Angel Camacho Interview

By Drew Archer

“I’m big, bad and sexy. What more is there to say?”


For a man that grew up on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio, and who is now one of the brightest stars on the Oklahoma wrestling scene, Camacho has demonstrated an iron will and resolve that’s made him one of the most feared and accomplished grapplers on the Independent landscape.


 Anyone that has watched Camacho in the ring knows that two things are blatantly evident. One, he’s a powerhouse and strong as a mule. Two, his athleticism is second to none for a man of his size and stature. Camacho, a lifelong athlete, played multiple sports growing up including soccer, baseball, basketball and four years of high school football, along with a year of wrestling. It was on the gridiron, the field, the hardwood and the mat that Camacho honed his mixture of strength and agility. Yet as most things do in the wrestling business, it was almost by happenstance that Camacho even entered the squared circle.


“The way I got started in the business just came out of the blue when me and my best friend were at work one night and he started talking about how he wanted to become a professional wrestler. So I told him let's do it and its all downhill from there,” Camacho said


 In 2009, Camacho hooked up with a well-known wrestling trainer in Ohio. “I was trained by ‘The First Black President of Professional Wrestling’ Lamont ‘Action’ Williams.” Williams has won numerous titles up and down Ohio and the greater Midwest and under his tutelage, Camacho learned the ins and outs of the squared circle. With a strong foundation laid, Camacho traveled around Ohio where he cut a path of destruction and left a pile of mangled bodies everywhere he went. After dismantling every top challenger up North, Camacho ended up in Oklahoma as a regular on the Sooner State’s wrestling loop looking to do the same thing.


 After a few stints with some of the smaller organizations in Oklahoma and proving his worth against several local and regional talents, Camacho got his opportunity to work for the preeminent and leading federation in Oklahoma and the surrounding territory as he debuted in IZW on May 18, 2013. It was this initial match with IZW that Camacho lists as one of his career highlights because Camacho’s level of opposition was at an all-time high as he squared off against the highly esteemed and respected veteran, Striker.


 Although Camacho is known for his hard hitting approach, he throws some of the best suplexes in IZW, the physicality of his style takes a toll not only on his opponents but him as well. Combine that with the somewhat solitary life of an up and comer and there’s a lot of adversity to overcome on the independent professional wrestling scene. “One of the main challenges is injuries. Pro wrestling is a physical sport and as a wrestler we put our lives and bodies on the line every time we get into the ring. Also expect to travel a lot and be away from your family a lot. If you want to be well known as a wrestler you must prepare to travel every chance you get,” Camacho stated.


 Camacho is committed and determined to constantly improving his wrestling game, day by day and match by match. His purpose in the sport is simple. “All I have is one goal in my wrestling career and that is to be the best that I can be and to make sure the fans are having a good time watching me entertain them the best way I know how. If I get a chance to make it to an organization as big as WWE or TNA, then I will be grateful and give it everything I have. I would love to travel overseas and see the world and do what I love and that is wrestling. Yes, I would love to do wrestling full-time but if it doesn't happen I won't be bitter about it.”


Even though Camacho is still fairly new to IZW, that hasn’t stopped him from making his mark. He’s been in several barn burners and has fought against some of the elite grapplers in the company. “I haven't really been in IZW that long to really have a big time feud. But I can say the feud I had with Drake Gallows and Kevin Morgan was fun.”


Camacho has recently turned his attention to a perennial all-star on the roster, “Worst in the World” Copycat, and the two have begun what is sure to be a classic in the eyes of wrestling fans across the globe. “Currently, I’m showing the fans how big, bad, and sexy Angel Camacho truly is. I’m also in a growing battle against Copycat. Also, I'm trying to show the fans that I am the number one choice to win the Monsters Bash Battle Royal on November 2 at ‘Halloween Hangover,” Camacho added.


 If Camacho is able to take out Copycat and win the Monsters Bash Battle Royal, he will need not only his full arsenal of suplexes but also his devastating finisher to be on point. Camacho has used the BBS Splash (Big, Bad and Sexy Splash) on numerous occasions and his opponents in those matches have the bruised and fractured ribs to show for it. It’s not often that you see a wrestler able to launch people across the ring with throws while also having the ability to come off the top rope like a luchador or hit people in the blink of an eye with an enziguri kick. But for Camacho that is all part of his armory of moves.


 In his short time in IZW, Camacho has garnered a sizeable following online and thanks both IZW and for the platform. “I think IZW is a great promotion and is definitely one of the best promotions I have had the pleasure of being a part of. It is a huge deal [GFL worldwide broadcast deal] because it gives a chance for upcoming superstars to be seen by the world and get more exposure.”


Camacho is confident and self-assured in his game and what he can and will do in IZW in the future. “I see myself being one of IZW's top stars and maybe having a title spot. If not I am happy just being a part of a great promotion and a great locker room. I will continue to work my way up the ladder.”


For fans looking to follow Angel Camacho even more please check out his social media presence on Facebook at Angel Camacho and his Twitter handle: @A_Camacho0986.


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