IZW Adrenaline April 6th, 2013 Review

 by Drew Archer

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The April 6 live edition of IZW Adrenaline was another homerun during a stacked weekend of professional wrestling. As much of the media talk was on WrestleMania 29, it was IZW that continued to up the ante of professional wrestling at its finest. This week, the first round of the Impact Player of the Year continued, but the show was anchored by the Official Crowning Ceremony of New IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z. It was quite a sight to see how everything unfolded as Z was at the top of his game on the microphone and reminded everybody in Lawton and around the world watching live on GFL.tv, about his true nature.


 Before the in ring action got started, Co-Commissioners “Number 1” Shawn McHale and Erica had a heated argument in the back. McHale revealed that Randy Price was still in the hospital after the beating he received from The Old School Assassins (Brad Michaels & Bryan Cruize) last week and he demanded that Erica make it right. Erica finally relented and booked a match for later in the night between the OSA versus Double D and Jermaine Johnson. McHale upped the ante and sweetened the deal by making the match an Impact Rules Tag Team Match!


“The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler took on “The Worst in the World” Copycat in a qualifier match for the Impact Player of the Year. Both Starr and Copy had the fans going nuts with cheers, boos and shouting even before they locked up. After the initial collar and elbow lock up, Starr grabbed a wristlock on Copycat, and after a quick struggle, shot Copycat into the ropes where Starr finished off with a clothesline, sending Copycat down to the mat. A jumping clothesline in the corner was followed by a high risk flying knee which missed. Copycat then went to work and choked Starr against the ropes and landed a nice vertical suplex. Later, both men shot off the ropes where Starr grabbed a sleeper hold, but Copycat broke free with a low blow. Copycat lived up to his name as he hit Starr with Starr’s own jumping clothesline in the corner followed by a Copycat trademark, the steamroller, which sent Starr flying across the ring. When Copycat wasn’t beating on Starr, his partner in crime, Damien Morte was, as Morte choked Starr multiple times throughout the match when the ref wasn’t looking. But a backbreaker-neckbreaker combo by Starr put Copycat on the defensive. A spinebuster and a single leg Boston Crab by Starr had Copycat screaming in pain. Copycat rolled through the submission attempt and locked up a single leg Boston Crab of his own, until Starr grabbed a rope and the hold was broken. A huge splash in the corner and Copycat was in complete control. Copycat landed a spinebuster and went for a jackknife pin, but Starr kicked out at two! A clothesline and two falling head-butts later, and Starr was in even more danger, but Copycat made the mistake of picking Starr up and as Starr got to his feet he was able to hit a spear that nearly sawed Copycat in half. Even after a flying knee by Starr, Copycat was able to exhibit great strength in hitting a powerslam out of nowhere. Morte was on the ring apron by this point as Copycat went over to have a quick convo with his partner. But in doing so, Starr regrouped and shoved Copy head first into Morte’s Impact Division Belt. Starr slapped on another sleeper hold and this time got Copycat to fall unconscious as he was counted out 1-2-3 by the referee. Starr advanced in the tournament and also showed a new wrinkle to his game adding the submission move to go along with the Greetings From Mt. Olympus. Even in defeat, Copycat showed that he is one of the blue chip prospects in IZW. His varied suplexes and slams combined with his ability to pick up his opponents top moves makes him a dangerous threat for anyone.


 Next up in a handicap match “The Image of War” Kevin Morgan took on Soto Miyagi and The Midnite Rider. It was a total slaughter by Morgan who bounced Miyagi and Rider from pillar to post. Morgan was on a different level and his power was extraordinary on this night as he finally put a halt to the match with a choke slam on Rider and got the easy pin, advancing in the Impact Player of the Year Tournament.


“The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil pulled double duty on this night as he was a guest of the Lights Out Lounge with Jordan Jacobs and then took on Impact Division Champion Damien Morte. Morte slowed the bigger man down with multiple kicks to the chest. Neil went down in a heap as Morte tried to keep him grounded on the mat. But the stronger Neil got to his feet and broke free of Morte’s grasp with a series of elbows to Morte’s midsection. Later, Neil hoisted Morte up on his shoulders, looking for the Greetings From Mt. Olympus, only to have Morte reverse the move and line Neil up for his own finisher the knee-o-tine. But Neil powered out of the hold and maneuvered Morte up one more time where he delivered the Greetings From Mt. Olympus and got the 1-2-3. Neil is in the midst of a career renaissance ever since he cut ties with Impact Elite as he was back to his old form, making short work out of Morte who holds the #2 singles title in IZW. Unfortunately for Morte, things only got worse. Copycat came into the ring to what looked like assist Morte to his feet, but instead Copy swung the Impact Division Title directly at Morte, crashing the metal belt into Morte’s head! Copycat was hot at Morte for being in his words a “parasite” and bringing Copycat down. Copy even blamed Morte for his loss earlier in the night to IZW Wrestler. Copycat finished up his assault on Morte by climbing to the tope rope and executing a perfect swanton bomb on Morte’s comatose body. Morte might be “Impact” but is that good enough when faced against “The Worst in the World”.


