Aaron Neil is Determined to Prove He is “The Real Deal” at Halloween Hangover




“We may not be the underwear models but if you see guys like us in an alley, you’re not going to go down that alley.”



For professional wrestler and Oklahoma native, “The Real Deal” Aaron Neil, what you see is what you get. Standing at 6’2” and weighing in at 305 lb, Neil has been holding his own on the Oklahoma wrestling scene since 2002. A veteran of dozens of Independent organizations inside his home state and the surrounding regions, Neil has been tied to Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) since its inception in 2004 where he has carried the torch for the rough and tumble promotion. It’s been a great partnership as Neil is a 4-time IZW Heavyweight Champion widely regarded as the top superstar in the territory and IZW is the #1 professional wrestling promotion in the “Sooner State”.



Yet for a man that has faced some of the toughest men in the business such as Vader, Dusty Rhodes and Al Snow, his match on Saturday, November 5, at the Impact Zone Arena in Lawton, Oklahoma and broadcasting live around the world on GFL.tv, could be the most physically demanding challenge of his decade-long career. His opponent is none other than “The Shooter” Brent Albright.



Albright is the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and through his relentless wrestling style has been able to carve out a tremendous career during his recent tenures with WWE, ROH and OVW. For most grapplers, squaring off against “The Shooter” would be cause for concern and make many of them rethink their career paths. But for Neil, it’s an opportunity to prove to the world, what his loyal fanbase has already known for ten years; Aaron Neil is for real.



“When it comes to Brent, not me or anyone else can downplay the accomplishments he’s had in wrestling whether it was ROH or his time with WWE. Wherever he’s been, the guy has created a following of loyal fans. But the one thing I can say to that is, I’ve been to Japan and Brent Albright is no Godzilla,” said Neil.



Whatever territory Albright has set foot in he has succeeded. He was a featured wrestler on WWE’s SmackDown and won numerous championships with then-WWE developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). And of course there is his reign as NWA World Heavyweight Champion and his time in Ring of Honor (ROH) which fans still rave about. But one person who is not in awe of Albright is Neil.



“I want to be in there with the very best, and being in the ring with Brent I feel like I’m doing that. In Ring of Honor he was a monster and ran roughshod over a bunch of guys. As a wrestler I see that and automatically want to square off with a guy like that and see how good he really is. I’m looking forward to this. I don’t want to see how good I am, I want to see how good Brent is. I want to see if the man lives up to the hype,” Neil added.



This Saturday, at Halloween Hangover, Neil will get his shot at Albright. And now with the added bonus of IZW pay-per-views being broadcast live around the world on the GFL Combat Sports Network, (formerly GoFightLive) at GFL.tv, Neil believes all the pieces are in place for his coming out party to the global wrestling community. And he aims to have it at the expense of the former world champion, Albright.



“Anytime I step into the ring with a guy the caliber of Brent Albright, this is my chance to show everyone what I’m all about. Because everyone’s going to watch, because it is Brent Albright, and then when they are done watching they’re going to remember Aaron Neil,” Neil replied.



The entire card reads as follows.


Main Event - The Monsters Bash Battle Royal


Heavyweight Championship - Jermaine Johnson (c) VS Double D


"The Shooter" Brent Albright VS "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil


Impact Division Championship – "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry (c) VS "The Widow Maker" Angel Williams


Erica VS Starr VS A Mystery Woman


John O'Malley VS Bad Brad Michaels


Tag Team Championship – Old School Suckas (c) VS Nemesis



Don’t miss the most exciting iPPV of the fall when IZW presents Halloween Hangover on Saturday, November 5 on GFL.tv. This star-studded event will also be streamed live to the GFL Roku Channel, iPhone, iPad and the latest Droid mobile devices and of course all Internet-connected computers.




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