutal big boot to Young’s face with his first move. Young dropped like a ton of bricks and was immediately kicked in the ribcage by Morgan. Morgan delivered a few more devastating strikes to Young as things went from bad to worse for Young. Morgan hit a two-fisted choke slam and pinned Young with his boot, but Young got a shoulder up on the count of two! Morgan didn’t miss a beat as he scooped Young up and delivered a power slam next. Young received four Detonators in a row as his body bounced higher and higher off the canvas each time. This was the end of Young’s night (and possibly his career). After the bout, Morgan grabbed the mic and let everyone know that they would not see Phoenix at “Redemption” as part of the six-pack match for the IZW Impact Division Title. Morgan claimed he ended Phoenix’s career by breaking his back when he threw him against a concrete wall. Only time will tell if Morgan’s claims are true, but Morgan seemed deadly serious about the assertion and was promising to cause even more damage to the other four opponents in two weeks.


 The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) took on “The Captain of the Force” Double D (@IZWDoubleD) in a matchup of former IZW Champions. D worked a side headlock until Bull shot him into the ropes and gave D a shoulder block that knocked D to the mat. D got back to his feet and snatched another side head lock which was negated by Bull taking Double D down to the mat and working an ankle lock submission. D fought out and once again went back to the side headlock looking to wear out the bigger Bronze Bull in a war of attrition but a side suplex broke the hold again. Bull went for another suplex but Double D shimmied out of the move, hit a drop kick but missed with a 6-1-knee as Bull was ready for the move. Bull then looked for another power move, but Double D went for a crucifix pin then a backslide pin attempt. Bull had enough of D’s varied pin attempts and clobbered him with a good ol’ overhand right. D fired back with blood curdling chops. D missed with a Force chop and got speared by Bull instead. Bull then attacked D on the ground with knees to the face but as he whipped the agile D into the turnbuckle, Bull missed with a splash in the corner that allowed Double D to make a comeback. D connected with a full force head kick and got another head lock on Bull but once again was taken down to the mat in violent order as Bull broke the hold, whipped D into the ropes and crushed him with a flying forearm. Both men rose to their feet staggered and exchanged punches in a test of one-upmanship. Bull took the lead with a power slam but as he leveraged Double D onto the top rope he was paid back in full with a missile drop kick. Bull responded with another power slam, a running knee and a discus punch that dropped Double D in the middle of the ring. Bull looked for the Greetings From Mt. Olympus but after a series of reversals by each man, Double D was able to hit a tornado DDT. D followed up with knees in the corner and made good on his 6-1-knee attempt this time. D then went for his finisher, the high cross body, but was caught in midair. Bull went for another Greetings, but D blocked the move and avoided Bull’s finisher. Both men were exhausted from their epic battle by this point, but as D regrouped he went back to old faithful and landed the high crossbody, but got reversed on his pin attempt as Bull held his shoulders to the mat for a three-count and picked up the W.


 IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows (@DrakeBmbulmer) battled The Convict next. Gallows looked to stay out of the range of Convict by landing several punches from a distance, but that didn’t last long as Convict destroyed Gallows with punches, forearms, knees and a clothesline. Gallows was back on his feet, but only to take more punishment as Convict brutalized him with more forearms and a splash slam. Gallows rose to his feet after the severe beating he took and fired back with punches in bunches but was again dropped to the canvas with one move, this time a big boot. The Convict then seized a vice grip on Gallows’ head. Gallows broke the move and the bout spilled out of the ring. It didn’t get any better for Gallows as he was shot into the steel steps and crashed off the unforgiving metal. The Convict missed his mark as he collided with the iron ring post and for the first time in the match, the Convict was seeing stars. Gallows followed up with slamming Convict’s head into the ring apron. Action returned to the ring where The Convict regained his composure and began to choke Gallows. Convict hit a Samoan drop seconds later. Convict missed with a splash in the corner and after two running clotheslines and a spinning neck breaker the Convict was off his feet. Gallows hit another neck breaker. Gallows missed with a flying elbow as Kevin Morgan came down to the ring. The Convict blocked an Emo Killer attempt by Gallows, but Gallows got the King of the Yard down once again with a flying clothesline. The Convict showed tremendous recuperating strength as he bounced back and hit Gallows with a 15 to 20 and got the pinfall in this non-title bout. After the bout, Morgan entered the ring and smashed Gallows with the Impact Division belt.


 In a battle of the unusual and peculiar, “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler (@thegods_bs) took on the surging Angel Camacho. Camacho was stronger in the tie ups as he flung Starr to the mat several times after the two locked up. Starr was incensed and pushed Camacho into the corner where he connected with caveman-like punches. Starr followed up with shoulder strikes to Camacho’s midsection as well as bouncing Camacho’s head off of the turnbuckle. Camacho stopped the onslaught with a body block that took Starr off of his feet. Camacho choked Starr against the ropes which sapped the strength out of his game. Camacho then unleashed some malicious short forearms to Starr’s unprotected head and face. A splash in the corner had Starr laying in the fetal position. Another splash in the opposite corner followed by a Stink Face, and even Starr’s rivals had to be feeling sorry for him at this point. Camacho hit a belly to belly suplex but as he whipped Starr off the ropes, Starr countered with a spinning heel kick. Starr connected with a jumping clothesline in the corner but Camacho offset the move with a modified slam as he tossed Starr face-first to the mat from his shoulders. Camacho then hit a frog splash from the top rope that destroyed Starr’s midsection as Camacho picked up the pinfall and victory.


 In the main event, #1 Challenger to the IZW Crown, “Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) tussled with IZW Tag Team Champion “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME). Windsor got his hands on Johnson in the early going and flung Johnson to the corner where he dished out several unanswered punches to Johnson’s big mouth. Windsor hit a suplex next followed by a running leg drop. Johnson countered with kicks to the stomach and forearm smashes to Windsor’s jaw. Windsor fired back by whipping Johnson into the turnbuckle where the sheer force of the move turned Johnson upside down and launched him outside of the ring. Johnson recovered enough to run across the ring apron and look for a high risk move from the top rope, but Windsor was there waiting for him and tossed Johnson down to the canvas with a body slam. Windsor connected with a clothesline that flipped Johnson over in a 360 degree circle. Later, Johnson responded with a snap mare and a drop kick to the back of Windsor’s head. Johnson locked on a reverse bear hug and began to squeeze the fight out of Windsor who did the smart thing and backed Johnson into a corner where he broke the hold with a series of back elbows. Johnson vaulted out of the ring and when Windsor made his way to the outer area he bounced Johnson’s head off the ring apron and gave him numerous blistering chops. Johnson managed to slow down Windsor’s attack by pushing him head first into a steel ring post where he injured his shoulder. Johnson smelled blood and attacked the shoulder back in the ring. Johnson sprang from the second rope, placing a knee directly on the injured shoulder. Johnson continued to assault Windsor’s left arm as he locked in a Fujiwara armbar as Windsor did everything in his power not to tapout. Windsor hoisted Johnson up into the air with the submission still sunk in and broke free with a sidewalk slam. Windsor followed up with a spinning side slam and a Detonator seconds later. Then the big man took flight with a top rope BFE (flying elbow) as he scored the pinfall over Johnson in a great comeback match.


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