IZW August 31st Preview Adrenaline on GFL.tv

“IZW Adrenaline” returns this Saturday, August 31, with another can’t miss event as there are only three weeks until “Redemption” on September 14. Don’t miss one second of this show as all the top grapplers in IZW will be in the house and ready to throw down for a global audience on gfl.tv.


 Last week, “Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) defeated The Convict in the main event, but was summarily tortured by IZW Champion Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) and The Convict in the aftermath of the match. Windsor crushed the Convict with a BFE (flying elbow) that sent shockwaves up the spine of Impact Elite’s boss, as Z put a stop to Windsor’s short-lived momentum in several life-altering, devastating moves culminating in a Big Boot in the corner. Is this just another hiccup, a speed bump in Windsor’s journey to becoming IZW Champion?


 Or is his destiny full of pain and suffering the likes of which no wrestler before him has been able to absorb and continue onward and upward? It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Windsor was not able to be at the Impact Arena this weekend, but you can bet Johnny Z will be there and ready to gloat and delight in Windsor’s suffering.

 Team Bull: The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) & “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler (@thegods_bs) and IZW Tag Team Champions, What Wrestling Should Be: “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME) & “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) split a pair of singles matches as each team continued to look for an advantage they can take into their tag team title match at “Redemption”. Will these two teams square off once again this week in singles competition?


 Last week we saw the return of Randy Price (@RandyPrice_OSS) as he challenged “Bad” Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad) to a Non-Sanctioned Old School Street Fight at “Redemption”. Michaels accepted and was then turned upside down and pile driven on his head as Price wanted make a statement of what was to come. With only three weeks left until their showdown, will Michaels be looking for a way out of this do or die situation with Price?


 Also, it was announced that the IZW Impact Division Title will be defended in a 6-Pack Challenge with Champion Drake Gallows (@DrakeBmbulmer) facing “Worst in the World” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler), Phoenix, Angel Camacho, Montego Seeka (@montegoseeka), and “The Image of War” Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofWar). Morgan annihilated Soto Miyagi last week and is damn sure not going to stop with him. Expect more carnage and destruction to come from Morgan and expect these other wrestlers in this upcoming bout to be his targets. Morgan will most definitely try and make a statement with someone else this Saturday night.


 Get your shot of adrenaline with “IZW Adrenaline” every Saturday night at 8pm ET on GFL.tv. No other wrestling organization on the Independent landscape carves out as much new content as IZW. Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none. Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.





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