Next up, Jordan Jacobs took on one half of the IZW Tag Team Champions in the high flying Phoenix. After a couple quick arm drags by Phoenix, Jacobs finally slowed down the bout with a poke to the eyes. The Birds of Prey might have superhuman strength, but they are still vulnerable to a few things, and going for the eyes was a smart move on Jacobs’ part. Phoenix flipped out of the ring, thanks to Jacobs pulling down the ropes, but as Jacobs went for a suicide dive he was met with an uppercut right to the jaw that knocked him backwards with a violent force. Jacobs was a game wrestler as he shook off the punch and spit out a couple fillings and was right back on the attack. Jacobs maneuvered Phoenix into the corner and hooked his feet through the ropes, with Phoenix dangling upside down. Next was a huge dropkick that smashed squarely into Phoenix’s face. Later, Jacobs tried something nobody has ever done. As Jacobs stretched Phoenix in a camel clutch, he went for Phoenix’s mask, but Phoenix broke free from the move and dumped Jacobs straight on his back. Phoenix followed up with a standing suplex, but Jacobs again came back with running knees in the corner in this back and forth match. The end came after a series of his risk moves, as Phoenix fought off a superplex attempt by Jacobs and connected with a spinning, flying elbow. Phoenix then landed a Phoenix-sault and got the pinfall in an epic back and forth match.


 In the main event, Double D and Jermaine Johnson took on the Old School Assassins (Brad Michaels & Bryan Cruize) in an Impact Rules Tag Team Match. All hell broke out at the beginning with Double D and Michaels battling inside the ring while Johnson and Cruize were throwing down outside of the ring. The OSA were in control early on as Michaels worked over D, then tagged in Cruize who landed a pump handle slam. Cruize then choked D against the ropes and tagged Michaels who dished out more punishment to D with a chop to the throat. After raking D’s eyes on the ropes, it was Cruize’s turn again. A big clothesline sent D down again as the OSA did a great job of always keeping a fresh man on the attack. Cruize landed a big knee lift while Michaels hit a running knee to the side of D’s head and things looked bleak for Double D. Finally, Johnson had enough and went after the OSA first starting with whipping Michaels into the ropes where Johnson hit two clotheslines. Johnson then took his act to the air as he landed a somersault dive over the top rope onto Cruize who was standing down below. As Johnson chopped Cruize on the outside, Double D was able to land his knees to the face of Michaels knocking him out of the ring. Double D followed in hot pursuit and slammed Michaels into the steel fencing that surround the ramp, while Johnson threw Cruize into the guardrails. Cruize and Michaels fought back and dished out some of their own Impact Rules beatings with each man turning the tables on their opponent. Finally, Cruize and Double D made their way back to the ring where D landed a springboard kick followed up with a flying crossbody that sent Cruize down hard as D grabbed a leg and got the pinfall.


 To end the show, Madam Commissioner Erica (with The Convict by her side) came out to MC the official ceremony of new IZW Champion Johnny Z. Johnny Z was in rare form as he was showered with a chorus of boos but that only seemed to rile him up even more. Z went into a tirade against the fans, against the wrestlers, against damn near everybody in IZW. This was one of the best promos in the past few years and on the level with anyone in the business as Z got back to his roots and shot straight from the heart… a cold, black, merciless heart. Johnny Z is a horrible, wicked man, and the worst part of it all is he knows it and is happy about it. Z showed no remorse for double-crossing Double D and took no pity on the crowd of flabbergasted fans in the audience who have stood by his side for years. Nobody in professional wrestling has the ability to enrage a crowd with words like Johnny Z; not CM Punk, not Bully Ray, nobody. Z would have talked through the night as he had plenty of hatred to get off of his chest, but he was interrupted by Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale. After another verbal assault by Z, it was McHale’s turn to talk. He let Z, Erica and everyone in the Impact Arena know that he wasn’t going to sign off on Z being the official IZW Champion. Unfortunately, Z and Erica had already thought of that and all they had to do to skirt past this legal snafu was get rid of McHale, permanently.


 The Convict grabbed McHale in a full nelson and sapped the life and fight right out of “Number 1”. The Convict placed McHale in the corner where Johnny Z had the last laugh as he delivered a Big Boot to McHale’s defenseless face. McHale was out. To add insult to injury, Erica fired McHale on the spot. Erica also let the world know that since McHale interrupted the festivities, that next week they would have another Official Crowning Ceremony of new IZW Champion Johnny Z! When will it ever stop? By the looks of it, with the powerful coalition Z has assembled around him, the answer to that seems to be never…


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