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The August 24 episode of “IZW Adrenaline” was another volatile night of in ring action as feuds and rivalries continued to escalate as everyone in the locker room and around the wrestling world readies for “Redemption” on September 14.


 CM Burnham was riding solo this week in the broadcast booth as Madame Commissioner Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact) kicked off the show by cutting another heated promo where she tried to back out of a future match with #1 Contender Angel Blue (@AngelBlue0830). Erica explained that her plate at “Redemption” was already too full as she had to deal with making sure Impact Elite was victorious in all of their matches. This prompted Co-Commissioner “The Number 1” Shawn McHale to come out and turn Erica’s plan on its head. McHale booked at Queen’s Crown Match at “Redemption” where Erica would have to defend the title against Angel Blue. McHale upped the ante as the bout would be contested in a Dog Collar Match, the first of its kind in IZW and in the state of Oklahoma, as two women have never squared off in such a ruthless contest.


 In the opening match, “The Captain of the Force” Double D (@IZWDoubleD) took on the surging “Bad” Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad). D and Michaels began their match with a good dose of scientific wrestling as they traded wrist locks until D cinched up an armbar as Michaels writhed in pain on the mat. D then connected with a leg whip-arm drag combo as Michaels was bouncing all over the ring. Michaels countered D with a side headlock but that was short lived as D wrangled Michaels down with a head scissors as they continued to go hold for hold on the mat. Michaels switched up the attack by going after Double D’s neck, possibly to set up a piledriver for later in the match. D countered with his educated feet by hitting a spinning wheel kick and a drop kick in successive moves that planted Michaels on his backside. Later, D launched a flying knee directly in Michaels’ jaw, but could only get a two-count. Double D and Michaels then traded knife-edge chops with Michaels gaining the advantage but missing on a big elbow in the corner as the quicker Double D moved out of the way at the last second. This let D land a series of knees in the corner but Michaels recovered nicely and was able to plant a few knees of his own to soften D up for a piledriver attempt. D blocked the finishing move and catapulted Michaels into the turnbuckle, head first. D missed with a Force Chop as Michaels was able to roll Double D up and score the pinfall with the help of the ropes for extra leverage. It was a shrewd move by the Old School Assassin as he did what he had to do and walked out of the ring with a W against Double D.


 Next up was “Large Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME) going one on one with “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler (@thegods_bs). Johnson toyed with Starr in the early going as he got three easy takedowns, but Starr responded with three takedowns of his own shortly after. Starr took Johnson down again with a side headlock as Starr showed off his grappling game. Johnson fought back to his feet and connected with a J-Factor (facebuster). Johnson looked for a high risk move from the top rope but was hit with a reverse atomic drop on his way down by Starr who followed up with a traditional atomic drop on Johnson who had to be in severe groin pain by this point. Starr missed a spear in the corner and was drop kicked in the back of the head by Johnson. Johnson followed up with a cobra clutch as he tried to get Starr to tapout. Starr finally broke free and hit a spinning wheel kick and connected with three charges (modified spears). Starr hit The Stoke but Johnson kicked out at two! Starr missed with another charge which gave Johnson time to hit an ES2 for the pinfall.


“Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) gave a very clever speech by using the “Wizard of Oz” as a backdrop. Windsor walked the fans down the yellow brick road, so to speak, as he went point by point down the line about his troubled history with Impact Elite and his trials and tribulations over the past several months. Windsor’s speech culminated in him promising to take down Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) at “Redemption” on September 14 and dethrone the “Natural Born Leader” once and for all. This prompted Madame Commissioner Erica to walk through the curtain and book a match with Windsor and The Convict in the main event. Erica was intent on making Windsor pay for his crafty promo by serving him up to the most ruthless man in IZW.


 IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows (@DrakeBmbulmer) was in action next as he took on “Worst in the World” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler). Gallows and Copycat traded fisticuff early on until Copy maneuvered Gallows upside down against the turnbuckle and connected with a drop kick to Gallows lower abdomen. Copycat then grabbed an overhand wristlock on the mat as he twisted the arm of Gallows looking for the tapout. In a slick bit of wrestling, Copy bridged while still holding on to the overhand wristlock applying even more pressure to Gallows’ shoulder and AC joint. The gritty Gallows eventually got back to his feet but Copycat continued to punish him in the corner with punches to the face and body. Copy followed that up with a bronco buster. Gallows rallied back with a clothesline after being whipped into the ropes followed by a belly to belly suplex. Gallows connected with a DDT and another modified butterfly DDT. Copy rolled out of the way of a leg drop and hit a leg lariat that saw him take control of the match once again. Copy connected with a double arm DDT shortly after but Gallows would not stay down. Later, Gallows hit a swinging neck breaker but Copy hit another double arm DDT as Gallows took a nasty crash to the mat. Gallows could not be faded as he connected with a modified Samoan driver and then both men were dropped with a pair of running clotheslines as these two warriors were pulling out all of their moves. Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofWar) then showed up in the ring and clotheslined the hell out of both Gallows and Copycat causing the ref to stop the match with the final decision being a no contest. Morgan then gave both Gallows and Copy a Detonator (choke slam) which only made their night even worse. But Morgan wasn’t finished as he beat Copycat across the back like a rented mule with the Impact Division belt and threw the belt into the face of Gallows as it crashed off of the champion’s face.


“Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) took on The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) in another singles match. Jermaine Johnson scored a pinfall victory earlier in the night against IZW Wrestler, could Jacobs make it two for two for What Wrestling Should Be? Jacobs tried to get scientific with Bull with a textbook arm lock but Bull just powered out of the move and tossed Jacobs to the mat with a body slam. Bull offered his arm to Jacobs two more times, but easily broke the hold and gave Jacobs two more back to back body slams. Jacobs managed to kick Bull in the face later on setting up a flying drop kick to the chest, which dropped Bull for the first time in the match. Bull responded by giving Jacobs three back rakes that had Jacobs looking for a way out of the ring as he jumped through the ropes down onto the padded mats. Jacobs had his head bounced off of the ring post and then Bull chopped the living crap out of Jacobs against the guard rail giving the fans an up close and personal display of pain. Once the action returned to the ring, Bull locked on a Boston Crab and had it deep as Jacobs’ back twisted in abnormal ways. But Jacobs was able to get a rope break. Jacobs popped up like a cat and hit The Bronze Bull with a running drop kick that crashed the big man. Jacobs followed up with a submission hold where he stood behind Bull and pulled Bull’s arms behind his back. Bull fought to his feet and connected with a scoop slam. Bull and Jacobs traded pinfall attempts until Jacobs grabbed a front face lock as he looked to make this a war of attrition and wear out Bull. Bull rose to his feet once again and connected with a spinebuster, but Jacobs raised a shoulder at two. Bull connected with a running knee lift and planted huge bolos onto Jacobs’s face culminating with a discus punch. Jacobs managed to free himself of Bull’s grasp one more time and went for a top rope drop kick but was caught in midair and planted hard on the canvas with a Greetings From Mt. Olympus giving The Bronze Bull the pinfall. What Wrestling Should Be and Team Bull each scored a pinfall in the night’s singles competitions. These two teams are as even as it gets heading into “Redemption” where they face each other for the IZW Tag Team Titles.


 Kevin Morgan was back in the ring as he took on Soto Miyagi. Morgan crushed Miyagi with a clothesline gave him a modified choke slam into the turnbuckles, gave Miyagi a brain claw slam followed by a Last Ride. Morgan continued with back to back Detonators and told Miyagi “You will fear me!”, then walked out of the ring and to the backstage area. Morgan was counted out so technically Miyagi was the winner, but Morgan didn’t go into this bout looking to get a pinfall, he went in looking to make an example out of Miyagi and put everyone in IZW on notice.


“Bad” Brad Michaels was back in the ring to cut a promo and puff his chest out a bit more. Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale was also back and ready to put the kibosh on Michaels’ grandstanding. McHale had talked with IZW lawyers and it seemed like he was getting ready to give Michaels his walking papers because of liability issues but then, the music of an IZW O.G. hit, as Randy Price made his return. Price has been out ever since “Evolution” in July where he received multiple pile drivers from Michaels on the concrete floor. Price challenged Michaels to a match at “Redemption” and promised to sign any type of waiver alleviating IZW from any liability. McHale let it be known that IZW would not endorse or approve of a match between Price and Michaels, but that was just fine with Price who challenged Michaels to an Unsanctioned Old School Street Fight! McHale “okayed” the bout in a hypothetical sense as long as IZW was not held liable and off the hook. Price put an exclamation point on his return by pile driving Michaels in the center of the ring.


 It was main event time as “Big Business” Damon Windsor battled The Convict. IZW Champion Johnny Z joined CM Burnham in the broadcast booth for this hotly anticipated match. Windsor started out on fire smashing forearms and elbows into The Convict’s face and jaw. Windsor went for a Detonator early but Convict blocked the move and crushed Windsor with forearms to the back that re-arranged his spinal column. Convict continued his onslaught by whipping Windsor into the corner where he crashed into him at full speed with a splash. Another splash followed by a pin attempt only got a two-count as Windsor would not succumb so easily. The Convict didn’t mind as he was taking his time with Windsor as he bounced him around from corner to corner with Windsor colliding full speed into the turnbuckles. Convict hit a sidewalk slam and whipped Windsor into the ropes once again, but this time, Windsor ducked a clothesline attempt and came back with a big boot that smashed into The Convict as he collapsed like a ton of bricks on the canvas. But the King of the Yard battled back unleashing two furious clotheslines that sound more like chops as they cut into Windsor’s chest dropping the #1 Challenger. Convict then locked a vice grip on to Windsor’s head. Windsor broke free from the hold and in a feat of physical strength that has never been done in IZW before, gave The Convict a spinning side slam! Windsor took The Convict off of his feet once again with a running clothesline. Later, as The Convict held onto Windsor, Erica tried to interfere by hitting Windsor in the head with her shoe heel, but Windsor moved at the last second and Erica smashed her shoe into The Convict’s head. Windsor followed up with a Detonator but only got a two-count! Windsor climbed to the top rope to finish The Convict off once and for all but he was hit right in the family jewels by Erica who didn’t miss her target this time. The Convict climbed up the ropes looking to superplex Windsor but was shoved off and crashed and burned on the canvas below. Windsor launched himself off the top rope and connected with the BFE (flying elbow) as The Convict’s face took the full brunt of the move. Windsor got the pinfall, but seconds later was given a 15 to 20 by The Convict who recuperated in miraculous fashion. Johnny Z made his way down to the ring and ordered The Convict to give Windsor another 15 to 20 which he did. Z then had The Convict set Windsor up in the corner and delivered a Big Boot to Windsor’s jaw. Windsor has to be a broken man now by physically and emotionally. He defeated The Convict, but in the grand scheme of things, might have been the biggest loser of the night as the human body is not equipped to continually take the abuse that he has undergone over and over again at the hands of Johnny Z and the rest of Impact Elite. Will Windsor even make it to “Redemption” to challenge Johnny Z for the IZW Title?


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