IZW Adrenaline April 27th, 2013 Preview

 by Drew Archer

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After last week’s shocking turn of events, multiple feuds are taking shape as we head closer to Coronation on May 11. IZW is bursting at the seams with wrestlers looking to settle the score as each week limits are pushed and lines are crossed. With Johnny Z at the top of the food chain, it’s a new day in IZW and the rough and tumble style of professional wrestling cultivated in the Sooner State is second to none.


Last week, Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale returned to IZW and booked a match for the IZW Championship to be defended at Coronation by Johnny Z versus the #1 Contender, Double D. It was a match Z saw coming, but what he didn’t see coming was ending up on his butt and looking up at the lights as D destroyed Z in seconds with a crossbody. Double D is one of the nicest guys around, but when he’s pissed, look out and D is pissed off like never before. The way things are going, Johnny Z might not make it to Coronation in one piece if D gets ahold of him again.


 Also in huge news coming out of last week, “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil was shaved nearly bald by Madam Commissioner Erica as Neil was beaten and handcuffed to the ropes by The Convict. Neil was helpless to do anything as his golden locks fell to the ground after being buzzed from his head. Since breaking away from Impact Elite a month ago, Neil’s career has been on the upswing. The circumstances he found himself in last week, are sure to be a huge blow to the 6-time IZW Champion and something that he will be reminded of for months every time he looks in the mirror. We all saw the extremes Erica will go when she is scorned, but in doing so, has she unleashed something even deadlier than herself?


 Randy Price made a triumphant return to IZW as he recovered from the spike piledriver and beating that the Old School Assassin put on him over 3 weeks ago. This week, Price gets his chance at payback as he takes on Bryan Cruize one on one. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that’s bad news for the OSA.


 Damien Morte finds himself in a brutal struggle to hold on to his Impact Division Title as the despicable “Worst in the World” Copycat is out for vengeance. Only a month ago at March Mayhem, they were in a Triple Threat Match for the vacant Impact Division Title, (along with someone who is no longer allowed to be mentioned) and it was Copycat’s move that enabled Morte to get the pin and the title. Copy has been holding on to that missed opportunity for weeks and it’s boiled over into an all-out war between two of the brightest talents in IZW or anywhere on the Independent scene for that matter. Morte and Copycat are cut from the same menacing cloth and wherever they go, trouble always follows. This feud expects to get a lot more violent heading into their Impact X Match at Coronation.


 The finals are also set for the Impact Player of the Year Tournament when Jordan Jacobs will be facing IZW Wrestler in a Ladder Match. When Jacobs is on his A-game, there are very few wrestlers that can match his pace and athleticism inside of the ring. Jacobs usually saves his best for the big moments and their bout at Coronation will be one of those moments. Starr has had a whirlwind last few months and has gained the support and admiration of almost everyone in IZW. A win at Coronation against a wrestler like Jacobs would cement Starr’s position and be unavoidable proof that he has a direct line to “The Gods”. Look for this feud to heat up in the next few weeks as these two are both looking for that extra edge heading into the Ladder Match.


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